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Is there any truth to rumours about DHA acquiring State Life Phase II?

July 8, 2015 • news




Have you heard that Defence Housing Authority (DHA) is going to acquire State Life Phase II?

If you have, stay put people, because Eid-ul-Fitr is around the corner and some people are probably trying to exploit this peak season for what they call ‘personal gains’.

DHA has not promulgated anything about the acquisition of State Life Phase II, which is located next to DHA Phase IX. So, if neither DHA nor State Life Phase II authorities have announced anything about the acquisition in question, it means some less-than-honest estate agents are trying to make a fool out of innocent people.

“This is just another tactic of the dealers to make money by spreading rumours. They are trying to fill their pockets for Eid,” said a Lahore-based estate agent who asked not to be named.

I contacted various people to confirm the legitimacy of the rumour and received a mixed response. I even talked to a guy (keeping him anonymous here deliberately) who confirmed the rumour, stating that this was why the area was receiving lots of investment these days.

So, if you are going to invest in either DHA Phase IX or State Life Phase II, take an informed decision without considering the rumoured acquisition in question. And if any estate agent tries to entice you to pay more on the basis of this rumour, I hope you know what to do.

Please note that this blog post is not intended to demean real estate agents who remain honest to their clients. This piece has only been written to save people from being fleeced by the black sheep out there.

That is all for the day. I will not belabour the point any further, but I would really appreciate your views on the rumour in the comments section below.