Situated at a prime location of the city, Fazal Town, Gujranwala is an up-and-coming housing scheme, encircled by quite a few busy and populated residential societies of Gujranwala. These localities mainly include Gulshan-e-Iyaz Town, Ghausiabad, and Usman Colony. Marked by some of the most famous roads of the city including Sialkot Road, Sialkot Bypass, Grand Trunk Road, DC Road, and Kacha Fatomand Road, the society is easily approachable from almost every area of Gujranwala.

The affordability of properties, availability of all the facilities, and being centrally located are some of the salient features that make Fazal Town, Gujranwala a profitable and liveable option for both investors and buyers.


  • Well-developed housing society
  • Affordably priced properties
  • Ideally located neighbourhood
  • Offers a lively and vibrant community life
  • Well-linked with famous roads of the city
  • Almost all the amenities are present nearby
  • A lucrative investment opportunity



Public Transport near Fazal Town Gujranwala

Several mediums of public transportation are available near Fazal Town, Gujranwala. Residents seeking public buses, trains, rickshaws/autos or taxis can head towards various nearby stations or areas. For instance, it takes 16 minutes to reach Gujranwala Bus Station, located on General Bus Stand Road, Model Town, while 19 minutes to reach Daska Vans Station, situated in Mohalla Pondawala, Block B, Satellite Town. This is a wagon/van station where vans can be hired for transportation services to different areas of the city and country.

Moreover, Aroop Bus Station, located on Aroop Mor Road, Bhinderanwala Aroop can be reached within 18 minutes, and Cantt Bus Stand on Service Road, Green Town, Rahwali is around 17 minutes away. Residents can reach Cantt Railway Station, located on Sugar Mill Road, Muslim Town, Rahwali, in about half an hour. Furthermore, Theri Sansi Train Station, located in Theri Sansi G Magnolia Park can be reached in 28 minutes.

Also, you can find several filling stations in the vicinity. Vehicle owners living here can reach many nearby stations for their fuel/gas filling needs.  Some examples include Al-Ittehad Filling Station, located on Mouza Aroop Bypass Road, Ghosiabad, reachable in 6 minutes, PSO in Ghosiabad, a 7-minute drive away, and Attock Petrol Station in Usman Colony is reachable in 8 minutes.

Markets near Fazal Town Gujranwala

The presence of nearby markets is mandatory for the success and survival of a society. Having said that, Fazal Town is abundantly surrounded by markets, shops, general stores, and chemists. To begin with, it takes only 10 minutes to reach Nawab Market in Usman Colony for everyday purchases. However, to buy fashion apparels and accessories, you can head to Madina Fabrics & Boutique Collection that is settled on Jinnah Road, Pakka Phato Mand, 5 Street Number 1, Noorpur Civil Lines. It is around 11 minutes away from the town.

Central Market on DC Road, Mohalla Amir Park, Civil Lines can be reached in 12 minutes, which is also suitable for a pleasant shopping experience. Then, it takes 13 minutes to reach Madina Market, located on 2 Jinnah Road, Ehtesham Colony. The market is widely visited for buying and selling mobile phones and electronic appliances. It also houses several fast food shops, clothing, and stationery stores, travel agencies, and money exchanges.

Moreover, Sahi Market on Phato Mand is about 14 minutes away. It hosts crockery shops, bookstores, uniforms and stationery stores, tailor shops, bakeries, and small eateries. However, you can also visit the Main Market in 17 minutes, based in Model Town. Just like former markets, this is also a versatile market, boasting various shops, bakeries, and general stores for casual shopping.

Furthermore, it takes 18 minutes to reach Liberty Market, present in Block B, Satellite Town, and Arain Market, located on 3 Kashmir Road, Zahid Colony Shaheenabad. Both markets house numerous clothing shops, grocery stores, medical stores, shoe outlets, and bakeries. Moreover, various general and grocery stores are also located near the town. These include Mehar Kiryaana Store, Al-Aamir Kiryaana Store, and Al Makkah General Store. All are situated in Ghausiabad and are around 3 to 4 minutes away. However, Chaudhry General Store, located on 2L Block, Link Sui Gas Road, Gulshan-e-Iyaz Town, Ghausiabad is 5 minutes away, and Al Ameer Super Store on Kacha Fatomand Road, Mohalla Quaid-a-Azam is 6 minutes away. From groceries to snacks to beverages, these stores stock everything and are quite helpful for buying regular items. There’s also A Servis Shoes Store in Rajput Colony on Sialkot Road where you can reach in 8 minutes. Alnafay Electric Store on Kacha Fatomand Road, Mohalla Quaid-a-Azam is also 8 minutes away.

