شاه میر ریزیڈنسی

شاه میر ریزیڈنسی

یونیورسٹی روڈ , کراچی
Shahmir Residency
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1.25 کروڑ سے 1.85 کروڑ روپے
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    یونیورسٹی روڈ
  • قیمت
    1.25 کروڑ سے 1.85 کروڑ روپے
  • اقسام
    رہائشی پلاٹ, مکانات
  • ڈویلپر
    جومانی بیلڈرز اینڈ ڈویلپرز
SHAHMIR RESIDENCY is an ideal community, complemented with exclusive & essential facilities enhancing privacy, promoting aesthetics, ensuring security, and absorbing environmental and rejuvenating recreation making your dream a reality. Promoting the concept of a unique housing community wherein peace, privacy and pleasure would be guaranteed in a serene and peaceful ambiance.
Park, walkways and a beautifully landscaped area are reserved for the kids and children of all ages to indulge in healthy activities.

The project also provides the facility of a community hall to enable the residents to enjoy their social gatherings in a friendly environment. A graceful mosque is also provided within the project. It is located in the peaceful environment of Scheme 33 on University Road.
Shahmir residency offers following Facilities for the Convenience of its Residents:

  • Masjid.
  • School.
  • Community center.
  • Walled and gated community for safe and secure living.
  • Park.
  • Walkways.
  • Flat site.
  • Commercial area.
  • Two fuel stations.

    The ultimate notion behind the project is to create fully planned and technically designed Luxurious Housing scheme, having considered the social needs and values of its residents.
    All Bungalows have been designed with a provision of maximum natural light and fresh air, which makes our project attractive.

    Project Progress Update:

    Our project is at the level of 85% Completion, approximately, we have ready to move in Bungalows.


    Booking is open for plots and bungalows on instalments and cash payment. The project offers double storey bungalows and residential plots. Starting price of the residential plot 120 sq. yard is Rs. 125,00,000/- 200 sq. yard plot 185,00,000/- and a cash price of 120 sq. yards bungalow is Rs. 150,00,000/-

  • Booking, Confirmation & Allotment (25% on Booking)


    Shahmir residency in Karachi located at a very ideal and developed location of the city. This project is situated at Safoor chowk near to other residential projects and commercial markets. Few minute drive away from Kiran Hospital, Memon Hospital, Dow Hospital Ojha Campus and adjacent to Chappal Bungalows.
  • پروجیکٹ کی خصوصیات

    • پلاٹ کی خصوصیات
      • سیوریج: Yes
      • بجلی: Yes
      • پانی کی فراہمی: Yes
      • سوئی گیس: Yes
    • کاروبار اور مواصلات
      • برانڈ بینڈ انٹرنیٹ تک رسائی: Yes
      • سیٹلائیٹ یا کیبل ٹی وی: Yes
    • کمیونٹی خصوصیات
      • کمیونٹی مسجد: Yes
    • نزدیکی علاقے اور دوسری خصوصیات
      • قریبی سکول: Yes
      • قریبی ہسپتال: Yes
      • قریبی شاپنگ مالز: Yes
      • قریبی ریسٹورنٹ: Yes
      • قریبی پبلک ٹرانسپورٹ سروس: Yes
    • مزید خصوصیات
      • دیکھ بھال کا عملہ: Yes
      • حفاظتی عملہ: Yes
    پراپرٹی کی قسم
    • رہائشی پلاٹ (Plots)
      • رقبہ: 120 مربع یارڈ
      • قیمت: روپے 1.25 کروڑ
    • رہائشی پلاٹ (Plots)
      • رقبہ: 200 مربع یارڈ
      • قیمت: روپے 1.85 کروڑ
    • مکانات (Ready Bungalows)
      • رقبہ: 120 مربع یارڈ
      • قیمت: روپے 1.5 کروڑ
    فلور پلانز
    Entire Floor
    • 120 Sq Yard Ready Bungalows

    قیمتوں کی فہرست
    • Shahmir Residency

    • Shahmir Residency

    • 120 Sq Yard Ready Bungalows


    جومانی بیلڈرز اینڈ ڈویلپرز

    Jumani Group is one of Pakistan’s leading construction companies with over 3 decades of invaluable experience and expertise in construction and development of civil and land development works. We carry out all aspects of construction and development projects, from planning to finish.

    We recognize the benefits of working as a team with our clients, partners and supply chain and we have a vast experience of this approach. In this way we enable our clients to fully benefit from our broad practical experience and the collective knowledge of the Professionals and experts in the Jumani Group team.

    Our financial and qualitative targets reflect our ambition to exceed the industry norm. In each of our geographic market and segments within Pakistan, we have established what we call “outperform targets”.

    Our vision is to become the leading construction service provider in Pakistan and reach out to International markets and become a globally recognized and trusted entity. To reach this goal we strive to be the best bidder and to deliver the highest standard of quality.

    Jumani Group of Companies have completed many projects in Karachi, Thatta, Khairpur and Islamabad. Besides commercial projects, government low cost bungalows have also been constructed in different areas of Karachi. Arisha Housing Society was also launched by Jumani Builders & Developers in Khairpur City as a modern community and first of its kind.


    JGC’s portfolio encompasses projects in a variety of areas of market sector expertise.Each expertise area that we serve has its own character with special concerns, key issues and unique business strategies that are all fundamental to a project’s success and to achieve exceptional results. We approach each project not simply as a construction service vendor, but rather a valued partner.

    1. Apartments.

    2. Commercial Office Buildings.

    3. Communities.

    4. Education.

    5. High Rise Multi-Purpose Building.

    6. Masjid.

    7. Infrastructure.

    8. Residential Housing Villas.

    9. Retail.

    Finished Projects

    Jumani Group of Companies also completed various housing schemes. Name of few schemes are given as under:

    1. Federal Government Employees Housing Foundation, Islamabad. 128 Houses in Sector G-11/2 Islamabad.

    2. Workers Welfare Board 252 Houses, Labor Square Landhi, Karachi.

    3. Sindh Workers Welfare Board 200 Houses, labor department, Sukkur.

    4. Sindh Workers Welfare Board 200 Houses, Tando Adam.

    5. Navy Housing Scheme, Karachi. 100 D-Type Houses at Karachi.

    6. Arisha Housing Scheme, Khairpur Development & Construction of luxury villas on over 7 acres of land.

    7. Madina City Town Houses. Korangi, Karachi 30 Acres land in Sector 30, Korangi Township.

    8. Jillani Houses in North Karachi, 200 houses.

    9. Nagan Chowrangi, 100 houses.

    10. Al-Hussain, 30 flats.

    11. Al-Faisal, 20 flats, 6 shops

    12. Jumani Centre, 50 flats, 16 shops.

    13. Jumani Square, 16 flats, 9 shops

    14. Ambreen Apartments, 128 flats, 40 shops

    15. Islanic Plaza I&II, 24 flats, 6 shops.

    16. Islamic Arcade, 144 flats, 131 shops.

    17. Jumani Arcade, 72 flats, 52 offices, 61 shops.

    18. Islamic Apartments, 60 flats, 18 shops.

    جومانی بیلڈرز اینڈ ڈویلپرز
    • 1.25 کروڑ سے 1.85 کروڑ روپے
    • پراپرٹی
    • اسکول
    • ریسٹورانٹ
    • ہسپتال
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