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ہل ویو کوٹیجس

Hill View Cottages
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    نیشنل ڈویلپرز
Hill-view Cottages offer the best in location; nestled in mountains, surrounded by tall trees offers breathtaking views and fresh air. Buyers have an option of owing 5-Marla residential plots in this beautiful landscape, located only a 50-minute drive away from Islamabad Convention Center, on main GT Road.

This project is located Adjacent to scout camp where a large number of people already reside. The surrounding areas of Murree offer the best options for a retreat from the hot summers and also offer an opportunity to enjoy nature’s bounty, where having a holiday home seems like the best option.

Azaadi Offer
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Murree’s introduction
Kohsar is the best recreational spot located in northern Murree where lush green mountains line the route and the thick natural forests offer fresh air and breathtaking views. This beautiful tourist spot was founded during the British era.

Kohsar is only 54 kilometers away from Rawalpindi and is the most sought-out tourist attraction in all of Northern Punjab. Here, you can view the snow-covered peaks of Kashmir during the summer months. Here are located various picnic spots such as Kashmir Point, Nathia Gali, Pindi Point, and Bhurban. One can get the most of nature’s bounty here. During the summer months, the sun hides behind the clouds. Various varieties of fruits are also grown here, including apples, pears, plums, apricots, etc.

Salient Features:
1. Beautiful independent cottages on 5 marla, comprising of 2 bedrooms with en-suite bathrooms, lounge, dining room, kitchen, garage, veranda, and garden.
2. Gated community with security clearance at the entrance.
3. Thorough security surveillance systems.
4. Large parking area.
5. Jamia Mosque.
6. Shopping centers offering fresh grocery items.
7. Restaurant with cottage-delivery service.
8. Lush green parks for children.
9. Cottages surrounded by snowy peaks and green trees.
10. Located only 5 minute drive from Pindi Point chairlift, Murree.
11. Close to natural water springs.
12. a mere 10-minute drive away from Murree Mall Road.
13. Power backup system.
14. An ideal venue for investment.
15. Cottages can be put up for rent.
16. Cleaning services available.
17. Uninterrupted water supply.
18. Restaurant.
19. Jamia Mosque.

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    • سیوریج: Yes
    • بجلی: Yes
    • پانی کی فراہمی: Yes
    • سوئی گیس: Yes
    • سڑک کے ذریعے رسائی: Yes
  • کاروبار اور مواصلات
    • سیٹلائیٹ یا کیبل ٹی وی: Yes
  • نزدیکی علاقے اور دوسری خصوصیات
    • قریبی سکول: Yes
    • قریبی ہسپتال: Yes
    • قریبی شاپنگ مالز: Yes
    • قریبی ریسٹورنٹ: Yes
    • قریبی پبلک ٹرانسپورٹ سروس: Yes
  • مزید خصوصیات
    • دیکھ بھال کا عملہ: Yes
    • حفاظتی عملہ: Yes
    • نصب شدہ حفاظتی خفیہ کیمرے: Yes
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    • قیمت: روپے 45 لاکھ
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Ambitious, forward-thinking and backed by a group of visionaries keen to bring a fresh approach to the business of real estate development. We aim to provide affordable and aesthetically designed Society facilities as per the actual necessity of customers, and become the protruding player of real estate industry of Pakistan capturing the gap in the market.
The foundation pillars of “National Developers” are Integrity, Quality, Innovation and People. On these bases, the company continues to excel as a developer, providing both customer satisfaction and quality lifestyle. National Developers has the competitive advantage in terms of financial sustainability and promises to deliver, that will keep it at the forefront of the Pakistan property market for the next decade and beyond.
Our professional and experienced management is proficient in providing a secure and reliable platform for carrying out different kinds of real estate business transactions. Our clients realize the significant advantages that they are able to achieve by using our services and the confidence we deliver to the process resulting in the comfort of the momentous.

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