Heaven Estate

کراچی, پاکستان

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Heaven Estate

کراچی, پاکستان


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  • پراپرٹیز: 23
  • سروس کے علاقے: کراچی
  • پراپرٹی کی قسم: فلیٹ, بالائی پورشن, زیریں پورشن
  • پراپرٹیز برائے: فروخت اور کرایہ پر


ABOUT US HEAVEN ESTATE is the simple and easy solution for roof shelter to our valuable peoples by our intelligent services, who are looking to buy, sell or rent out properties. We come up with the core concept of we find your home!? as we understand buying a home is once in a lifetime decision and no one wants to invest on something which doesn't worth it. So, how to decide which area suits you and where exactly to invest your money? That is where we believe HEAVEN ESTATE will help you in finding your best home or apartment, shops, plots etc. Each aspect of property shall be covered by the dedicated teams of HEAVEN ESTATE in terms of property details and its presentation in services high photographs, architectural idea of home, property history, market valuation and much more intelligently designed product to give enough idea of the property before making appointment to visit the property. SATISFACTION OF CLIENT Our clients are closed to our heart whether you are looking to buy, sell or rent you will be treated equally because HEAVEN ESTATE is not a business, It's an emotional connection to give the outstanding services in real estate. HEAVEN ESTATE had successfully completed 25 years in Gulshan-e-Iqbal & render it's best services with your cooperation & trust.


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    • fahad Khan
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