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Renting a Flat in Askari 14

Under the administration of the RDA and just half an hour away from Islamabad, Askari 14 is the ideal community to rent an apartment as its location and security make flat living a bliss. There are several other housing projects surrounding this colony and movement throughout the city is made quite convenient with its road links. The overall community is well maintained and beautifully landscaped in all 3 of its sectors, with Askari Boulevard being the central road that connects all of them.

Types of Flats in Askari 14

Rawalpindi’s real estate has a lot of offer to those who are looking for their next rental abode. As such, there are several districts where you can search for a rental flat as per your needs. Among them is Askari 14, which offers not just 3-bed rental flats, but also has 4 and 5-bedroom options available for renting purposes. Each of these apartments offer the convenience of a dedicated parking space, spacious balconies and electricity backup for elevators. Some of the units are also fully furnished.

Rent Price Trends for Flats in Askari 14

Rental price trends in Askari 14 are mainly dependent on what the owner feels is the right compensation for the use of their flat. It includes the structural condition of the apartment, the furnishings being offered to the tenant as well as the decoration style of the interior. A more modern interior is generally priced higher and the same goes for newly built residential complexes. In general, a 3-bed flat can have a rent of PKR 30 to 45 thousand on a monthly basis, while 4-bedroom alternatives can have a monthly rent of PKR 37 thousand or more. A flat having 5 bedrooms for rent in Askari 14 can charge PKR 40 thousand or more as rent per month.

Schools, Universities & Hospitals in Askari 14

Along with a campus of Army Public School and its college campus, the S.T.E.M. School System, Air Foundation School System, Roots School System, Dar-e-Arqam School, Al Huda Public School and Abad Public School are also some of the schools situated near Askari 14. Universities in the vicinity are Foundation University, NUMS, Fatima Jinnah Women University and more. Noor Hospital, MTS Medicines and Cosmetics, Tariq Medical Store and Avicenna Medical Centre are some of the medical facilities and pharmacies in the area.

Facilities & Security in Askari 14

Askari 14 offers a range of amenities to the people residing here, from parks and playgrounds to community events at the Askari Club. Each sector also has its own mosque and water filtration setup. The presence of a car wash and service station further helps you maintain your car in perfect condition. Askari 14 also has a gaming lounge for avid gamers and a gym for those who like to stay fit and workout regularly. The society is secure with a gated entrance, ensuring that families will not have to worry about their safety within the boundary limits of Askari 14.

Shopping & Restaurants in Askari 14

Bachat Mall in Sector B is the closest shopping destination with Makkah Mall and Adyala Tower Shopping Mall being the next best stops. Groceries can be bought at the Canteen Store Department at reduced rates or at the markets located within each sector. There are also small general stores located in the colony for the purchase of everyday goods. Lahore Foods, Burger Empire, Tornado Fries and Hot N Spicy - City Hut Foods are some of the major eateries in the area surrounding Askari 14.

Reasons for Renting in Askari 14

Renting a flat in a secure residential community is the ideal goal of any tenant and if you can find an honourable and accommodating landlord, this can sweeten the deal. As most property owners in Askari 14 are people from the armed forces who value their honour, the chances of dishonest transactions can be greatly diminished, offering better peace of mind to the tenants. Considering that the society is maintained regularly and offers plenty of basic facilities within its wall or nearby, renting your new home in Askari 14 is the way to go if you can find the perfect property for your needs.