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Use our Construction Cost Calculator to get a quick estimate of required building materials along with their costs.

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Things to Keep In Mind While Constructing Your House

Your house is often the hard earned fruit of your hard work over decades of your life. It only makes sense to be absolutely sure about where, when and particularly how to build your house. Following are some things you should keep in mind while constructing your house.

Labour Quality

High quality & trained labor should be assigned.

Foundation Quality

No compromise on foundation quality.

Building Material

Building material should be Premium Plus grade.

Construction Mode

Sourcing material yourself or outsourcing everything to a contractor.

Cost Calculator

Get quick cost estimate using our calculator.

Construction Cost Calculator

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  • Flexibility of Area Size and Units
  • Separate Estimates for Grey Structure and Complete House
  • Multiple Construction Modes
  • Flexibility to Change the number of rooms
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About Construction Cost Calculator

The first challenge one usually encounters when building a house is not knowing how much the unit will cost to construct because there are several variables that might affect the cost such as the quality and type of materials used, the number of floors, and whether or not the house will be built by you or a construction company. Zameen has launched its new house construction cost calculator tool to provide its users with a reliable way to estimate the construction costs of their houses. If you want to build your dream home, you can quickly estimate the construction cost with our Construction Cost Calculator. This tool makes it simple to estimate home building costs. Simply enter the city where you intend to build your home, choose the area of the house in Marla or Kanals, and choose the quality of the materials you wish to use. You will get the estimated construction costs including grey structure cost, contractor cost, finishing cost and price per sq. feet. The price of the grey structure is determined by adding the cost of the basic framework, such as pillars, walls, beams, cement, and steel structure while the finishing cost is calculated by taking into account the finer details, which include tiles, bathroom fixtures, doors, and other components.