Eden Valley Faisalabad, is a real estate project by Elahi Developers, one of the most prominent developers in Pakistan. Eden Valley in Faisalabad, is an ideal location for people looking for an excellent standard of living. The project is entirely dedicated to residential purposes and offers houses and plots of 5, 7, 10, and 15 marla. Elahi Developers are known for successfully delivering projects such as Eden Orchard, Eden Garden, Eden Garden Executive Block, Eden Garden Nawab Block, Pine Valley (Pakpattan), and New Garden Block in the past.

Eden Valley has captured the attention of almost every person living in Faisalabad because of its location and the developer’s reputation. The project can be conveniently reached from main Bibi Jan Road and Chak 208 Road. Its nearest neighbours include Model City 1 and Officers Colony. Furthermore, the surroundings of the project also include highly reputed educational institutions, such as The City School and Beaconhouse School System. The presence of hospitals nearby, such as United Hospital and Aziz Fatima Medical and Dental College, also increases the mass and financial appeal of the project.

Additionally, almost every necessary utility of life including parks, mosques, markets, and restaurants are present near the project, making it an attraction for investors as they find it an excellent opportunity to earn profits.


  • Beautiful Parks
  • Wide Carpeted Roads
  • Mosques
  • Monuments
  • Water Treatment Plant
  • Gated Community with Boundary Wall



Public Transport near Eden Valley Faisalabad

Having public transport available near their place of residence is something that is cherished by every resident of an area since it adds affordability and convenience to travelling from one place to another. As far as Eden Valley Faisalabad, is concerned, public transport is widely and readily available. Some of the nearest bus stations from Eden Valley are:

  • Usman Travel bus stop near Abdullahpur Overpass, which is around 7 kilometres away
  • Kohistan Express bus station is located on Station Road, 9 kilometres away
  • Mehdi Mohalla Railway Crossing bus stop on Faisalabad Sangla Hill Road is about 19 minutes away
  • GTS bus station located near Rajbah road is almost 9 kilometres away
  • Muhammadi Chowk bus stop on Siddique Akbar Road is approximately 24 minutes’ drive away
  • Main Bus Station (Lari Adda), located on Lane 4, Bus Station Road, is about a 25-minute drive and around 11 kilometres away from the main society

Markets in and near Eden Valley Faisalabad

While not exactly a secret, most real estate projects owe their success to the developer’s foresight of including big and small markets in the society. Not only do the markets add convenience to the daily life of residents, but they also play a pivotal role in securing the project’s financial growth. Also, if there are other markets near the project, then it becomes a huge plus and a selling point for the project.

Having said that, some markets that exist inside Eden Valley Faisalabad, are Hun Farms Pure and Fresh Milk on Liaqat Avenue, A Block Market near Jinnah Avenue, and C Block Market on Jinnah Avenue.

As for markets around Eden Valley, some of them are Makkah Commercial Market near Jinnah Avenue, and Hassan Market on Chak Road 208, both of which take around 5 minutes to reach. Moreover, Gaba Commercial Market on Chak Road 208, and Eden Commercial market on Commercial Market road are at a distance of approximately 2 kilometres.

Mosques in and near Eden Valley Faisalabad

A mosque is somewhere where people go to take care of their religious obligations. Moreover, mosques also act as community centres, playing an active role in solving small disputes and imparting religious education. Having mosques inside or near a real estate project is also a great way to stay connected with neighbours and celebrate religious festivals.

As such, Eden Valley Faisalabad, is home to Jamia Masjid Al Haq, Faisalabad Mosque, and Eden Valley Mosque on Iqbal Avenue, and F Block Mosque on Jinnah Avenue. Most importantly, it only takes around 2 to 4 minutes to reach the mosques.

Other than the mosques situated inside Eden Valley in Faisalabad, some mosques located near the project are Noor E Aqsa Masjid on Bibi Jan road, which can be reached by driving for 4 minutes, while Fazal Kareem Mosque near Chak Road 208 is 8 minutes’ drive away. Also, Quran Academy Masjid on Quran Academy Road can be reached in 9 minutes by car.

