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حاصل پور روڈ , بہاولپور
Pearl Paradise
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17 لاکھ سے 31.5 لاکھ روپے
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    حاصل پور روڈ
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    17 لاکھ سے 31.5 لاکھ روپے
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    رہائشی پلاٹ, دکانات
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    Bhutta Associate
Pearl Paradise is a mixed-use project situated along the Hasilpur Road in Bahawalpur. It offers residential and commercial plots of 3, 4, 5, and 7 marlas. The project not only features an ideal location for a beautiful residential lifestyle experience, but its various consumer-driven facilities make it even more convenient.
Located adjacent to the Special Education School on Hasilpur Road, Pearl Paradise is accessible from all major avenues of the city. Several nearby urban amenities also make Pearl Paradise a great option for home construction. The project is surrounded by a boundary wall, which separates it from the hustle and bustle of the main city.
Pearl Paradise welcomes it residents with a beautifully-constructed front gate, along with a 50ft-wide main avenue. The remaining streets across the society are equally well planned. Additionally, there are ample spaces for parking – facilitating all residents and visitors of the society.
Other facilities at Pearl Paradise include:
  • High-quality electric supply system
  • Modern sewerage system
  • Sui gas facility
  • RO water filtration plant
  • Dedicated commercial centre
  • Security system
  • Swings and playground for kids
  • Jogging track
  • Beautiful mosque
    All these amenities combine to offer a safe, convenient, and community-oriented residential living experience for the residents. Furthermore, the project is highly reliable since it comes approved from Tehsil Municipal Administration (TMA) of Bahawalpur.
    For those interested in constructing their homes at Pearl Paradise, they can purchase the plots – available at market-competitive prices – on cash or avail the 48 monthly instalment plan facility. Booking is already underway at 25% of the total cost of the plots.
    If you want to provide your family with a secure and comprehensive residential lifestyle, then Pearl Paradise is not an opportunity to miss. With a location in the heart of Bahawalpur and all the facilities for a comfortable lifestyle, you are surely not to miss out on this grand opportunity.
  • پراپرٹی کی قسم
    • رہائشی پلاٹ (Plot (30ft Wide ))
      • رقبہ: 900 مربع فیٹ - 1,350 مربع فیٹ
      • قیمت: روپے 17 لاکھ - 25.5 لاکھ
    • رہائشی پلاٹ (Plot (45 Wide ))
      • رقبہ: 900 مربع فیٹ - 1,575 مربع فیٹ
      • قیمت: روپے 18 لاکھ - 31.5 لاکھ
    • دکانات (Commercial)
      • رقبہ: 563 مرلہ
      • قیمت: روپے 17.5 لاکھ
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    • Pearl Paradise


    Bhutta Associate

    Bhutta Associate
    • 17 لاکھ سے 31.5 لاکھ روپے
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