Clifton boasts a picture-perfect setting, beautiful views of the sea, breathtaking sunsets and chic restaurants. You can see people picnicking at the Clifton beach, or tucking in at the numerous food outlets dotting Sea View. People from across the city also pay homage at the shrine of famous saint, Hazrat Abdullah Shah Ghazi R.A. Home to a number of foreign embassies, historical sites and entertainment venues, Clifton attracts tourists and intrepid explorers from all over the globe.


In early days, Clifton was a desolate, barren seashore. Owing to the sea breeze, it was known as ‘Hawa Bandar.’ In the beginning, it was a suburb, where families of the British rulers and the elite class lived. Later, Parsis moved to Clifton, followed by Hindus and Muslims. In 1919, famous landmark, Jehangir Kothari Parade, was built by Seth Jehangir Hormusji Kothari, a Parsi businessman. Mohatta Palace was built by a rich Hindu businessman, in 1927. It now serves as a museum. In 1973, Teen Talwar was constructed by Prime Minister Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto, to depict Pakistan People’s Party’s symbol of a sword for the electoral campaign. Quaid-e-Azam’s golden words for strong nationhood, ‘Unity, Faith and Discipline’ were inscribed on it.  The area was a peaceful residential area in the 1970s, featuring mostly bungalows, but now it has developed into an upscale neighborhood and the city’s bustling business hub.


Clifton is one of the few residential areas in the city that are closest to the Arabian Sea. That is why, among the various properties in Karachi, it is one of the most expensive places to live. It consists of nine blocks, offering unmatched, high-quality standards of living. Horticulture, water and sanitation are handled by the Cantonment Board Clifton, (CBC). People invest in houses in Clifton, because the community offers a number of amenities. It is home to foreign missions and consulates, and various modern high-rise shopping malls such as Dolmen Mall, Ocean Mall, Emerald Tower and Park Towers. Clifton coastline boasts to have the highest water fountain in the Arabian Sea, while, Bahria Icon Tower, in Clifton, is the tallest building in Pakistan.

Due to sprawling shopping centres, stunning views, best recreational amenities, high-end beauty clinics and spa centres, close proximity to beach, high-quality medical facilities, well-equipped fitness studios, and top educational institutions, investors are interested in buying plots in Clifton. Extremely well-connected through a network of highways and roads, Clifton has also become a commercial hub. It attracts job seekers to rent a house in the area, providing easy commute to work.


  • Upscale property market
  • Secure area because of Bilawal House
  • Modern infrastructure, offering many amenities
  • Business hub
  • Famous shopping malls and entertainment avenues available
  • Water sports activities abound in the area
  • Sea View/Clifton beach attracts visitors



Public Transport in Clifton Karachi

Being an upscale community, residents of this area, mostly commute via their own cars, however public transport options are also available in Clifton. You can also travel by ride-hailing service of Uber, Careem and Bykea. There is a bus station, KPT underpass side A and B, in Block-5. Moreover, mini-vans and coaches navigate through the area, picking up passengers and dropping them off at their desired locations. Super Hassan Zai coach, Safari coach and Gulistan coach are the names in this regard.

Markets in Clifton Karachi

renowned supermarket in Clifton Karachi
The most-visited - Agha's supermarket in Clifton Karachi

Clifton has a number of supermarkets catering to the needs of the residents. Agha’s supermarket is well-stocked and one of the oldest superstores in Karachi. You can buy home appliances, good quality cosmetic products, electronic items, non-scented baby products and imported cigars. It also hosts a pharmacy that sells imported medicines. At the fruit and vegetable section, you can buy fresh produce. It also sells fresh flower bouquets, which are wrapped and arranged on-the-spot. Because of ample car parking space, people can easily park their cars outside or make use of the valet facility available.