Schools, Colleges And Universities near Eden Valley Faisalabad

Fortunately, there are numerous schools, colleges, and universities operating near Eden Valley Faisalabad. All the educational institutions are highly reputed for delivering quality education to students. Some government schools located nearby include Government High School for boys on Chak Road 208 at 13 minutes’ drive away, Government MC Girls High School on Susan road, 14 minutes away, and Government Muslim Higher Secondary School on Kashmir road at a 16-minute drive away.

As for private schools near Eden Valley, Faisalabad, some of them are:

  • The Spirit School (Al-Falah Campus) on Quran Academy road (around 3 km away)
  • The Aitchison School near Imran road on Rashid Minhas Street (about 3 km away)
  • Allied School Kashmir Campus on West Canal road (approximately 6 km away)

Eden Valley Faisalabad, is also surrounded by quite a few top government colleges including Government College of Commerce, Abdullahpur on Canal Expressway, which is just 14 minutes away, while Government College of Paramedical Faisalabad on Club road can be reached after covering a distance of 10 kilometres. Moreover, Government College for Women near Babu Khan Road is approximately 16 km away from Eden Valley, Faisalabad.

Some private colleges situated near Eden Valley, Faisalabad, are Tips College of Accountancy on Farzand Ali Street (8 minutes), Superior College Faisalabad on Jaranwala Service Road (19 minutes), and Punjab Group of Colleges (PGC) on main Jaranwala road (20 minutes).

Residents of Eden Valley Faisalabad, can also conveniently receive a high-quality education in many government and private universities operating near their residence. Some of them are:

  • Government College Women University on Arfa Kareem road, 16 minutes’ drive away
  • NFC University on Jaranwala Road is 8 km away
  • Faisalabad Medical University on Punjab Medical College (PMC) Road requires 29 minutes to reach
  • The University of Faisalabad on Sargodha Road is at a distance of 16 kilometres

Some top private universities situated near Eden Valley, Faisalabad are:

  • Riphah International University on main Satiana road (10 km)
  • Jamia Al Hasanain near Double road (11 km)
  • Saha University on Gojra-Faisalabad road (24 km)

Banks near Eden Valley Faisalabad

Banks not only play an essential role in the overall economy of a country, but they also make it easier for consumers to conduct business, make payments, and borrow and save money, among other benefits. Therefore, the perks of having banks nearby are nothing short than a huge convenience. As such, some banks situated nearest to Eden Valley Faisalabad are MCB on 204 Chak road, which can be reached by car in 8 minutes, UBL on West Canal road, only 13 minutes away. Furthermore, Askari Bank on Susan road, and Bank Al Falah and Habib Bank Limited on Sangla Hill road take 16 to 17 minutes to reach. Also, NBP on Lahore-Sheikhupura-Faisalabad road is reachable in 19 minutes, while Sindh Bank on D Ground road is around 20 minutes’ drive away.

Clinics and Hospitals near Eden Valley Faisalabad

The importance of having hospitals, clinics, and healthcare facilities near your place of residence or business should never be neglected. After all, they play a crucial role in our overall well-being. Thankfully, there are many reputable clinics and hospitals situated around Eden Valley Faisalabad, providing various medical facilities to patients. Some of the most renowned clinics near Eden Valley, Faisalabad, are:

  • Dr Khatija Clinic on Chak 208 road is at a distance of around 3 kilometres
  • Farhad Clinic, Eden Garden on Commercial Market road is 2 kilometres away
  • Dr Ihsan-ul-Haq Clinic and Sufi Shifa Khana near Chak 204 Road are only 2.5 kilometres away
  • Pet Care Clinic on Small D Ground near Awan is at a distance of around 7 kilometres

As for hospitals, your options near Eden Valley, Faisalabad are District Headquarter Hospital on Mall road (21 minutes away), Government Hospital on Hospital road (25 minutes away), Allied Hospital on Masjid Ismail road (29 minutes away), and Government General Hospital on Gol Masjid road (39 minutes away).

