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Master City PVT LTD
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    سیالکوٹ بائی پاس
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Master City Pvt Ltd is committed to bringing in new practices and new ways of thinking in a real estate industry that impacts the lives of millions and the way our society evolves. At the cornerstone of this vision are professionalism, transparency, ethics, and reliability. On this foundation, we are building a company that will set new standards in the reality and urban infrastructure sector.

Our professionalism gives the leading edge in real estate development and innovation while an experienced team empowered with local knowledge and networks has deep insights into the reality landscape. The combination promises to make Master City Pvt Ltd a game-changer.

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پراپرٹی کی قسم
  • رہائشی پلاٹ (Plot Overseas Block)
    • رقبہ: 5 مرلہ
    • قیمت: روپے 15 لاکھ
  • رہائشی پلاٹ (Plot Block A to D1)
    • رقبہ: 5 مرلہ
    • قیمت: روپے 20 لاکھ - 35 لاکھ
  • رہائشی پلاٹ (Plot Block A to D1)
    • رقبہ: 7 مرلہ
    • قیمت: روپے 28 لاکھ - 40 لاکھ
  • رہائشی پلاٹ (Plot Block A to D1)
    • رقبہ: 10 مرلہ
    • قیمت: روپے 38 لاکھ - 65 لاکھ
  • رہائشی پلاٹ (Plot Block A to D1)
    • رقبہ: 20 مرلہ
    • قیمت: روپے 75 لاکھ - 1.2 کروڑ
  • رہائشی پلاٹ (Plot Block A to D1)
    • رقبہ: 40 مرلہ
    • قیمت: روپے 1.32 کروڑ - 2 کروڑ
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  • Master City


ماسٹر سٹی

Master City mission is to provide residents with exemplary service in a quality home environment, to provide employees unparalleled opportunities for personal and professional development, and to provide partners and clients with maximized real estate asset value.

The house of Master is quite a few Brands that are more of a household name in Pakistan. Striving to a make the living of the people of this country worth living. Master has brilliant track record of innovation, leadership and standing by its commitments spread over more than three decades. Today the group stands as an icon of Success, trust and enjoys a high level of Integrity not only in the industry but in the Society as whole. With a clear vision and a dynamic team, Masters has managed to be one of the key contributors to the quality of life for people of Pakistan. The core of this success has always lied in our winning corporate culture; that promote growth and fosters innovation; and our customer-driven strategy that is guided by quality, creative solutions and a never ending-search for better ways to serve our client.The Group Projects:

  • Master Sanitary Fittings
  • Master Plastic Film
  • Master Tiles and Granite
  • Baby Masters Diapers
  • Master Poly Propylene Industries
  • Master Ball Point Pen Industry
  • Master Multi Products
  • Master PPRC Industry

    We Serve our customer today to save our Tomorrow.

  • ماسٹر سٹی
    سی ای او پیغام

    Sheikh Maqsood Iqbal

    Since its establishment Master City is to be at the forefront of luxury real estate development. During this time we have strived to build a reputation for delivering the highest quality properties in Gujranwala and now amongst the Pakistan’s leading developers.For over few years, our ambition has fueled our growth and success. Our real estate portfolio in the Pakistan continues to evolve with innovative new projects that deliver distinctive, iconic project that complement the region’s sophisticated urban lifestyles. To further enhance Pakistan’s exciting lifestyle proposition, Master City extended long-term partnerships with its business partners and clients. Our Team members share and support our vision to work closely with consumers to change their lives beyond what is considered possible. We like to challenge existing paradigms and to identify new market trends.

    Sheikh Maqsood Iqbal
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