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Islamabad Residents Ask For An Overhead Bridge At Rawal Chowk!

April 5, 2012 • news

According to Islamabad residents, the absence of an overhead bridge at Chak Shahzad Rawal Chowk is life threatening for the area’s residents. Right now there are million of people living in the area, most of them are government servants and all have same complaint. The traffic greatly increases especially during peak hours and due to this rush, on Chak Shahzad double road in the early hours and at closing hours of nearby offices, it becomes really difficult for the pedestrians to cross the road to reach their houses.

Few females told the resource that during peak hours, it becomes almost impossible and dangerous for them to cross the road due to over-speeding vehicles. Therefore, sometimes it takes them hours to reach the school and colleges.

There are many poor people who belong to Dam Colony and cannot afford a car as a transportation medium so they have to travel like it but due to traffic and rush they cannot cross road and catch transport. Few residents also told that transporters charge high to cross road to move to any place.

Therefore, the residents of this area demand immediate construction of overhead bridge over Rawal Chowk, otherwise, they are ready to stage protest rallies.