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Pakistan real estate’s murky present forcing people to find alternative investments

January 20, 2012 • news

Real estate has long been a safe and profitable investment option for Pakistanis for many years. There are only a handful of options of saving in Pakistan if you skim all the ways which are not considered halal. For many decades now, Pakistan realty market had presented a safe haven for all kinds of investments. Such was the trust of the people in Pakistan real estate that they would invest their lifetime’s savings into buying properties in different areas of the country regardless of the development of localities. However, the trust of the people has been badly shaken during the course of recent few years.

As the world economy is screeching its way through an agonizing crunch, the affects of it are palpable in various sectors of Pakistan as well. Pakistan real estate has been one of the biggest sufferer in this regards where there once was a time when buying properties was a sure way of doubling and sometimes even tripling your investment over a period of time, buying property in Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad now is rather akin to inviting a loss. The severe lack of trust in the market, risk of fraud, and the ever deteriorating value of rupee has forced people look for other options to invest their money.

Gold also has also been a favoured investment option for many Pakistanis for years. The ever rising prices of the metal in the national and international market have helped it emerge as a more promising investment option for many. Despite the high prices, people’s preference to pick gold over making an investment in properties in Pakistan has rung alarming bells for the local realty market. If the government of Pakistan ever wishes to as much as try and resolve the uncertainly regarding Pakistan real estate, it needs to take immediate measures to curb the various unfavourable conditions engulfing the realty market.