One of the most popular Supermarkets in Clifton
One of the most popular supermarkets in Clifton Karachi

People who are looking for budget-friendly options, shop at Chase superstore, in Block-9. It offers a variety of products at reasonable prices. From crockery, kitchenware to clothing, you can have it all. For a quick shopping experience, residents visit Mottas supermarket in Block-5. Diamond supermarket in Block-8 offers a huge variety of everyday products. People are all-praise for the friendly staff at Farid store, who are always there to cater to your needs. It is a one-stop solution for grocery shopping.

Mosques, Churches and Temples in Clifton Karachi

A huge famous masjid in Clifton
Muslims pray five times a day at Jamia Islamia mosque in Clifton Karachi

People living in Clifton find spiritual solace in praying five times a day at various mosques located in the area. Jamia Islamia is a renowned mosque in Clifton. It is a large mosque that can accommodate around 2000 worshippers. Shamim masjid in Block-8 and Boat Basin mosque are some of the renowned places of worship in the area.

church - a place of worship for the Christian community in Clifton
A popular place of worship for the Christian community - St. Anthony's Parish church in Clifton

Clifton has places of worship for other religious groups as well. Christians head to Philadelphia Pentecostal church, in Block-1. St. Anthony’s Parish, is a Roman catholic church, in Frere Town and is one of the most famous cathedrals in the city. Hasanai masjid, in Block-8 is a well-known place of worship for the Bohra community.

mandir, hindu temple in Clifton
Hindus worship their gods at Shri Ratneshwar Mahadev temple in Block-3, Clifton Karachi

Shiv Mandir temple is a historical temple, where the sculpture of goddess Durga is also kept. A huge number of believers, visit the temple on a daily basis. It is a major tourist attraction. Shri Ratneshwar Mahadev temple, in Block-3, is another renowned temple, where a number of hindu deities are kept and it attracts hindu believers from all over Karachi.

Schools, Colleges and Universities in Clifton Karachi

There is a long list of educational institutions in the area. You can find scores of well-reputed schools in the area, fostering a culture of learning among children. In addition, some of the famous schools have their campuses in Clifton. Convent of Jesus and Mary school in Block-5 is a popular school that grooms your child in becoming an overall good human being. Karachi Grammar school is one of the top-most schools in Karachi, where children of educated families get enrolled. It also has a strict criteria for admission and only the most talented can secure a seat in this prestigious institute. It is located in Block-5. Bayview Academy is a reputed name in the education sector. Parents clamour to get their children enrolled here. Genesis school, in Block-7 has a renowned faculty for O’ levels and is one of the most-sought after schools in town. The Avicenna school girls’ campus, Avicenna Co-educational branch, Hampton school and Leader’s Odyssey school (GCE branch) are other top-rated schools located in Block-2. Westminster school and college, The City school, World Academy, Links school, Origins school, St. Michael’s school and British International school are some of the other well-reputed schools in the area.

Ziauddin University - a well-reputed educational institution in Clifton
The most prominent medical university - Ziauddin University in Clifton

One can also find scores of intermediate colleges and renowned universities in Clifton. Lyceum, Cedar college, College of Accounting and Management Sciences, Bayview college, Sir Syed college of Sciences and The Millennium University College are the top-rated institutions in the city. Institute of Chartered Accountants of Pakistan (ICAP), in Block-8 has produced top chartered accountants. It has a well-equipped library, examination halls, a seminar and training hall. Shaheed Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto University of Law (SZABUL) is a university, offering a degree in Law. It is also in Block-8. SZABIST in Block-5 has produced some of the best software engineers and tech experts. Ziauddin University is one of the best medical universities in Block-6. Indus Valley School of Arts and Architecture is the place for you, if you want to pursue a degree in Arts. It teaches courses in fine arts, design and architecture. It is one of the most sought-after institutes in fine arts in the entire country.