Similarly, plenty of medical stores are present near the vicinity. You can reach Alshifa Medical store, located on Kacha Fatomand Road, Mohalla Quaid-a-Azam Raja Chowk in 6 minutes, and Bilal Medical Store in Madina Colony in 7 minutes. However, it takes 10 minutes to reach Al Fateh Pharmacy, located in Gulshan Town Gujranwala, Wahid Pharmacy, located on Kacha Fatomand Road, Noorpur Civil Lines, and Tayyab Medical Store, located on Jinnah Road, Kacha Phato Mand, Mohalla Amir Park Civil Lines.

Mosques near Fazal Town Gujranwala

There are quite a few mosques located near Fazal Town Gujranwala. Some examples are provided below:

It takes only 4 minutes to reach Masjid Al Khair, located on Cheema Road, Gulshan-e-Iyaz Town Ghausiabad. The mosque boasts striking architecture, ample space, and the availability of needed facilities. Besides, Jamia Masjid Muhamdi Ahley Hadeehadees in Usman Colony is only a 6-minute drive away, while it takes 7 minutes to reach Jamia Masjid Siddiqia Haji Ilam Deen Wali, located on Link Sui Gas Road, Madina Colony Fatomand.

Additionally, the following mosques can be reached within 8 minutes:

  • Garden Town Mosque in Garden Town
  • Jamia Masjid Bahar E Madina in Gulshan-E-Iyaz Town, Ghausiabad
  • Jamia Masjid Mamtaz Ehl-e Hadis in Faiz Alam Town
  • Jamia Masjid Anayat Baigam in Rana St, Malik Park, Ehtesham Colony

Schools, Colleges And Universities near Fazal Town Gujranwala

In terms of educational institutions, Fazal Town stands proud among other prominent housing societies in Gujranwala. A large number of schools, colleges and universities are present near Fazal Town Gujranwala, all of which are highly recognised across Pakistan. For instance, Roots Millennium School is located in Bismillah Colony and only 8 minutes away from the town. It provides an excellent education based student-centric learning-based curriculum. Then, it takes only 9 minutes to reach Allied School (Faiz Campus), located on Sialkot Bypass, Bismillah Colony, and The City School (Gujranwala Campus), located on Sialkot Bypass, Lohian Wala. The former maintains a standardised curriculum that meets both national and international standards, while the latter’s curriculum, which includes some crucial features of the Cambridge Curriculum, is designed to match the needs of students of today’s age. Moreover, it takes 12 minutes to reach another eminent school, Beacon House School System, which is also located on the Sialkot Bypass.

Residents can also opt for some small schools, located quite close to the neighbourhood. These include Al Faiz Kids School in Ghosiabad, which is 4 minutes away, Islamic Vision School System on Kacha Fatomand Road, Gulshan-E-Iyaz Town, Ghausiabad, and FD Model School, located in Imran Colony Fatomand, both of which can be reached in 6 minutes. However, Jadeed Dastgir Ideal High School, located on Jinnah Road, Madina Colony Fatomand is around 12 minutes away. Other nearby schools include Iiui Schools Gujranwala Campus, American Lyceum International School Gujranwala, and Lahore Grammar School

Also, some of the most esteemed colleges of the city are present near the town. It requires only an 8-minute drive to reach Aspire College, located in Akbar Chowk, Lohianwala, 4 Sialkot Bypass, Faisal Town; Apex Group of Colleges, situated on Sialkot Bypass, Faisal Town; and Pips College, present on Sialkot Bypass, Lohian Wala. Furthermore, you can reach GIFT College, best known for its remarkable educational facilities and infrastructure, in 10 minutes. It is also located on Sialkot Bypass, Lohian Wala. However, it takes 14 minutes to reach Allied Science College, located on Sialkot Road near Session Courts, Moazzam Colony Khokhar Ke, and Royal Group of Colleges, situated in Paracha Centre, Grand Trunk Road, Shaheenabad. The Educators College in N5 Shaheenabad, Climaxabad, Samnabad and Kips College on Grand Trunk Road, are around 11 to 12 minutes away.  Both colleges offer intermediate and a few graduate programmes along with entry test preparation classes for aptitude and NTS examinations. Some more nearby colleges are Concordia College Gujranwala, ECON College of Engineering And Technology, and Superior College.

