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Shops for Sale in Karachi

Karachi, the largest city of Pakistan — in terms of population, spans across a land mass of 3,780 km² — and holds the United Nation (UN) estimation of being the 12th largest city in the world. Being a port city, Karachi holds immense importance in the economic activities of Pakistan, as the city controls the majority of the international activity — economically. Karachi is home to at least 15,400,000 people, allowing you to take full advantage of commerce activities, if you buy a shop for sale here. Moreover, the two largest seaports of the country — Port Bin Qasim and Port of Karachi — are located in Karachi, making it an industrial and financial hub. As a result, at least 95% of international trade is processed at these two ports. 

Why buy a shop for sale in Karachi?

The ‘City of Lights’ has remained at the center of almost all the major economic activities for over decades. Buying a shop for sale in Karachi allows you to take advantage of this prime economical and business locality. Additionally, when performing market research, people have a tendency to establish their business near the existence of similar businesses. When buying a shop for sale in Karachi, you need to understand the growth and expansion prospects of doing so. The city offers immense commerce opportunities, which are so diverse in nature that you can simply take advantage of the demand and supply gap. Despite the socio-political unrest in the city and the fact that it is home to the largest economic activities in the country, buying a shop for sale in Karachi enables you to easily operate and expand here. 

What are the types of Shops available for sale in Karachi?

Being the largest city and the main economic hub of Pakistan, there is more than ample space for you when buying shops for sale in Karachi. There are immense opportunities for you, regardless of the budget constraints — Karachi has it all. There are large dedicated commercial hubs with numerous shops located within it, allowing you to take full advantage of the available market space, and generating a good turnover via your shop.

Types of Shops Available for Sale in Karachi
Type Price
12 sq ft — 45 sq ft 45 sq ft — 60 sq ft
60 sq ft — 75 sq ft 75 sq ft — 87 sq ft
90 sq ft — 100 sq ft 100 sq ft — 150 sq ft
150 sq ft — 255+ sq ft Showrooms & Plaza floors
 (500 sq ft — 5,000 sq ft)

What is the Sales Price Trend of Shops in Karachi?

The shops available for sale in Karachi range between PKR 5.5 lakh and PKR 53 crore. The price range of shops, spanning over 45 sq ft size can be found within PKR 5.5 lakh and PKR 70 lakh. Shops of sizes 45 sq ft to 60 sq ft will cost you from PKR 6 lakh to PKR 90 lakh. Similarly, the 75 sq ft to 89 sq ft shops for sale in Karachi costs between PKR 7 lakh and PKR 3.2 crore, whereas the 90 sq ft to 150 sq ft shops cost from PKR 8 lakh and PKR 3.5 crore. The price for shops of size 150 sq ft to 250 sq ft  will cost you from PKR 5 lakh to PKR 4.75 crore. Moreover, the shops (of size 250 sq ft to 500 sq ft) will cost around PKR 17 lakh and PKR 12 crore. The larger, showroom shops for sale in Karachi, costs between PKR 12 crore and PKR 53 crore — depending on the location and size.

However, it is pertinent to mention here that the shops located on the ground floor, or having a front display, situated on the main road, and/or corner units have a higher price than the shops located deep within a marketplace.