ICAP - educational institute for Chartered Accountants located in Clifton
Institute of Chartered Accountants of Pakistan (ICAP) in Clifton, Karachi

Banks in Clifton Karachi

Residents have easy access to scores of banks in the area. A cluster of popular banks in Block-5 include UBL, First Women’s bank, Summit bank and MCB. JS bank and Soneri bank is in Block-8. Other branches of banks in Clifton are NIB, Silk bank, ABL, and Bank Alfalah.

Electricity Backup

Residents of Clifton have their own generators or UPS devices to deal with the load-shedding problem in the city. Some houses have also installed solar panels to produce electricity, using solar energy.

Clinics and Hospitals in Clifton Karachi

A renowned hospital in Clifton Karachi
A renowned medical care facility - South City hospital in Clifton

Inhabitants of Clifton are blessed to have some of the best hospitals and clinics located here. South City hospital is a renowned medical care facility in Block-5, near Bilawal Chowrangi. It has set a high standard of hygiene, as is visible in the squeaky clean floors, fly-screening machines that zap the flies and mosquitoes and big windows which keep the rooms well-ventilated. It has standardized practices, top nursing care and advanced IVF procedures for childless couples. It also has Critical Care Units (CCU), comprising Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, Step-Down Unit, High Dependency Unit, Surgical ICU and Medical ICU. 

A famous fertility centre in Clifton Karachi
A ray of hope for the infertile couples at Concept Fertility Centre in Clifton

Dr. Faridoon Setna, a renowned name in the field of assisted-reproductive care and gynaecology, runs a clinic in Block-5, by the name of Concept Fertility Centre. He has given hopes to many infertile couples. Hashmani’s hospital is a reputed name in the field of eye-care, located in Block-8. In life-threatening situations, people prefer taking their loved ones to Ziauddin hospital, because of its well-equipped emergency care department. Located in Block-1, it provides top-most medical care under the guidance of qualified doctors and trained nurses.

An eye hospital in Clifton
The most popular eye hospital - Hashmani's hospital in Clifton Karachi


Sales Price Trends in Clifton Karachi

Houses for Sale in Clifton Karachi

Clifton gives home buyers the freedom and luxury to decorate their abode, however they wish to. You can find a variety of furnished, unfurnished houses, ranging in between 240 sq yd and 1000 sq yd. While searching through houses for sale in Clifton, you will come across properties with varied asking prices. For example, 240 sq yd houses for sale in Clifton range from PKR 1.9 crore to PKR 10 crore. A  500 sq yd house in Clifton has a price range of PKR 8.65 crore – PKR 16 crore. Similarly, the 1000 sq yd bungalows are generally priced in between PKR 16 crore to PKR 25 crore.

Flats for Sale in Clifton Karachi

All the blocks, from 1 to 9, offer a large number of flats on sale. Most of them are available in the 2-bedroom category. Studio apartments are increasingly becoming a popular choice among home buyers. You can also find, 3-bedroom, 4-bedroom, and 5-bedroom apartments up for sale in Clifton. Apartments in Clifton are offered in different prices. While the prices are high, the luxury and convenience that comes with it, is a plus point for investors.

Plots for Sale in Clifton Karachi

Prices in Clifton’s real estate market are a bit on the higher side. Also, the land which is closer to commercial areas or shopping centres has more value. Generally, the price range for 500 sq yd is PKR 6 crore to PKR 12 crore. Depending on the site, the selling price of a 1000 sq yd plot in Clifton, varies between PKR 13 crore and PKR 35 crore.

Rental Price Trends in Clifton Karachi

Houses for Rent in Clifton Karachi

Rental prices for houses depends upon a number of factors; the two most important being the exact location of the unit within a particular area and if it’s furnished or not. Clifton is a popular location in Karachi especially when it comes to finding a space on rent. The rental price trends for houses in Clifton start from PKR 60 thousand per month, going up to PKR 40 lakh per month.

