AL Meezan Property Center

فیصل آباد, پاکستان

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AL Meezan Property Center

فیصل آباد, پاکستان


  • ایجنٹ: 1
  • پراپرٹیز: 8
  • سروس کے علاقے: فیصل آباد
  • پراپرٹی کی قسم: مکانات, عمارتیں
  • پراپرٹیز برائے: فروخت


Situated in the industrial city of Faisalabad, Al Meezan Property Centre was established in 1980 and has significantly contributed to the real estate sector of the city since then. We provide exceptional consultancy services for all types of property including residential and commercial options and construction facilities for homes. Headed by Hafiz Saqib Mehmood and run by two hardworking and well-informed employees, we aim to reach new heights of success in the realty sector. Bring your real estate concerns to us today and we will ensure you walk away satisfied!


  • Hafiz Saqib Mahmood
    • Hafiz Saqib Mahmood
    • ای میل بھیجئے

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  • پراپرٹی کی قسم اشتہار(اشتہارات)
  • مکان برائے فروخت 6
  • عمارت برائے فروخت 2
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