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نیسپاک ہاؤسنگ سکیم , لاہور
City Star Residencia
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29.12 لاکھ سے 83.9 لاکھ روپے
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    نیسپاک ہاؤسنگ سکیم
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    29.12 لاکھ سے 83.9 لاکھ روپے
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    Baig Construction Company (BCC)
City Star Residencia is the latest project bringing luxury and convenience to one place in Lahore. This apartment building is all set to offer a comfortable lifestyle to its residents, with all the amenities they could ask for.

With these facilities in a central location at affordable prices, City Star Residencia is an ideal place for you and your family.

Live in the centre of all the action
This apartment project is located in NESPAK Housing Society Phase 2, and is right next to Izmir Town. This puts it in the ideal place to have easy access to the major areas and best facilities in Lahore. The locational benefits of City Star Residencia include:
  • Walking distance from Qarshi University
  • Adjacent to Izmir town
  • 3 minute from DHA EME & Roots International School
  • 10 minute from Lahore – Islamabad Motorway
  • 10 minute from Bahria Town
  • 12 minute from Farooq Hospital
  • 12 minute from Thokar Niaz Baig

    Enjoy a wide range of options
    In City Star Residencia, there are numerous options for residents to avail. Each apartment has been designed elegantly and intelligently to meet a wide range of requirements. The options on offer are:
  • 1-bed apartments
  • 2-bed apartments

    Facilities for an outstanding lifestyle
    City Star Residencia is bringing a luxurious lifestyle to its residents, with every desirable facility offered under one roof. These features, combined with the development standards and location, guarantee that every family living here will have a wonderful experience.
    Some of City Star Residencia’s top-notch features include:
  • Dedicated residential parking
  • 24/7 security system with CCTV surveillance
  • Gated entrance
  • Fully equipped gymnasium
  • Swimming pool
  • Community centre
  • Electricity, gas, & water Supply
  • Mosque
  • Power backup

    Why invest in City Star Residencia?
    This apartment project is a great option for your investment needs, and also offers appealing lifestyle opportunities. Some of the reasons it’s perfect for investment are:
  • It is approved by Lahore Development Authority (LDA).
  • The grey structure of Block B is fully ready, and that of Block A is partially ready.
  • It is a safe, gated community with 24/7 security.
  • It has easy access to almost every major area of Lahore.
  • It is exclusively marketed by Zameen.com, meaning that every due diligence has been undertaken to ensure it meets the highest standards of quality and reliability.
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    پروجیکٹ کی خصوصیات

    • اہم خصوصیات
      • بالکنی یا ٹیرس: Yes
      • پارکنگ کی جگہ: Yes
      • بجلی کا بیک اپ: None
      • ایلیویٹر یا لفٹ: Yes
    • پلاٹ کی خصوصیات
      • سیوریج: Yes
      • پانی کی فراہمی: Yes
      • سوئی گیس: Yes
      • سڑک کے ذریعے رسائی: Yes
    • کاروبار اور مواصلات
      • برانڈ بینڈ انٹرنیٹ تک رسائی: Yes
      • سیٹلائیٹ یا کیبل ٹی وی: Yes
    • نزدیکی علاقے اور دوسری خصوصیات
      • قریبی سکول: Yes
      • قریبی ہسپتال: Yes
      • قریبی شاپنگ مالز: Yes
      • قریبی ریسٹورنٹ: Yes
      • قریبی پبلک ٹرانسپورٹ سروس: Yes
    • مزید خصوصیات
      • دیکھ بھال کا عملہ: Yes
      • حفاظتی عملہ: Yes
      • نصب شدہ حفاظتی خفیہ کیمرے: Yes
    پراپرٹی کی قسم
    • 2 بیڈ فلیٹ (Ground Floor)
      • رقبہ: 677 مربع فیٹ - 987 مربع فیٹ
      • قیمت: روپے 57.55 لاکھ - 83.9 لاکھ
      • بیڈ: 2
      • باتھ: 2
    • 1 بیڈ فلیٹ (First Floor)
      • رقبہ: 417 مربع فیٹ - 448 مربع فیٹ
      • قیمت: روپے 31.28 لاکھ - 38.08 لاکھ
      • بیڈ: 1
      • باتھ: 1
    • 2 بیڈ فلیٹ (First Floor)
      • رقبہ: 570 مربع فیٹ - 726 مربع فیٹ
      • قیمت: روپے 42.75 لاکھ - 54.45 لاکھ
      • بیڈ: 2
      • باتھ: 2
    • 1 بیڈ فلیٹ (Second Floor)
      • رقبہ: 448 مربع فیٹ - 553 مربع فیٹ
      • قیمت: روپے 29.12 لاکھ - 35.95 لاکھ
      • بیڈ: 1
      • باتھ: 1
    • 2 بیڈ فلیٹ (Second Floor)
      • رقبہ: 570 مربع فیٹ - 726 مربع فیٹ
      • قیمت: روپے 37.05 لاکھ - 47.19 لاکھ
      • بیڈ: 2
      • باتھ: 2
    • 2 بیڈ فلیٹ (Second Floor)
      • رقبہ: 715 مربع فیٹ
      • قیمت: روپے 53.63 لاکھ
      • بیڈ: 2
      • باتھ: 2
    • 1 بیڈ فلیٹ (Third Floor)
      • رقبہ: 499 مربع فیٹ - 695 مربع فیٹ
      • قیمت: روپے 32.44 لاکھ - 45.18 لاکھ
      • بیڈ: 1
      • باتھ: 1
    • 2 بیڈ فلیٹ (Third Floor)
      • رقبہ: 802 مربع فیٹ
      • قیمت: روپے 52.13 لاکھ
      • بیڈ: 2
      • باتھ: 2
    قیمتوں کی فہرست
    • City Star Residencia Front Side

    • City Star Residencia Back Side


    Baig Construction Company (BCC)

    Baig Construction Company (BCC) is a licensed hub of engineers, builders and contractors.

    Established in 2004, the company is well-known in the country’s real estate sector for its development of high-rise commercial, industrial and residential constructions; which include the Ramada Hotel, City Star Residencia, Ali Trade Center, Ashiana Shopping Center, Sheranwala Heights, Al-Fatheh (Thokar Niaz Baig), Lucky 7, and Medina Heights multi-city projects.

    While continuing to cater to a prestigious clientele, BCC makes use of the latest equipment, as well as an impressive portfolio of talented human resources, to execute aesthetically-pleasing, modernistic and investor-secure constructions.

    The company’s founders believe in creating solid residential and commercial buildings that can withstand the strains of time with grace. Their architectural orientation is both glamourous and contemporary, and does not compromise on project comfort or security.

    Baig Construction Company (BCC)
    • 29.12 لاکھ سے 83.9 لاکھ روپے
    • پراپرٹی
    • اسکول
    • ریسٹورانٹ
    • ہسپتال
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