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River Courtyard
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    بحریہ ٹاؤن راولپنڈی
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    1.17 کروڑ سے 4.33 کروڑ روپے
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    پریمیئر چوائس انٹرنیشنل ریئل اسٹیٹ ڈویلپرز
River Courtyard – The New Hallmark of Luxury Living in Rawalpindi

River Courtyard is offering world-class service apartments and permanent residences for people who prefer to live their lives in a style that’s customary of luxury 5-star hotels and resorts. The project is being developed by Premier Choice – a real estate development firm known in the national and international market for guaranteeing timely deliveries.

Serviced Apartments

Sophisticated interior and chic design are what classifies a typical serviced apartment in River Courtyard Luxury and style emanate from every corner of these apartments with warm lights illuminating the suite to perfection Each apartment comes with a balcony with spectacular views that rejuvenate your mind and body.

A Contemporary Take on the Timeless Structure

River Courtyard is offering world-class service apartments & permanent residences for people who prefer to live their lives in a style that’s customary of luxury 5-star hotels in Intellectual Village, Bahria Town Phase 7. The project is being developed by Premier Choice – a real estate development firm known in the national & international market for guaranteeing timely deliveries & being managed by Wyndham Hotels.

What’s on offer?

Spanning over an expansive land area of 400,000 square feet, the project offers future dwellers a chance to enjoy a quintessential lifestyle by choosing its:

  • Serviced Apartments
  • Permanent Residences

    Rohtas Thermal Club

    A comfortable sense of community, leading auto circuits, welcoming staff and amazing outdoor activities that include the expansive and tennis court and a well-maintained basketball court for the more energetic people, an artificial skating rink for those who love to move with the rhythm of the nature, and a separate walking track for the guests to enjoy the lovely morning weather every day all year round: all of this together provide an enriching, experience at the Rohtas Thermal Club. A nice BBQ Area has been reserved for guests to enjoy scrumptious cuisine as they continue to make memories

    Location Highlights

    River Courtyard is located at the prime location of Plot# 69, Corniche Road, Bahria Springs North (Commercial), Bahria Town, Rawalpindi. The project offers location advantage from more than one perspective. It is:

  • Located in Bahria Town Phase 7
  • 1-minute drive away from DHA-1
  • 1-minute drive away from KFC, McDonald's, Burger King, Green Valley, Hardee’s
  • 3-minute drive away from Main GT Road
  • 12-minute drive away from Saddar Rawalpindi
  • In close proximity to Green valley

    Facilities beyond par

    If there is one thing Premier Choice understand, it is the fact that no matter the objective behind a real estate development, it should offer the kind of facilities befitting the needs of future consumers. Keeping in line with that aim, the project encompasses:

  • 5-star resort living
  • Swimming pool
  • Gymnasium/fitness centre
  • Dining & coffee shop
  • Business centre
  • Conference room
  • Visitors’ lounge
  • Kids play area
  • Exclusive theatre room
  • Banquet facility
  • Tennis court
  • Skating court
  • Basketball court
  • BBQ Station
  • Walking/jogging track
  • Laundry service
  • Prayer area
  • Easy access to ATM Machine
  • 24-hour operational help desk
  • Medical assistance
  • Internet access

    Why invest in River Courtyard?

  • The project is located at Corniche Road Intellectual Village Bahria Town Phase 7
  • A project of Premier Choice – that has already launched several successful projects like River Hills, Box Park, 68 High Street, River Loft and Roman Grove
  • The land excavation is to be initiated soon and the project expected to be delivered in 4 years
  • Offers upfront payment discounts; 10% on full payment and 5% on half
  • Located in the gated community of Bahria Town Phase 7
  • Ease of access to all major localities
  • 10% guaranteed annual rental yield on serviced apartments
  • Highly competitive pricing schedule, lucrative investment returns
  • This project is exclusively marketed by Zameen.com, ensuring that every due diligence has been meticulously undertaken
  • مارکیٹنگ کی طرف سے


    Operating in the real estate market for more than 14 years, Zameen.com is a name that enjoys the trust of property buyers and investors, based in Pakistan and other regions of the globe especially the UK, USA, Canada, and the Gulf countries. The company has sold over 15,500 high-end and affordable real estate options since 2017, catering to various factions of the market. Zameen.com applies rigorous procedures to ensure that you enjoy peace of mind while purchasing trendy realty units. With over 5.5 million monthly visitors on their website, and equipped with offices and service centers all over the country, Zameen.com delivers an unmatchable experience to individuals who are investing their hard-earned money in premium residential and commercial offerings. Hence enjoying exceptional brand equity in the real estate market.

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    مجازی دورہ
    پراپرٹی کی قسم
    • اسٹوڈیو فلیٹ (Service Apartment Studio)
      • رقبہ: 1,367 مربع فیٹ
      • قیمت: روپے 2.19 کروڑ
      • بیڈ: اسٹوڈیو
      • باتھ: 1
    • 1 بیڈ فلیٹ (Presidential suites)
      • رقبہ: 733 مربع فیٹ - 787 مربع فیٹ
      • قیمت: روپے 1.17 کروڑ - 1.26 کروڑ
      • بیڈ: 1
      • باتھ: 1
    • 2 بیڈ فلیٹ (Permanent Residency)
      • رقبہ: 1,556 مربع فیٹ - 2,465 مربع فیٹ
      • قیمت: روپے 2.1 کروڑ - 3.33 کروڑ
      • بیڈ: 2
      • باتھ: 2
    • 3 بیڈ فلیٹ (Permanent Residency)
      • رقبہ: 1,947 مربع فیٹ - 2,794 مربع فیٹ
      • قیمت: روپے 2.63 کروڑ - 3.77 کروڑ
      • بیڈ: 3
      • باتھ: 3
    • 4 بیڈ فلیٹ (Permanent Residency)
      • رقبہ: 3,210 مربع فیٹ
      • قیمت: روپے 4.33 کروڑ
      • بیڈ: 4
      • باتھ: 4
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    • River Courtyard


    پریمیئر چوائس انٹرنیشنل ریئل اسٹیٹ ڈویلپرز

    Premier Choice International Real Estate Developers is a prestigious firm that has substantial experience in the construction industry. The company started its journey from Dubai in 2003-2004 as Al-Tajar Real Estate group. They developed a residential complex; Fortunato in 2007 consisting of townhouses, duplexes, and apartments. In 2013, they entered the real estate industry of Pakistan as Premier Choice Real Estate and started their first project Riverhills Tower 1 in 2014 and successfully handed it over in December 2018. Their other projects include Garden Villas, Riverhills Tower 2, Boxpark, and Riverhills Tower 3, 68 High Street, River Courtyard, Grand Gallery, and Roman Grove.

     پریمیئر چوائس انٹرنیشنل ریئل اسٹیٹ ڈویلپرز
    • 1.17 کروڑ سے 4.33 کروڑ روپے
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