Residents would also have complete ease and convenience in reaching Pakistan’s prestigious universities from their area of residence. Some of these leading institutions are mentioned below with their location details:

  • Chenab College of Engineering & Technology in Sialkot Bypass, Lohian Wala is 8 minutes away
  • The University of Central Punjab, a prosperous project of Punjab colleges is located on Sialkot Bypass Road, Ghosiabad and is also 8 minutes away
  • GIFT University is reachable in 10 minutes and is located near GIFT University Chowk, Sialkot Bypass, Lohian Wala,
  • University of Sargodha, Gujranwala Campus is in Wania Wala and can be reached in 11 minutes
  • Virtual University of Pakistan Associated Campus is 12 minutes away, located on DC Road, Mohalla Amir Park Civil Lines
  • Punjab College for Women, a recognized graduate institute for women, is 13 minutes away, situated in Chatha Colony Civil Lines.

However, it takes more or less 16 minutes to reach Crescent Science College, Gujranwala College of Commerce, and Punjab Group of Colleges.

Banks near Fazal Town Gujranwala

Having banks in nearby areas facilitates our everyday financial matters. Hence, it is good to know that banks near Fazal Town Gujranwala are reasonably good in number and reasonably close in terms of distance. For instance, residents can reach Askari Bank, accompanied by its ATM booth, in around 7 minutes. It is located in Faiz Alam Town.

Similarly, Habib Bank Limited (BISE Branch) is also 7 minutes away. It can be found on Sialkot Bypass, Faiz Alam Town. UBL has its branch in Garden Town that can be reached in 9 minutes, while Allied Bank on Sialkot Road, Jagna is about an 11-minute drive away.

However, it takes 12 to 14 minutes to reach National Bank of Pakistan (NBP), located in Mohalla Quaid-a-Azam, Bank Al-Habib, located on Sialkot Road, Saharan St, opposite Civil Lines, MCB (Shaheenabad Branch), and The Bank of Punjab, located in N5, Sharifpura.

Clinics and Hospitals near Fazal Town Gujranwala

Residents do not need to be anxious about their health-related matters while living in Fazal Town. The presence of numerous clinics and hospitals near Fazal Town Gujranwala is another critical element that significantly complements the property value here. That being said, reaching out to Masoom Ali Siddiqi Clinic in Malik Park Ehtesham Colony is the most suitable option for when residents encounter common illnesses. It is only about a 9-minute drive away. Besides, you can also reach Awan Medical Complex for the treatment of heart diseases, blood pressure, and diabetes. Located on Awan Street, Sui Gas Road, Bilal Town, this health centre is only 9 minutes away. Other nearby clinics that provide appropriate medical treatments are listed below:

  • Amina Fatima Clinic in Mohalla Amir Park Civil Lines is around 11 minutes away
  • Doctor Robina Anwer Clinic in Civil Lines can be reached in 12 minutes
  • Al-Ghani Clinic on Sialkot Road, Wania Wala is reachable in 13 minutes
  • Medicare Hijamah & Homoeopathic Clinic (supervised by Dr.Numan Afzal, a respected Hijamah Therapist & Homoeopathic Physician) is also 13 minutes away, located on Kacha Fatomand Road, Mohalla Amir Park, Civil Lines
  • Kamran Skin Clinic on Hospital Road, Civil Lines is also 13 minutes away (This is a skin care clinic, well-equipped with modern facilities for proper skin treatment).
  • Hasan Clinic on Hospital Road, opposite DHQ Hospital, Highway Officers Colony Civil Lines, can be reached in 14 minutes

