Mouza Derbela Shumali Gwadar Area Guide

Mouza Derbela Shumali is a mixed-use property, offering both residential and commercial land for sale. Located near the New Gwadar International Airport, Mouza Derbela Shumali features wide and carpeted roads, spanning across the area, and connecting to several major arteries of Gwadar. The Gwadar Gymkhana Club and the Gwadar industrial State are also located nearby, enabling facilitation for the residents with ample activities around the vicinity. The famous Coastal Highway also goes through the Mouza Derbela Shumali, allowing mesmerising views of the beach, in the backdrop of the blue waters of the Arabian Sea. Since Mouza Derbela Shumali is still undergoing development, the prices of properties here are comparatively low — meaning a very good opportunity for both the real estate investors and genuine buyers.