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Javed Iqbal Awan Becomes The New CDA Chairman

October 2, 2012 • news

Amidst all the shady auctions of invaluable CDA plots in Blue Area Islamabad, Raja Pervez Ashraf, Prime Minister Pakistan, has ousted Farkhand Iqbal from the helm of CDA and has appointed Javed Iqbal Awan as the new CDA Chairman. Farkhand Iqbal was given this designation by the then Prime Minister, Yousuf Raza Gilani, in December 2011.

The source revealed that the auction of 12 plots and 11 buyers of the commercial plots of Blue Area Extension have proved to be the reason for the dismissal. The auction deals of commercial plots were stopped when it was revealed that the 12 commercial plots were committed to 11 pre-qualified bidders.

Cabinet Secretary, Nargis Sethi, recommended Prime Minister to remove Farkhand Iqbal from his position. Upon her recommendation and in the light of the investigation report, the Prime Minister has appointed a Javed Iqbal as the new Chairman of the CDA. The new chairman is allowed to choose his own team. It is also decided that the new members of finance, administration, estate management, environment and engineering will be given a chance to come forward and work in the CDA.

Awan, the newly appointed Chairman CDA, has been given a chance to fix the affairs of the CDA, which has a history of poor governance. Awan has already worked as the Secretary of Production in 2011 and later served as the Secretary of Interfaith Harmony in April this year but due to some differences, he was made an Officer on Special Duty (OSD) from the last few months.

According to Prime Minister, the civic authority has failed to complete certain projects in the Capital City and has not been able to turn Islamabad into a model capital city.