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What’s going on with LRR affectees in Bahria Town?

February 13, 2017 • news

Many have been waiting with bated breaths to see if Bahria Town Lahore would be able to escape the grip of the southern loop of the Lahore Ring Road (LRR).

The matter has finally found its resolution, but the decision has not gone in favour of investors that put their money into Bahria Town. It was expected that Bahria Town would be able to avoid LRR crashing through the housing society, but that does not seem likely anymore.

Bahria Town has reacted to the situation by promising to compensate those affected. According to a source, 85 houses and more than 400 plots will be affected by LRR. Though Bahria Town has compensated some homeowners by paying them the market price of their properties, many plot owners are still awaiting compensation.

Bahria Town had promised to compensate plot affectees by December 15. However, despite the delay of a month and a half many are still waiting for reparations. Bahria Town has the lists of all those affected due to the LRR, and officials are expected to ensure that these people are compensated sooner rather than later.

That being said, I believe that the affectees should not worry about the delay, as Bahria Town will not ignore their situation. The society has already given compensation to homeowners, and plot owners will be dealt with soon.

When development work on the southern loop of the LRR completes, property prices are expected to increase not only in Bahria Town but also in many neighbouring housing projects including Icon Valley, Lake City, Bahria Orchard and Fazaia Housing Scheme’s Phases I and II.

I understand that the affectees of LRR project in Bahria Town will not be able to reap the benefit of this infrastructural development, but they still have a positive aspect in the form of the compensation Bahria Town gives to them. Paying the market rates ensures that they do not suffer too tremendous a loss.

Let us see how the future unfolds for this issue. I will keep you posted about any developments relating to LRR. If you have any queries about LRR in mind, discuss them with me in the comments section below.