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Margalla Avenue Construction to be Accelerated Says CDA

April 29, 2013 • news

The construction work on the Margalla Avenue is to be accelerated said the Capital Development authority. The authority said that the early completion will be made possible by removing any possible hurdles. The plan will be developed in a way that it links with major roads and by passes, in accordance with international avenue standards. It was assured by CDA that the speedy construction will not interfere with the quality of the avenue as all possible resources were to be used to open the facility for the public.

Margalla Avenue project cost about 588 million rupees to ease out traffic at GT road. There will be an overhead bridge constructed over the railway track. The CDA expressed their concern that usually people didn’t use the overhead bridges to save time in favour of “short-cut”. These overhead bridges are made especially to avoid accidents and the lives of the motorists.

The CDA official said that these bridges cost millions of rupees and were built to keep people safe from the high speed high way traffic, and avoiding using them did not t save them any time and could cost them their lives. Since haphazard vehicle traffic is increasing because there is no quality bus service there is a marked need to follow the rules for safety. A traffic police official stated that best efforts were being done to educate people and pedestrians.