A multitude of hospitals are also located within short distances from Fazal Town. Beginning with the nearest ones, Chattha Hospital, situated on 27/1 Hospital Road, Chatha Colony Civil Lines, can be reached in only a 13-minute drive. With its state-of-the-art medical facilities, the hospital is known for providing orthopaedic treatments. Similarly, Gulzar Hospital on DC Road, Mohalla Amir Park Civil Lines, and City Hospital Gujranwala on Masjid Wala Chowk, Commissioner Road, Kacha Fatomand Road, Civil Lines are 13 minutes away. There are incredibly qualified paediatricians available in Gulzar Hospital while City Hospital excels in orthopaedic surgery. More nearby hospitals are mentioned below:

  • Medcare International Hospital on Gill Rd, Civil Lines, is 15 minutes away
  • Gondal Medical Complex on Hospital Rd, Civil Lines, can be reached in 16 minutes
  • Muhammad Ali Family Hospital on Sialkot Road, Block A Satellite Town is also 16 minutes away
  • Mother Care Hospital on Ghulam Dastagir Khan Road, Abu Bakar Town Khokhar Ke, is 17 minutes away
  • Chaudhary Hospital on Ghulam Dastagir Khan Rd, 28-D Satellite Town, is also reachable in 17 minutes


Sales Price Trends of Fazal Town Gujranwala

Property seekers must analyse the latest sales price trends of an area before inking a deal. After all, being well-informed of the current property trends is the only way they can save themselves from future complications and disappointments. Having said that, the sales price trends of Fazal Town Gujranwala are explained below:

Houses for Sale in Fazal Town Gujranwala

Currently, there aren’t many houses available for sale in Fazal Town, Gujranwala. However, buyers can opt for a 2 marla house for a reasonable price of around PKR 30 lakh. These houses are settled on an excellent location and come with virtually all the facilities.

Plots for Sale in Fazal Town Gujranwala

A few residential plots of 4 marla, 10 marla, and 1 kanal are available for sale in Fazal Town, Gujranwala. The price of these plots starts somewhere at PKR 45 lakh and can go as high as PKR 3.12 crore. Like houses, plots are also located in a safe and peaceful area and feature well-developed infrastructure and all the necessary facilities.

However, people interested in buying flats and commercial properties or in renting houses and flats in Fazal Town, Gujranwala do not have quite many options as of now. These properties will be added to the property listings as soon as further development is completed.



Malls near Fazal Town Gujranwala

People are now more inclined to shop at well-developed, all-embracing malls than heading to a small shopping centre or a bazaar. Thus, it would become even convenient for residents of society if they have quick access to a few big malls. Luckily, quite a many malls are present near Fazal Town, Gujrawala, which allow residents to have an exciting and streamlined shopping experience. The first example is of the beautifully constructed Pace Shopping Mall, which is only a 14-minute drive away. Located on Grand Trunk Road, Zahid Colony Shaheenabad, this mall is a perfect destination for buying everything in a relaxing and comfortable atmosphere. It is also equipped with several supermarkets and an ample parking area.

Residents can visit Al Noor Shopping Centre, based in Civil Lines. Hosting an extensive range of clothing and household goods, this mall can serve you well if you are looking to shop on a budget. It can also be reached in 14 minutes. However, it takes only 12 minutes to reach Aleena Shopping Mall, located in N5 Shaheenabad, Climaxabad, Samnabad. A variety of local and some international brands are present in this mall. Besides, there’s a store known as Danish Garments, located on Gala Qasaban Wala, GT Road, Madina Colony Fatomand, where a gamut of fashion outfits are available. It is only 9 minutes away from the town. You can also visit HR Uniform & Stationers in 11 minutes, located in Sherazi St, Jagna, for purchasing school uniforms and stationery items.

Besides, several small shopping centres are also present nearby. A few examples are Ali Shopping Centre, located on Jinnah Road, Pakka Phato Mand, Noorpur Civil Lines, reachable in 10 minutes. This shopping centre hosts an excellent collection of beauty products, imported cosmetics, and many other fashion accessories. Additionally, Talha Shopping Centre in Gulzar Colony can be reached in 16 minutes where a wide variety of ready-made to custom-made products are sold. Lastly, a newly launched, spectacular and grand mall Fazal Centre is set up on Grand Trunk Road, Green Town Rahwali Cantonment, which is about only a 17-minute drive away from the locality. The mall is worth visiting, owing to its extensive and fascinating offerings. Nearly all the brands are present in it coupled with a good-sized amusement park, an exciting indoor play area, large parking space, and a lavish food court with numerous food outlets.

