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CountTree Concepts PVT LTD has gone ahead to develop Pakistan’s very own Hobbitown in the vicinity of the twin cities of Islamabad and Rawalpindi; proving Oscar Wilde right in his assertion that life imitated art far more than the opposite case. The project is inspired by Hobbiton, a movie studio in Auckland, New Zealand which was developed to shoot the acclaimed The Lord of the Rings films trilogy; and is geared to provide a residential experience similar to the one enjoyed by the hobbit folk who crucially feature in the series’ storyline.

To add to its magical, scenic appeal, Hobbitown is set to come equipped with a lake feature surrounded by a lot of lush greenery; with all of this enclosed within a gated community where residents will be able to live in the company of rabbits, lambs, horses, ostriches, and deer wandering freely!

Hobbitown Resorts Club, at its core, seeks to materialise fiction into reality. Imagine yourself living in a hobbit house with your family by the lakeside – and in a community that is both well-administered and richly facilitated.
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