Flats for Rent in Clifton Karachi

The rental price for apartments in Clifton depend upon the facilities provided by the developers and also the number of bedrooms available. There are studio apartments available for rent. Monthly rental prices per month range from PKR 30 thousand and PKR 1.75 lakh. The price range for 2-bed apartments on rent is PKR 20 thousand and PKR 2.5 lakh per month. While the cost of 3-bed luxury apartments can be anywhere in between PKR 30 thousand per month and PKR 2.65 lakh per month.

Commercial Properties

Clifton is considered one of the most notable business addresses in town. Commercial area of Clifton comprises areas from Teen Talwar to Do Talwar, Schon Circle and a number of corporate offices in Harbour Front, Emerald Tower, Ocean Tower and Executive Tower. Head offices of MNCs like Nestle Pakistan, Nokia, Muller & Phipps, Microsoft, Engro, P&G, and Dolmen Group make Clifton a hub for executive jobs. From showrooms to commercial space available in various malls, you can find a long list of shops up for sale in Clifton. Prices tend to shoot up for shops that are sea-facing with reserved car parking. Also, you will have to pay an extra amount for commercial areas that are surrounded by other multinational companies, having 100% electricity back-up and fast speed elevators.  

With the growing demand, there are many options to consider when searching to rent an office in Clifton. From co-working spaces, to small offices, to ground spaces for rent, Clifton’s commercial area has a wide variety to offer. The cost of office rent per month in Clifton ranges from PKR 30 thousand and goes up to PKR 46.2 lakh. Depending upon the office building, facilities and location, the rental price varies within Clifton. There is 24,000 sq ft. big office available in Clifton with the monthly rent of PKR 1.2 crore per month. It is ideal for showrooms, supermarket, banks or any restaurant.

Most Popular Blocks in Clifton Karachi

top 5 blocks fot buying property in Clifton Karachi
Popular blocks for buying property in Clifton Karachi

According to the buying trends for Clifton, as of Jan 2019, Clifton Block-2 is the most popular block in the area for properties, as it is near many amenities like schools, parks and clinics. People prefer investing in properties in Block-2 Clifton.

Top 5 blocks for renting property in Clifton Karachi
Most popular blocks for renting property in Clifton Karachi

When it comes to rental property trends in Clifton, people prefer renting homes in Clifton Block-2 because it is in close proximity to a number of amenities



Malls in Clifton Karachi

Clifton has a plethora of shopping malls to boast about. On every weekend, people flock at famous shopping malls in Clifton. Dolmen Mall, in Block-4, is a much-loved shopping venue. It contains outlets of high-end international brands as well as local brands. Carrefour, is a popular hypermarket, in Dolmen Mall, with a number of grocery items and household items. Another reason for a large crowd visiting Dolmen Mall on weekends - is Sindbad, a popular play area, where children enjoy taking token-rides and play video games. There is a food court, where shopaholics drop by to indulge in their favorite creamy pasta or have a pizza, before continuing with their shopping rounds. All in all, it is a great place for shopping and hanging-out.

The most famous shopping mall in clifton karachi
Popular shopping destination - Ocean mall in Clifton Karachi

In summers, floral prints of lawn fabric sell like hot cakes at Ocean Mall. Located in Block-9, it has four floors, a 5-screen multiplex cinema, an extensive food court, restaurants and a play area for children. It also has corporate offices. Park Towers in Block-5, is a convenient place to shop. If you are short on time and need to buy fancy clothes, then this should be your shopping destination. Ample parking space available and not an over-crowded mall, you can pick and choose at your leisure here. The Forum shopping mall, in Block-9 is an upscale shopping plaza, where women buy clothes and jewelry to their heart’s content. It has high-end brands and is a popular shopping destination among women.

