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Operations, maintenance contract granted for OLMT project

November 14, 2019 • news

Lahore: The Punjab Masstransit Authority (PMA) has issued the operations and maintenance contract for the Orange Line Metro Train (OLMT) project, according to a news source. Further, the initiative’s tendering process has been successfully completed.

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The PMA will ask the Chinese contractors to share a timeline of their progress; keeping the rigorous testing procedures at every stage in mind. The body will push the contractors to start commercial operations on an immediate basis. Full scale testing is currently on hold due to some technical issues. In addition, it will take approximately three to four weeks to complete the civil works on the project, with a few additional months for all testing to take place.

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As per reports, all 13 stations of the OLMT Package-I have been completed and 11 stations of OLMT Package-II will be finished this month. Following their completion, the entire track will be tested with the usage of electricity. The project is expected to benefit 500,000 commuters on a daily basis, and its track spans over a total of 27.12 kilometres.