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Senate Panel Expressed Dissatisfaction Over CDA

June 26, 2012 • news

According to sources, Senate Panel showed dissatisfaction over the affairs of CDA and seeks report from it. Senate Standing Committee on Monday showed dissatisfaction mainly on the allotment of 40 plots in sector F-11 by the CDA.

The committee, presided by Senator Kalsoom Parveen, required recommendations within 15 days over the issue. It also discussed the officers’ requisition service policy of the CDA working in deputation. The alleged allotment of plots is what has led the CDA to express dissatisfaction over CDA’s affairs.

The members of committee have highlighted that to put things on track, detailed deliberations are required since this matter is of great importance. In Bs-16 to Bs-19, there are almost 40 officers working in deputation who have completed their 3 years as deputation officers. The company was also informed that these 40 officers would be sent back to the parent department.

Senate’s Standing Committee has advised CDA to avoid unnecessary appointments and conduct the day to day tasks as per the rules and regulations. Moreover, Committee also advised to fill in the quota of Baluchistan province as fixed in constitution. The meeting was also attended by senators like Saeeda Iqbal, Muhammad Yousaf and Kamil Ali Agha.