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Star Mall
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    JMB Group
Star Mall offers five floors of high quality office space for the corporate sector of this burgeoning region. Business leaders can engage clients in interactive presentations using modern equipment in the Conference Halls. The adjacent Avari Tower on the other hand offers top-class rooms for business guests.

The Star Mall aims to host world-class brands and caters to over four million consumers. In Star Mall, brands have the unique opportunity to cultivate a market of loyal & prosperous consumers. Several top local & global brands have already signed up with JMB Developers to provide consumers with an unprecedented shopping experience on the Grand Trunk Road.

In Gujranwala, business leaders need first-class work environments for their flourishing businesses. Whether you are a small business seeking well-appointed premises for your practice or a MNC looking for regional headquarters, our spaces offer an ideal mix of solid infrastructure, round-the-clock maintenance & uncompromising security; all at the convenient and prominent location of G.T. Road.

Food is always at the center of celebration, festivity and togetherness. Given Gujranwala’s vast culinary heritage, the food court at Star Mall is poised for roaring success. Dining options will range from Avari restaurants to a variety of local and global chains. The Star Mall’s food court offers a diverse assortment of restaurants & bakeries creating a ‘world of cuisine’.

Star Mall will host two state-of-the-art Cinepax theaters, giving families a chance to connect over a safe & fun experience.

The industrial & entrepreneurial families of the Gujranwala region look to other cities for entertainment, going as far as Wazirabad to play with their children and to Lahore for a cinematic experience. The Star Mall seeks to remedy this by offering safe & fun activities for the young and old alike. JMB Developers envisioned world-class cinemas in Gujranwala as an integral part of the mall with upholstered seats. The theaters will provide consumers with top-notch cinematic experiences.


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تاریخ: 24/10/2013
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JMB Group

The JMB Group was started with a string of petrol stations across Punjab and then ventured into automobile dealerships. Today we are the sole distributors in Gujranwala for all Toyota automobiles. JMB has also been trading commodities since 1991.

The idea of a multi-purpose shopping complex stems from the immense buying power in Gujranwala and even though people earn here, they are forced to spend in bigger cities such as Lahore.

JMB Group
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Javed Muzaffar Butt (CEO)

A company does not grow by standing still. It endures by reinventing, diversifying, always striving to satisfy its consumers, and by winning in the marketplace.

The idea of a multi-purpose shopping complex stems from the immense buying power in Gujranwala and even though people earn here, they are forced to spend in bigger cities such as Lahore. The Star Mall project thus aspires to bring the world to your doorstep – global brands, a five star hotel, world-class cinemas and a lot more!

I am proud to be a part of JMB Group and look foreword to lead it on the next part of its journey.

Javed Muzaffar Butt
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