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Buying a Flat in Rawalpindi

Rawalpindi, popularly known as Pindi, is a metropolis in the northern part of Pakistan. The city is close to Kashmir, which lies a few hundred kilometres away. Due to its proximity to the Himalayan mountains and the Indus River Basin, the city’s locals enjoy breathtaking views of some of nature’s most spectacular wonders without having to travel too far. From the Galiyat hill stations, the Margalla hills, Murree to the Shakarparian National Park and Rawal Lake, Rawalpindi is so well linked to the region's natural beauty that many call it heaven in the Himalayan foothills. Rawalpindi comprises aesthetically pleasing highways which include the Islamabad Highway, Kashmir Highway and the Peshawar Road. There's a vast real estate market enclosed within these roads. As far as buying property in Rawalpindi is concerned, there are plenty of options such as houses or residential plots. However, for many, especially first time buyers, a wise step would be to start looking for apartments in this area as apartments are far more affordable, especially if you have a limited budget. But finding a nice flat without putting a dent in your wallet could be a little tricky in Rawalpindi.

The main reason flats in Rawalpindi are always so aesthetically pleasing is because of their economic value. The more money a builder pours into a unit’s construction, the more they expect a buyer to pay for it. That said, it’s not as if there are no reasonably priced flats available here. In fact, there are a number of options available for people who are willing to invest in this city.

The most profitable apartments in terms in Rawalpindi are located in Bahria Town, Askari 14, Askari 7 and Satellite Town. Other apartments are available on Defence Road, High Court Road, GT Road and Murree Road.

Types of Flats in Rawalpindi

There are different types of flats available for buyers who are ready to invest in Rawalpindi. The city offers a wide variety, from 1-bedroom units to 5- bedroom apartments, to suit the needs of prospective buyers. These flats usually cover an area 2 marla but you can also find larger spaces, the biggest unit measuring 10 marla. There are 3 storey as well as 4 storey apartments in Rawalpindi. The flats are uniquely designed and well-constructed. Some of these flats are furnished while others are unfurnished. It depends on the buyers if they want a completely furnished apartment or want to customize their home as per their choice.

Sale Price Trends for Flats in Rawalpindi

The prices of apartments in Rawalpindi are likely to increase exponentially, following the price trends. The price range of 1-bedroom apartments starts from PKR 14.5 lakh and goes all the way up to PKR 1 crore. The sale prices of 2-bed flats starts from PKR 12 lakh and reaches up to PKR 1.9 crore. A 3-bedroom flat can cost from PKR 27.61 lakh to PKR 2.14 crore. The price range of 4-bedroom flats and 5-bedroom flats in Rawalpindi starts from PKR 90 lakh which reaches up to PKR 2.85 crore. These are just examples to highlight the range of available apartments. Over time, as the city develops, property prices can increase for new apartments and decrease for modest ones depending upon requirements and preferences of buyers. So in order to invest in the perfect apartment, one must take ample time in weighing in on all important factors. The apartments in Rawalpindi also offer an easy instalment plan.

Schools, Universities & Hospitals in Rawalpindi

Rawalpindi houses a number of advanced educational institutions some of which are, Air Foundation School System, Beaconhouse School System, Clifton Academy, Army Public School and College- Askari 14. In case of emergency, you don’t have to worry about rushing to hospitals that are far away as there are several good hospitals like Bahria International Hospital, Avicenna Medical Centre, Noor Hospital within your reach, all of which offer good medical facilities.

Facilities & Security in Rawalpindi

Most of the apartment complexes in Rawalpindi provide almost all the basic facilities that buyers generally look for in a flat. For instance, most apartments here include a wide terrace and spacious bedrooms with attached bathrooms. The flats also offer round the clock maintenance and 24/7 security system. There is a proper supply of electricity but in case of load shedding, people use UPS and generators backups. The flats also provide underground water lines. There are proper parking spaces for the residents and they also offer maintenance staff and facilities for the disabled, which is a rare facility in housing societies. There are a number of mosques in the city where you can offer prayers. Some of the apartments also have recreational facilities like a jacuzzi and sauna for its residents. Rawalpindi is quite secure in terms of the city’s law and order situation. There are many police stations, checkpoints within and also in the outskirts of the city.

Shopping & Restaurants in Rawalpindi

There are a number of things that you can do in Rawalpindi. If you are looking to buy some amazing stuff at reasonable prices from the marketplaces, then you can enjoy shopping at the Raja, Saddar and Sarafa bazaar. You can enjoy the cool breeze while walking around and have fun with your family at the famous Ayub and Jinnah Park. There are many restaurants in Rawalpindi like Mei Kong, Savour Foods, Texas Tikka House, Balla Tikka House which offer delicious cuisines. You can also enjoy watching South Asian as well as Hollywood movies in cinemas that are located in different areas of Rawalpindi.

Reasons for Investing in Rawalpindi

The trend of buying flats in Rawalpindi has increased over the last couple of years as the option provides well maintained, secure and contemporary style units. It also offers easy instalment plans for buyers. It is observed that investors are keen to buy flats which are close to their workplace and offer good facilities. Another thing worth noting here is that most apartment complexes are situated near motorways so it makes travelling easier.