Restaurants near Fazal Town Gujranwala

Since loads of restaurants and bakeries are present near Fazal Town Gujranwala, you can reach your favourite eatery whenever you want to treat yourself with some scrumptious cuisines and bakery delights of Gujranwala. It is, therefore, quite fortunate that you are only a few minutes’ drive away from some popular restaurants like Manhattan Bites, Flame Game, Bundu Khan, and many more while living in Fazal Town. Some of the most frequented restaurants are discussed below:

Well-known for its extraordinary services, extra-delicious fast food, and customized pizzas, Manhattan Bites is only 14 minutes away. It is situated on Service Road, opposite D.C Road Underpass, Main GT Road, Shaheenabad. Next comes the best, grilled-burger maker in the town, Flame Game. Located on Plot No. 75, Ar-Rehman Business Complex, Civil Lines, this restaurant can also be reached within 14 minutes. Then, you can visit Bundu Khan for enjoying delectable Pakistani dishes and tasty food platters. Reachable in 15 minutes, it is located on Shelton Road, Near Gulshan Iqbal Park Shaheenabad. Likewise, Recipes on Sialkot Road, Moazzam Colony Khokhar Ke is also 15 minutes away.

Nevertheless, a local market, known as Mumtaz Market, on Grand Trunk Road, Civil Lines is full of eateries, small food outlets, and shops. The market hosts UpTown Eatery, which is considered the best food point among locals. It served super tasty dishes, unlike any other in the town. Food lovers can reach this market in only 14 minutes. Foodie, located on Grand Trunk Road, Civil Lines, is also 14 minutes away. Grilled Burgers, fries and steaks are some of its specialities. The outlet of McDonald's, in Madina Flour Mills, opposite S.I. E01, Grand Trunk Road, Civil Lines, is also reachable in 14 minutes, while KFC, located in GDA, Trust Plaza, Main Grand Trunk Road, Model Town, is around 15 minutes away from the area.

Moreover, Nomi's Food & Restaurant on Sialkot Road, Rajput Colony is 13 minutes away and serves excellent fast food items. Pizza Cottage can be reached in 15 minutes. It is located in Main Block, Trust Plaza, General Bus Stand Road, Model Town. Besides, Grand Food Court, famous for its palatable traditional varieties, is only 15 minutes away. It is located on Sialkot Road, Moazzam Colony Khokhar Ke. Lastly, Doctor Saucy offers only take away service but is famous for its piquant burgers, can be reached within 17 minutes. It’s located on GT Road, Nadra Executive Office, Mumtaz Market, Civil Lines.

Residents can also visit many bakeries within a short time from Fazal Town. For instance, it takes only 9 minutes to reach Talib Bakers & Sweets, famous for its reasonable rates and freshly baked items. It is operational on Jinnah Road, Kacha Fatomand Road, Noorpur Civil Lines. Al-Bilal Bakers, located on Sui Gas Road, Gulshan Town is around 11 minutes away, while Sialkot Sweets in Wania Wala can be reached in 10 minutes, Gourmet Bakers in Mustafa Colony Shaheenabad in 11 minutes, Al Meraj Bakers in Civil Lines in 14 minutes, and Baba Bakers & Sweets, located near Trust Plaza, Grand Trunk Road, Model Town in 15 minutes.


Sports Facilities and Fitness Centres near Fazal Town Gujranwala

For leading a healthy and active lifestyle, one must incorporate sports and fitness activities in their daily schedule. Residents of Fazal Town, however, can do so quite quickly as there are several sports facilities and fitness centres present near Fazal Town, Gujranwala. Take BISE Cricket Ground, for instance. It only takes 7 minutes to reach the ground located on Sialkot Bypass, Faisal Town and 9 minutes to reach Ali Football Ground, situated on Sialkot Bypass, Usman Colony. These are the nearest grounds which can be used for nearly every outdoor sport.

