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Plunder of plots

March 20, 2008 • news

WITH reference to news items regarding the suffering of hapless plot seekers, this plunder is taking place in the surroundings of the capital city which is heavily guarded by all the ruling elites along with the top junta of the current regime. Many people are fleeced off their hard-earned money at the hands of influential mafia groups.

The prices of land in the twin cities have soared greatly during the last three-and-a-half years.

Apparently, people term this rise as the aftermath of the earthquake of October 2005, but one differs with this point of view as the prices of all commodities have skyrocketed.

The government should take some concrete steps to stop these irregularities.

All the property business houses should be registered. Licences should be issued to them on conditionality of their future conduct and dealings.

If any licensee misleads anybody, his licence should be cancelled and he must be put behind bars.

There also should be proper legislation to tackle this issue and lessen the sufferings of the people. The people in the revenue department who help in the plunder must be taken to task.

Dawn [Internet Edition November]