Some prominent private hospitals near Eden Valley, Faisalabad, include United Hospital on Chak 208 road, which is around 2 kilometres away, Azam Majeed Medical Complex on Green Belt road is approximately 5 kilometres away, Tayab Hospital on Faisalabad Sangla Hill road is about 6 kilometres away, Makki Hospital on Faisal Rasheed road can be reached after covering a distance of approximately 8 kilometres, and Fatima Maternity Hospital on Service lane of Chen One road is at a driving distance of about 9 kilometres.


Featuring several 5, 7, 10, and 15 marla properties for sale and rent, Eden Valley Faisalabad is admired by buyers and investors alike. The project’s location, coupled with the amenities offered, has captured the attention of several individual and institutional investors, not to mention buyers who have started construction of their dream home in Eden Valley, Faisalabad.

Sales Price Trends in Eden Valley Faisalabad

Houses for Sale in Eden Valley Faisalabad

You can buy beautiful houses in Eden Valley Faisalabad as per your needs. A 5 marla house in Eden Valley, Faisalabad, can cost a minimum of PKR 95 lakh and a maximum of PKR 1.25 crore. The sale price of 7 marla house starts at PKR 1.8 crore and goes up to PKR 2 crore. You can also purchase a 10 marla house for PKR 2.5 crore to PKR 3.25 crore, while the starting price of a 15 marla house in Eden Valley, Faisalabad is PKR 4.25 crore.

Plots for Sale in Eden Valley Faisalabad

Similarly, you can also purchase plots in Eden Valley Faisalabad. The minimum price of a 5 marla plot in Eden Valley, Faisalabad starts at PKR 43.75 lakh and goes up to PKR 60 lakh. The selling price of a 7 marla plot is between PKR 66.5 lakh to PKR 80.5 lakh. A 10 marla plot can cost you around PKR 95 lakh to PKR 1.25 crore, while the starting price of a 15 marla plot is 1.5 crore, which goes as high as PKR 1.8 crore.

Rent Price Trends in Eden Valley Faisalabad

Eden Valley, Faisalabad is quite a popular choice when it comes to renting a property. This is because of the availability of numerous amenities available in the society, its location, and the variety of property available for rent here.

Houses for Rent in Eden Valley Faisalabad

There are several houses on rent in Eden Valley Faisalabad. The rent of a 5 marla house is between PKR 35 thousand to PKR 40 thousand per month. Furthermore, the starting rent for a 7 marla house is PKR 60 thousand, while the rent of a 10 marla house can be anywhere from PKR 60 thousand to PKR 95 thousand.



Malls near Eden Valley Faisalabad

Eden Valley Faisalabad is surrounded by various malls featuring almost every type of branded and unbranded goods. Some of the most popular malls near Eden Valley are:

  • Mall of Faisalabad on Chak road 208, which can be reached in 6 minutes by car
  • Grand Atrium Shopping Mall on West Canal road is reachable in 12 minutes
  • The Boulevard Mall near Faisalabad-Sahianwala Expressway is at a 10-minute drive
  • Kohinoor Shopping Mall on Jaranwala road and City Mall on Chen One road are just 18 minutes away from Eden Valley, Faisalabad

Restaurants And Bakeries near Eden Valley Faisalabad

There are quite a few restaurants and bakeries near Eden Valley, Faisalabad, where you can spend some quality time with your friends and family.

Some restaurants located nearest to Eden Valley, Faisalabad, include Karachi Rooftop Family Restaurant, which is only 1.5 kilometres away from Eden Valley, while Desi Dhaba on Chak road 208 is at a distance of around 2 kilometres. Additionally, Pizza Hut on Roza Park Road and 213-The Food Yard near Faisalabad-Shianwala Expressway take 11 minutes to reach. However, Cock’N’Bull on D Ground Road requires a little bit of more travel since it is situated around 9 kilometres away.