For fitness centres, residents have several options to choose from. Triple H Fitness Complex, located on Beeta Street, Sialkot Road, Bhekopur is 14 minutes away, while Ali Ahmad Fitness gym in Wania Wala can be reached in 15 minutes. Both are well-equipped with various exercise machines, equipment, and facilities. There are also professional trainers in these centres for proper fitness guidance. Moreover, MAC Beauty Parlour And Ladies Fitness Centre can be reached in 15 minutes. It is located on Sialkot Road, Moazzam Colony Khokhar Ke. Other fitness centres are located a bit far away. For instance, it takes 19 minutes to reach Rana Umar Fitness Club, located near Asia Catering, B –Block, Satellite Town, and 22 minutes to reach Body Shape Fitness Gym, located in Mohalla Iqbal Gunj Mohalla Noor Bawa.

Parks near Fazal Town Gujranwala

Having nearby parks is not just a luxury for residents but a necessity for a refreshing, wholesome life. Thus, it is exciting to know that there are lots of parks near Fazal Town, Gujranwala. Union Park is located in Gulshan-E-Iyaz Town, which is quite near Fazal Town, and residents can reach the park within only a minute. Other nearby parks are mentioned below:

  • Gulshan-e-Iqbal Park on Grand Trunk Rd, Shaheenabad, can be reached around 11 minutes.
  • Children Park, located on 2 Jinnah Road, Ehtsham Colony Fatomand, is 12 minutes away.
  • Joher Town Park in Johar Town is reachable in 16 minutes.
  • Family Park in Professors Colony is also 16 minutes away.
  • Anarkali Park in Shalimar Town can be reached in 15 minutes.
  • Ghauri Park, also located in Shalimar Town, is 16 minutes away.

Salons and Spas near Fazal Town Gujranwala

Visiting a salon or spa to freshen and brighten your mood and looks is always worth it. That being said, there are several salons and spas near Fazal Town, Gujranwala. To give you a few examples, it takes 9 minutes to reach Sephora Salon, located in Garden Town, 10 minutes to reach Shiza Salon, also located in Garden Town, and again 10 minutes to reach Glimmer N Gloss Beauty Salon & Institute, situated in Supraa House behind Rachna Pearl Hotel, Street# 2 Grand Trunk Road, Mujib Colony Industrial Estate 1. Additionally, some more nearby salons are listed below:

  • Makeovers by Amaima, located on 23 DC Road, Mohalla Amir Park Civil Lines, is around 12 minutes away
  • Shades on DC Rd, Civil Lines can be reached in 13 minutes
  • Tulip Beauty Saloon in Gulshan Town is also 13 minutes away
  • Men Hair & Beauty Salon in Gulzar Colony is reachable in 14 minutes

However, it takes 18 minutes to reach Depilex Beauty Clinic, located in House #70, near Sialkot Road, Block A, Satellite Town.


Due to its central location, Fazal Town Gujranwala borders many populated neighbourhoods of the city. Gulshan-e-Iyaz Town is only 4 minutes away, while Ghausiabad and Gulshan-e-Ayaz Town are a 5-minute drive away from the town. Also, it takes more or less 7 minutes to reach Rajput Colony, Mohalla Aliabad, Usman Colony, and Faiz Alam Town. Besides, Bilal Town can be reached in 8 minutes and Mufti Colony in 9 minutes.


Surrounded by so many societies, Fazal Town, Gujranwala might present some problems in terms of congestion and commotion for residents. Besides, residents need to travel long for addressing their commercial needs because places like markets and banks are located a little far away, outside the neighbourhood. However, Fazal Town offers a bustling community life. It incorporates nearly all the facilities needed for community life while providing remarkable investment options for investors.

Are you looking to buy property in Fazal Town Gujranwala?


Importance of Fazal Town Gujranwala from major locations nearby

  • The University of Central Punjab is only an 8-minute drive away
  • Board of Intermediate & Secondary Education is also an 8-minute drive away
  • Zainab Marriage Hall is only 3 minutes away
  • Residents can visit Gulshan-e-Iqbal Park in only 13 minutes
  • Fun Dunya Amusement Park can be reached within 16 minutes

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