Ashiana market - famous for bridal dresses in Clifton
Popular shopping place - Aashiana market in Clifton Karachi

Kehkashan market, in Block-7, has a huge variety for made-to-order dresses, with intricate work of beads and stones that can fit the needs of any Pakistani bride. Prices on the higher side, women satisfy their shopping urges, by spending a hefty amount here. Aashiana market, in Block-9, is a major shopper's attraction for women, who seek un-stitched fabric and fancy clothes. Gulf shopping centre, in Block-8, has it all - jewelry, fabric, shoes, bags, cosmetics and skilled tailors.

Restaurants, Cafes and Bakeries in Clifton Karachi

Chic restaurants in Clifton Karachi
The most popular restaurant - Xander's restaurant in Clifton

Clifton has some of the trendiest places to hang-out. Xander’s Clifton, in Block-4, is one of those restaurants, where you can enjoy hand-tossed, freshly baked Spanish pizza, caramel frappe or a frozen cappuccino. At breakfast, you can see a buzz at Xander’s, where people stream in, to have an egg benedict, Scandinavian scrambled eggs or a cheesy omlette. Italian benedict with pesto is a winner – poached eggs on a bed of cherry tomatoes and basil, topped with a hollandaise, served with a multi-grain bread. In desserts, the hot favorite is double chocolate brownie – dark Belgian chocolate brownie, served with vanilla-flavoured gelato. Tao, in Block-7, offers a delectable Pan-Asian cuisine, from freshly made salads, comforting soups and a variety of Sushi drawn from Malay, Thai and Japanese cuisines. Arabian Nights, near Schon Circle, is a popular restaurant, serving Arab cuisine – mandi. People never miss a chance to dine at BBQ Tonight, not only due to its tasty food, but also because it is budget-friendly. The East End, in Block-8, has also gained popularity because of its fine food and hospitable services.

A renowned restaurant in Clifton Karachi
TAO - Pan Asian Cuisine restaurant in Clifton Karachi

And then there is Boat Basin’s popular food street. Nehari Inn, Burger King, Tandoori Hut, Spicy Chicken and Baithak restaurant are some of the popular food outlets on Boat Basin’s food street. Also, early in the morning, especially on weekends, people clamour to get their favourite spot for a scrumptious breakfast at small restaurants on Boat Basin. Hot puris served with tarkari and halwa, aloo paratha, cheese paratha, qeema paratha – you name it and they have it!

Café Aylanto, in Block-4, has a beautiful ambience and delicious food to serve. Sattar Bukhsh, Neco’s café, Café Flo, Café Koel are among the top tea/coffee houses in Clifton. Clifton has some of the best bakeries in town. On any special occasion, people get cakes designed and customized from Sachas cakes, in Block-5. Other top bakeries, offering bakery items and cakes are Cake Craft, Bakelicious, Del Frio, Hobnob bakery and United King bakery.


Sports Facilities and Fitness Centres in Clifton Karachi

Youngsters play a game of football at the football ground in Clifton Karachi
A popular football ground - Karachi United football ground in Clifton Karachi

People residing in Clifton have access to scores of well-maintained sports complexes. National Bank of Pakistan cricket ground is a sports complex, with tennis and squash courts. Punjab Colony sports ground, is a huge ground, where people play a game of sports or football. Karachi United stadium is one of the best maintained football and futsal grounds in the city. Changing rooms are in good condition and playing field is soft and grassy. Abdur Razzaq football ground in Block-7 offers a level playing field to play a game of soccer.

Living a healthy lifestyle is one of the major preferences of people living in Clifton. There are numerous fitness places and health clubs in Clifton such as CORE, Cuts and Muscles gym, Shapes health club, and Karachi ladies club. They can also get fitness apparels and accessories from renowned branded stores like Adidas, Reebok based in Dolmen Mall.

Salons and Spas in Clifton Karachi

A well-reputed beauty salon in Clifton
Popular Nabila's beauty salon in Clifton Karachi

Beauty salons are aplenty in Clifton. From bridal makeup, whitening facials, manicure to a relaxing foot massage, people from all over the city visit the high-end beauty salons here. Nadia Hussain salon, Nabila’s salon, Pebbles spa and salon, Peng's hair and beauty clinic, are popular names in this regard. Get a relaxing body massage at Rain Tree spa or Urban Bliss massage spa, which are some of the best spa facilities in the city.

