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Is the New Islamabad Airport Shutting Down Housing Societies?

February 17, 2017 • news

The New Islamabad International Airport has been in the news quite a bit. People investing in housing societies near the airport have been in a flux because of rumours that the Capital Development Authority (CDA) is shutting down housing societies close to the airport.

I am here to clear out the rumours for you. The Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) has been working on ensuring that safety operations are not compromised. As the inauguration draws closer, these developments have picked up speed.

According to a news report shared by local dailies, the CAA has announced that 200 square yards of land around the new airport will be turned into a structure-free zone. Should this ring a bell for investors that have stakes in housing societies located very close to the airport? Not really.

As per the details shared in the news report, no housing society lies within this range. CAA officials have told new sources that all housing societies located around the airport will continue with their activities, within the limits notified by the authority.

In addition, the news report also said that seven kilometres of the area along the runway has also been declared part of the structure-free zone. Speaking about the planned third runway for the airport, the CAA said that is considering the western part of the facility as the estimated construction cost there is relatively low. Moreover, there is no housing society located on this side.

To ensure that flight operations from the New Islamabad International Airport take place smoothly and future expansions are not a problem, the CAA has begun conducting a survey. A detailed report of the survey analysis will be presented to the Prime Minister Secretariat in a couple of days.

That’s all the news I have on this subject at the moment. Have anything to add to this story? Let me know in the comments section.