گرو ریذیڈنسی

گرو ریذیڈنسی

ڈی ایچ اے فیز 7 ایکسٹینشن , کراچی
Grove Residency
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  • نقشہ
3.75 کروڑ سے 4.2 کروڑ روپے
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    ڈی ایچ اے فیز 7 ایکسٹینشن
  • قیمت
    3.75 کروڑ سے 4.2 کروڑ روپے
  • اقسام
  • ڈویلپر
    ڈولمین (پرائیوٹ) لمیٹڈ
HBL Islamic Banking & Dolmen Group have joined hands to “Elevate your Living Experience” through Islamic Home Financing for Grove Residency.

Grove Residency is the latest development by Dolmen Group which is a complete premium vertically gated community designed by the well renowned Architects Arshad Shahid Abdulla. The Project caters to families looking for affordable quality and comfortable living. It provides a unique blend of safe and secure community living that welcomes its residents to feel “at home”.

The Project comprises of 3 residential towers, housing spacious all corner 3 bedroom apartments complete with modern amenities and 100% backup power. The living experience is complemented by a large elevated garden with state of the art landscaping, walking track and communal spaces including a gym, prayer rooms, community hall, laundromat, cafe and children play areas. The project will be managed by Dolmen Group after completion to ensure the long term upkeep and quality of the development.

Grove Residency is located adjacent to KPT interchange at the entrance of DHA Phase 7 Ext. It benefits from being centrally located and well connected to major road networks ensuring easy accessibility to all parts of Karachi. Its location also ensures that major offices and business areas, residential areas, schools and universities, hospitals, recreation areas, supermarkets, eateries and shopping malls are all within easy reach.

Under the Islamic Home Financing facility, individual and their families will be able to buy their dream home at Grove Residency with the convenience of:
  • Home Financing for up to 20 years
  • Paying as low as 30% of the total value over 3 years up to the handover
  • Avail up to 70% financing at special rates after handover
  • Installments structured close to rental values

    Project Features
  • Practically designed for comfortable living
  • Centrally located with good accessibility
  • High quality natural landscaping throughout the development
  • Focus on safety and security
  • Dedicated open communal areas and facilities

    Safety and Security Features
  • Secure entry and exit points
  • Advanced CCTV systems
  • Dedicated lobby with 24/7 reception
  • Visitor management with intercom system
  • Fire alarm and firefighting system
  • Fire escape and fireman elevators

    Special Features
  • Beautifully landscaped elevated garden on the 4th floor with walking track
  • All corner apartments with open views and natural ventilation
  • Maximum of 4 apartments per floor
  • 3 high speed elevators for each tower

  • Backup generators
  • Convenience store
  • Community hall
  • Children’s play area
  • Gym
  • Prayer areas
  • Café
  • Laundromat

  • Covered car parking for residents
  • Visitors parking
  • Drop off areas
  • پروجیکٹ کی خصوصیات

    • اہم خصوصیات
      • پارکنگ کی جگہ: Yes
      • پبلک پارکنگ: Yes
      • عمارت میں لابی: Yes
      • بجلی کا بیک اپ: Generator
    • پلاٹ کی خصوصیات
      • سیوریج: Yes
      • پانی کی فراہمی: Yes
    • کاروبار اور مواصلات
      • برانڈ بینڈ انٹرنیٹ تک رسائی: Yes
      • سیٹلائیٹ یا کیبل ٹی وی: Yes
    • کمیونٹی خصوصیات
      • کمیونٹی لان یا گارڈن: Yes
      • کمیونٹی جم: Yes
      • بچوں کے کھیلنے کا حصہ: Yes
      • کمیونٹی مسجد: Yes
      • کمیونٹی سنٹر: Yes
    • نزدیکی علاقے اور دوسری خصوصیات
      • قریبی سکول: Yes
      • قریبی ہسپتال: Yes
      • قریبی شاپنگ مالز: Yes
      • قریبی ریسٹورنٹ: Yes
      • ائیرپورٹ سے فاصلہ (کلومیٹر میں): Yes
      • قریبی پبلک ٹرانسپورٹ سروس: Yes
    • مزید خصوصیات
      • دیکھ بھال کا عملہ: Yes
      • حفاظتی عملہ: Yes
      • نصب شدہ حفاظتی خفیہ کیمرے: Yes
    پراپرٹی کی قسم
    • فلیٹ (Tower-A Apartment)
      • رقبہ: 2,218 مربع فیٹ - 2,248 مربع فیٹ
      • قیمت: روپے 3.75 کروڑ - 3.95 کروڑ
    • فلیٹ (Tower-B Apartment)
      • رقبہ: 2,362 مربع فیٹ - 2,517 مربع فیٹ
      • قیمت: روپے 3.9 کروڑ - 4.2 کروڑ
    • فلیٹ (Tower C-Apartment)
      • رقبہ: 2,611 مربع فیٹ - 2,703 مربع فیٹ
      • قیمت: روپے 4.05 کروڑ - 4.1 کروڑ
    فلور پلانز
    Entire Floor
    • Tower A

    • Tower B

    • Tower C

    قیمتوں کی فہرست
    • Grove Residency

    • Grove Residency


    ڈولمین (پرائیوٹ) لمیٹڈ

    The Dolmen Group is one of the most recognisable names in Pakistan’s real estate industry. Its projects have changed how the industry views quality standards and have reimagined the scale of grandeur in development. It aims to reshape lives with its innovative design sense and focus on comfortable and aesthetically pleasing interiors. Every aspect of a project by the Dolmen Group is added to enhance the value provided to its users. This is evident with the popularity of these projects and the excellent reputation of the group.

    ڈولمین (پرائیوٹ) لمیٹڈ
    • 3.75 کروڑ سے 4.2 کروڑ روپے
    • پراپرٹی
    • اسکول
    • ریسٹورانٹ
    • ہسپتال
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