Some of the best bakeries near Eden Valley, Faisalabad are Eden Bakers, and Ashraf Sweets and Bakers on Commercial Market road are just 7 to 8 minutes away, The Cakery by Butter Cakes on Ch M Sarwar road and Halwai Sweets and Bakers on Susan road both can be reached within 12 minutes, and Treats Bakers on Aslam Shadeed road is at 13 minutes’ drive away.


Zoos near Eden Valley Faisalabad

There are two famous zoos situated near Eden Valley Faisalabad; Gutwala Park Faisalabad-Wild Life Center and Botanical Garden, and Wildlife Breeding Centre. Both are located on Gatwala Park road. As for their location, the former is 27 minutes’ drive away, and the latter can be reached by driving for 24 minutes.

Sports Facilities and Fitness Centres near Eden Valley Faisalabad

The developers of Eden Valley Faisalabad have paid particular attention to the health and fitness of residents. The valley has its own Eden Cricket and Fitness Centre (ECFC). The sports hub provides swimming, football, cricket, gym and boxing facilities for the entire family.

However, some fitness centres are also operational near Eden Valley, Faisalabad such as Lyallpur Gym on Jinnah Avenue, which is around 1 km away from the society, while Focus – Health and Fitness Centre near Jinnah Avenue is located at a distance of around 2 km. Lion’s Gold Gym and Fitness Centre on Susan road is almost 6 km away, and Smarts Health and Fitness Club on Main Boulevard Ladies Gym on Sargodha road are nearly 10 km away.

Parks near Eden Valley Faisalabad

There are several parks located inside Eden Valley Faisalabad such as, Eden Valley Park (1 minute away), Eden Valley Janah Avenue B Block Park (650 metres), Park F Block (900 metres), B and C Block Parks (at a distance of 1.9 km and 2.2 km respectively), and D Block Park (2.5 kilometres).

As for nearby parks, some of them are Canal Park on Canal road (9 minutes away), Madni Park on Abid Shaheed Road, (13 minutes away), Kashmir Park on Askari Road (approximately 14 minutes away), Jinnah Gardens on Club road (reachable within 21 minutes), and Sultania Park (22 minutes’ drive away).

Salons and Spas near Eden Valley Faisalabad

Several salons and spas are operational in and near Eden Valley Faisalabad such as Belleza Bridal Studio, situated in the society, Depilex Men, and Hollywood Hair Salon and Parlour on Jaranwala road at a distance of around 7 km, Men’s Cutt Saloon on Peoples Colony 1 road, about 7 km away, Shades Beauty Salon on Imtiaz Shaheed road, which is almost 5 kilometres away, Alle’nora Annie’s Signature Salon Faisalabad, located on Imam Hussain road, is nearly 9 km away, and Sumaira Beauty Salon on Main Boulevard road is situated about 9 km away from Eden Valley, Faisalabad.


The nearby areas of Eden Valley Faisalabad includes several hospitals, such as United Hospital at a 6 minutes’ drive. Similarly, there is a famous Allama Iqbal Library which is reachable within 19 to 20 minutes. And it just takes 46 minutes to reach the Faisalabad International Airport.


Eden Valley Faisalabad, is a beautiful housing project. Residents of this society must be delighted with having all the necessary amenities nearby. Since the project is at the centre of Faisalabad, anyone can easily approach Eden Valley, even if the person is visiting Faisalabad for the first time.

Are you looking to rent or buy property in Eden Valley Faisalabad?


Importance of Eden Valley Faisalabad from major locations nearby

  • The airport is 23 km away, and it can be reached in approximately 46 minutes by driving straight on Jhang road
  • United Hospital is the nearest hospital, which is reachable within 6 minutes
  • Ahmed Saeed Khan Bridge connects the two parts of the city and is at a distance of 5.2 km
  • Some of the most renowned libraries, such as Allama Iqbal Library, DHQ Library, The Chenab Club Library can be reached within 19 to 23 minutes

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