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Get verified land record details via Punjab Land Record Authority (PLRA)

Punjab Land Records


Acquire certified land record details via the Sindh Board of Revenue (BoR)

Sindh Land Records

Information in Land Records

Prevent forgeries and counter discrepancies in documents with computerised details of original land records in your respective provinces

All Records on Transfer of Land

Save yourself from the hassle of traditional methods. Book an appointment and get your Fards and Mutation in a digital format.

Location & Addresses of Properties

Find all the relevant details of any property's location, with its complete official address, including information such as tehsil, district, and tasla etc.

All Records of Ownership

Check out all the ownership information of any property unit for transparent transactions, including possession history.

About Zameen Land Records

As per the incumbent government’s stern stance on anti-corruption practices, the provincial Governments of Punjab and Sindh have embarked upon revolutionising the land record structure of their respective provinces. The initiative takes comprehensive steps including complete computerisation of land records in the provinces to introduce a modern change that will create a positive environment for the citizens. The modernising of land records in Punjab and Sindh will help eradicate the prevailing issues faced by the ongoing system including all forms of land ownership disputes. Having the land records in a computerised format removes the possibilities of counterfeit ownership documents and deeds, which generally take a long time to authenticate. Amongst these aforementioned objectives, another additional aim is to improve the service delivery timings and to enhance the overall perceived level of security and scrutiny of the process. It is pertinent to mention here that the government’s modern and tech-inclusive approach to transform the manual system of land records into an efficient, accountable, secure, and transparent mechanism is based on providing relief to the general population with their property transactions. Benefits of using Zameen Land Records We aim to help our customers make informed decisions, and allow them to secure their property by further elevating them to a secure investment environment. These steps have been taken by the respective governments of the provinces, however, to further increase its efficacy, Zameen Land Records provides an all-inclusive automated platform to help you with your property transactions.


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