Muslim Commercial Bank (MCB)

Product Type

MCB Pyara Ghar

Employment Status


Property Price

1.50 Crore

Down Payment

45 Lakh

Loan Period

240 Months

Loan Calculations

Monthly Installments
PKR 110,892
Property Value
PKR 15,000,000
Down Payment
PKR 4,500,000
Loan Amount
PKR 10,500,000
Kibor + 4%
Loan Type

Features and Benefits

Affordable & easy repayment plan
Helps in construction on a plot you already own
Allows you to expand or extend your existing Housing Unit
Enables you to purchase as well as the construction on the plot
Enjoy a 5% rental rate for the first five years
Purchase of House / Flat
Hybrid mark-up rates (Fixed & Floating)
Financing Up to PKR 10 Million
Property Insurance
Offered across the country
Purchase of a complete residential property (Apartment/Flat/House)
Enjoy up to 80% financing of the property value


It is pertinent to mention here any additional documents may be required by the bank.

Required Documents

Computerised CNIC/Copy
Proof of income documents
Copies of property documents/ Details of property
Salary Slip/ Bank Statement
Employment Letter
Passport size coloured photographs of the applicant, co-applicant(s), & guarantor(s)
Latest 4-month salary slip (for salaried persons)
1-Year Bank Statement (for self-employed professionals)
Application form
Documents of all financing facilities the borrower availed from the banks/DFIs
Business /employment proof
Currently paid utility bills (Home and Office)
Proprietorship Letter/Account Certificate mentioning the name (for self-employed)


Some/all features and benefits may not be applicable on every application, as each case may differ, allowing banks to offer more or less from the aforementioned list.


MCB Bank Limited was established in 1947. It stands amongst the largest banks in Pakistan — comprising a total customer base of around 7 million. It has been popular for its consumer-centric approach as well as encompassing a wide network of over 1,400+ branches in Pakistan and abroad, including Bahrain, Sri Lanka, and Dubai.

The stellar fiscal performance of MCB Bank has been proved to be a catalyst for foreign direct investments. Other than that, the bank enjoys the reputation of excellence and currently carries an entity risk rating of AAA (long term) and A1+ (short term) which is the highest category rating by Pakistan Credit Rating Agency (PACRA). Moreover, the Asset Triple A Award has awarded “Best Domestic Bank in Pakistan” four times to this bank. Moving forward, Asiamoney recognised the bank as “The Best Domestic Bank in Pakistan” and “Most Outstanding Company in Pakistan – Financial Sector” on four different occasions.

The Bank also enjoys the honour of “Pakistan’s Best Bank” by the admired international finance publication, Euromoney, on 10 different occasions. It has also won ICAP and ICMAP’s “Best Corporate Report Award” for the seven consecutive years in 2018 — a credit that this Bank has achieved 9 out of 10 times since 2009. Moreover, in collaboration with the Government’s Markup Scheme, MCB has come up with a “Mera Pakistan Mera Ghar” housing scheme to enable the people to buy their own homes.

Eligibility Criteria:

  • Nationals holding valid CNIC
  • First-time homeowner
  • An individual utilises this subsidized house loan facility only once
  • Can be applied on a property for first time borrower & extended to buying a plot as well as any construction on it
  • Customers can also use this loan if they wish to expand/extend in their existing homes