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Buying a Flat in Askari 14

Situated in Islamabad’s twin city of Rawalpindi, Askari 14 is a housing development that mainly offers accommodation to army personnel and their families. However, anybody can buy properties in Askari 14 if they wish to live in this society. Having road links that connect it to Islamabad via the Grand Trunk Road, the project is ideally located to ensure that residents can commute to the capital city and back, within half an hour’s drive. Askari 14 has 3 sectors within it, named as Sector A, B and C.

Types of Flats in Askari 14

Rawalpindi's real estate offers a wide range of options to investors. With regards to flat living, Askari 14 is a good option for families who wish to enjoy convenience along with comfort. There are a number of flats available for sale here, but the most popular category is of 3-bedroom apartments. This is followed by the 4-bed options. The flats here offer parking space, central heating and air conditioning, elevator access as well as electricity backup and a lot more.

Sale Price Trends for Flats in Askari 14

While buying a flat, the most important concern for people is the building’s condition and its maintenance. With upkeep being regulated here, you do not need to worry about the cleanliness of the surroundings of your new home. The residential project is also beautifully landscaped. In general, the purchase of a 3-bedroom flat in Askari 14 can cost anywhere between PKR 95 lakh and 1.75 crore. Meanwhile, an apartment having 4 bedrooms can be priced at PKR 1.22 to 2.35 crore.

Schools, Universities & Hospitals in Askari 14

Schools and colleges of Army Public, Fauji Foundation Askaria and Springfield Public are located close by so that the residents of Askari 14 can avail the best standards of education for their children. Meanwhile, graduate and postgraduate degrees can be attained in a number of fields from Riphah International University, Virtual University of Pakistan, Fatima Jinnah Women University and others. Medical centres near Askari 14 near include Bilal Clinic, Attock Hospital Ltd and others, while the nearest pharmacies are Tariq Medical Store and Al Rehman Pharmacy.

Facilities & Security in Askari 14

Askari 14 is a gated community surrounded by other residential colonies. As it provides housing to military families, the area is monitored via CCTV and the identity of newcomers is verified at the entrance gates. The people living within Askari 14 are provided with an uninterrupted supply of all the basic utilities and there are also several small events held at the club where families can meet each other and have a good time. The playgrounds, as well as the sports complex, offer recreational opportunities to children of all ages.

Shopping & Restaurants in Askari 14

Makkah Mall and City Shopping Mall are the closest malls from Askari 14, while the sectors within this community also have at least one market or general store in close vicinity to facilitate the residents. Friendz Mobile Shop can provide convenience if you want to buy a mobile phone, while the MA Stationary Shop is ideal if you wish to buy essential school supplies for your little ones. Al-Khair Restaurant & Naan Centre and Mc Cafe Pizza & Burger are two of the eateries located nearby.

Reasons for Investing in Askari 14

With several types of flats on offer, buying an apartment in Askari 14 will bring a lot more than just empty walls. People of the armed forces have a sense of brotherhood and bonding with each other. As such, their families also enjoy the sense of community that living in such a colony provides them with, where happiness and grief are commonly shared and understood. Thus, civilians, who wish to invest here for their new home, will certainly find themselves amidst welcoming neighbours and well-maintained surroundings.