Parks in Clifton Karachi

one of the most beautiful parks in Clifton Karachi
One of the biggest parks of the city - Bagh Ibn-e-Qasim park in Clifton Karachi

Shaheed Benazir Bhutto park in Boat Basin, Block-5, has walkways, jogging tracks and a huge green space. A number of events like Karachi Eat festival and Chinese Lantern festival are held here from time to time. Parking becomes a major issue outside the park, when such events take place. Clifton Cantonment park, in Block-8, has an entrance fee to it. In spring, seasonal flowers can be seen blooming everywhere, which adds to its beauty. Spread on 130 acres of land, Bagh Ibn-e-Qasim, in Block-3, is the largest park in Karachi. There are dinosaur murals, jogging tracks and a pond, where turtles are kept. People can be seen jogging at the running tracks of Amir Khusro park, which is in Block-5.

Museum in Clifton Karachi

Museum in Clifton Karachi
Exhibitions are held at Mohatta Palace museum in Clifton Karachi

Mohatta Palace is a museum located in Clifton - an elaborate building with intricate carvings. The Mohatta Palace museum holds many exhibitions throughout the year. Families and particularly school children are welcomed and tours can be booked in advance. The museum is open throughout the week except on Monday and the timings are from 11:00 am to 06:00 pm. It also holds various exhibitions, reflecting Pakistan’s history, arts and culture on a regular basis.

Beach in Clifton Karachi

beach in Clifton, where people can be seen walking on the sandy beach
A popular picnic spot - Sea View in Clifton Beach

Karachi is known for its beaches, specially the Clifton beach. People from all over the country come here to watch the tides come and go at the Sea View. Whenever the weather in Karachi becomes cloudy or there is a light drizzle, people of the city head to Clifton beach to take a dip in the cool waters of the Arabian sea.


People from all over the city attend Karachi Eat festivals, horticultural events, Chinese Lantern festivals, open mic sessions or comedy nights held at different venues in Clifton, every now and then. Inhabitants join a cine club at Allaince Francaise de Karachi (AFK), where every Tuesday, they can watch a French film or documentary with English subtitles. All Pakistan music conference also holds concerts at AFK to celebrate traditional music.

Cultural centre in Clifton where many events are held
Allaince Francaise - a cultural centre in Clifton Karachi


A number of popular areas exist near Clifton. Marriott hotel, Pearl Continental hotel and Sheraton hotel are 4 and 5-star hotels in Karachi, just a 7-10 minute drive away from main Clifton. DHA, is an upscale neighborhood, lying towards its east. Karachi port, Cantt area, Kemari and Manora beach are also in the vicinity.


Since there are a lot of shopping spots in the area, traffic congestion is a concern. During peak hours, Clifton residents have to take alternative routes, sometimes, to avoid traffic jams. Moreover, the cost of living in Clifton is high, as not only properties are expensive, but people also have to spend a lot of money in maintaining their standard of living.


A resident of Clifton Block-2 says:

I have moved to Karachi six years back in 2012 and since then, I am living in Clifton Block-2, I love this area because every thing is easily accessible - be it hospital, general stores, restaurants, street food or petrol pump. I also enjoy the view of the vast sea from my lounge area and bedroom window. We get water through tankers, though. In my building, we face parking issue due to limited parking space. All in all, it is a wonderful area to live in.

Are you looking to rent or buy property in Clifton Karachi?


Importance of Clifton Karachi from major locations nearby

  • Just a 6-minute drive away from Pakistan American Cultural Centre
  • 6.1 km away from National museum of Pakistan
  • West Wharf can be reached within 11 minutes
  • DHA Phase 6 is a 13-minute drive away

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