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Zameen.com Property Expo 2014 radio coverage

November 25, 2014 • news

ON AIRZameen.com’s efforts in making the property market of Pakistan more transparent and investor-friendly are paying off. The proposition of property investment is no longer limited to the affluent members of the society alone because Zameen.com has brought all real estate developments on a single platform where people can browse the investment options that fall under their price range and get their share from the brewing property sector of Pakistan.

To further expand our services and give the estate agents and property developers a chance to meet and interact with buyers face-to-face, Zameen.com arranged the Property Expo 2014 on November 15 & 16 at Expo Centre, Johar Town Lahore. As expected, the event was immensely successful, giving the people of Pakistan a reason to believe that all is not wrong in the country and its economy.

The event was extensively covered by the press, including newspapers, news channels and FM radio stations. If you somehow failed to catch the live streaming and updates from Expo Centre on the 15th and 16th, then you can listen to the recordings of radio coverage done by City FM 89, Samaa FM 107.7 and Radio 1 FM 91.

City FM 89 clip of the Zameen.com Property Expo 2014 coverage:

Radio 1 Fm 91 recording of the Expo coverage:

Samaa Fm 107.7 clip from the expo's exclusive coverage: