Johar Town is a well-known neighbourhood of Lahore. It is named after Mohammad Ali Johar, an eminent figure in Pakistan’s political history.

The society is located along Canal Road. It is a true example of what an upscale housing community in Lahore looks like. In fact, Johar Town boasts the most affluent residential projects in the city approved by the Lahore Development Authority (LDA). Along with offering a vast range of modern residential communities, the society also lies in close proximity to important highways like Motorway and Multan GT Road.


  • Connected to Motorway and Multan GT Road
  • Developed and populated locality with essential amenities, including gas, electricity and water
  • Upscale and posh community



Public Transport in Johar Town Lahore

Johar Town, being a well developed and populated area of Lahore, has almost all modes of public transport available, such as rickshaws, Qingqi rickshaws and minivans. Also, LTC bus services were recently replaced with “Speedo Buses,” which are a newer, more efficient and affordable alternative for passengers in Johar Town.

Markets in Johar Town Lahore

Wafaqi Colony Market is in Johar Phase II and Ali Market is in Block M. The PCSIR market is roughly an 11-minute drive from Johar Town. Other than G-1 Market, which is just a few minutes’ drive away, H-4, it takes about 15 minutes to drive to G-2, G-3, G-5 and Jaffarabad markets from the Main Blvd of Johar Town. The F-Block Market, Khalid Market and Chinese Market of Model Town are also just 15 minutes away from Johar Town.

Mosques in Johar Town Lahore

Each block of Lahore’s Johar Town has its own mosque, however, the closest mosques from the main boulevard of the society are Jamia Masjid Ali and Tenki Wali Masjid, both of which are a 2-minute drive away. Also, there are two mosques in G-1 block: the G-1 Masjid and Noor Masjid. There is one Jamia Masjid in E-1 block near Masjid-e-Usman; Madina Masjid is in Block R and Minhaj-ul-Hussain Masjid is in Block H.

Schools, Colleges and Universities in Johar Town Lahore

The University of Management & Technology in Block C of Johar Town is one of the top-rated universities in Lahore. Also, two other famous institutions in the city, Lahore Grammar School (for Boys) and Pakistan Institute of Fashion and Design, are also situated in Johar Town. It houses some of the best schools in Lahore, including Beaconhouse School System, The City School, and LACAS. Prestigious higher education institutions like Allama Iqbal Medical College, University of Central Punjab, Bahria University, SSKA (Institute of Commerce & Technology), The Punjab School, and International School of Choueifat are located in the community as well.

Banks in Johar Town Lahore

Apna Bank Pvt Ltd, Dubai Islamic Bank, ZTBL, Soneri Bank, Faysal Bank and Silk Bank are located on the Abdul Haque Road in Johar Town. United Bank Ltd, National Bank of Pakistan, MCB, Meezan Bank and Bank Alfalah are situated on the Main Boulevard of Johar Town.

Electricity Backup 

WAPDA supplies electricity to the entire city of Lahore, including Johar Town. However, in case of power breakdowns, the residents own UPS or generators. Some homeowners have even installed solar panels to generate electricity.

Clinics and Hospitals in Johar Town Lahore

Johar Town offers a number of world-class healthcare facilities at the country’s largest and only charity-operated cancer institute, Shaukat Khanum Memorial Hospital and Research Centre. It is situated in Block R3, Johar Town. There are numerous private clinics as well in the area that are administered by highly qualified and trained medical staff such as Iqbal Clinic in Block P, Dr Farrukh Skin and Medical Clinic in Bloch H-3, Dental Experts in Block G-4, Bodevolution Aesthetic Clinic - laser hair removal & Skin Specialist in Block G-3, and Eyeconic Eye Clinic in Block L, among others.


Sale Price Trends in Johar Town Lahore

Houses for Sale in Johar Town Lahore

The sale price of houses in Johar Town is high since it is a posh locality. For example, a 5 marla house can fall in the price range of about PKR 70 lakh and PKR 2.45 crore. A contemporary styled 10 marla house for sale in Johar Town Lahore can cost around PKR 1.15 crore to PKR 3.25 crore. Similarly, the price of a 1 kanal home in this society starts at PKR 2.5 crore, going up to PKR 17.5 crore.

Plots for Sale in Johar Town Lahore

Johar Town Lahore, being an upscale community, has plots in the range of PKR 20 lakh to PKR 20 crore, depending on the area and location of the lot. For example, a 5 marla plot costs between PKR 20.5 lakh and PKR 1.8 crore, while a 10 marla plot for sale falls in the price range of PKR 80 lakh to PKR 2.6 crore. Similarly, the sale price for plots of 1 kanal varies between PKR 1.8 crore and PKR 20 crore.

Flats for Sale in Johar Town Lahore

You can buy a flat in Johar Town Lahore in the price range of PKR 14 lakh and PKR 60 lakh, depending on the number of rooms in the unit and its area. For instance, the selling price of a 1-bed apartment here starts at 14 lakh, going up to PKR 60 lakh, while a 2-bedroom apartment can be bought in the price range of PKR 35 lakh to PKR 60 lakh.

Rent Price Trends in Johar Town Lahore

Houses for Rent in Johar Town Lahore

The rental price trend in Johar Town for a 5 marla house starts from as low as PKR 22 thousand, going as high as PKR 70 thousand per month. A 10 marla rental home can cost anywhere between PKR 35 thousand and PKR 1 lakh per month. Similarly, the monthly rent of a 1 kanal house lies in the range of PKR 55 thousand to PKR 4.5 lakh.

Flats for Rent in Johar Town Lahore

A 1-bed flat in Johar Town, Lahore, can be rented at an affordable monthly price of PKR 18 thousand to PKR 23 thousand. Similarly, a 2-bedroom apartment has a rental cost between PKR 15 thousand to PKR 45 thousand, depending on the block.

Commercial Properties

There are a number of buildings available for rent in Johar Town in both Phases I and II. Since each company or business has different requirements in terms of size and number of rooms etc., Johar Town has multiple options to choose from. For example, you can find a spacious rental building in Johar Town with 11 rooms and 10 bathrooms as well as a smaller building with just 1 washroom in the same area. There are also triple storey buildings available on a 20 marla plot. The cheapest building to rent is a double storey office that is available for PKR 35 thousand per month on a 1 marla plot. The commercial hall in Johar Town Phase II costs around PKR 1 lakh for an 8 marla property. Similarly, a 2 kanal office building is available for rent for PKR 25 lakh. The rent price of a small 3.6 marla commercial hall is around PKR 25 thousand per month in Block 3 of Johar Town Phase II.

Most Popular Areas in Johar Town Lahore

popular areas in Johar Town Lahore
Buying Trends of Johar Town, Lahore

Johar Town is divided into two subdivisions and each subdivision is divided into several blocks. These subdivisions of Johar Town, Phase I and Phase II offer both commercial and residential properties. However, Phase 2 is a little more popular than Phase 1 according to buying trends of Johar Town, Lahore.

popular areas in Johar Town Lahore
Rental Trends of Johar Town, Lahore

The rental trends of Johar Town show Phase 2 of Johar Town is most popular area amongst renters.



Malls in Johar Town Lahore

Johar Town is one of Lahore’s most popular and well-developed localities. It also holds a massive commercial area of the city as it houses a large number of shopping plazas and malls. The main attraction of the town is the Emporium Shopping Mall by Nishat Group and the Lahore International Expo Centre. There is a home interior shop as well, Centrum Home Store, in Block G of Johar Town. Also, Borjan, a famous shoe brand is also located in Johar Town Phase 2.

Restaurants AND Bakeries in Johar Town Lahore

Johar Town is famous for its food street that extends from Abdul Haque Road to Main Boulevard of Johar Town. You can find a number of local and international food chains such as OPTP, NY212 Pizza, Ze Grill, Cock N Bull, Texas Grill, Heavens Hotel & Restaurant, Biryani Master, Taj Mahal Restaurant, Bundu Khan, Coffee Planet, Gloria Jean’s Coffees, Twistix, Subway, Burger King, Arcadian Café Signature, Nandos, Bar.B.Q. Tonight, Second Cup Coffee Company and Ice Curl.
Also, there are a number of bakeries in the neighbourhood like Mini-Treats, Bread & Beyond in Block L and X2 Bakery and Deli in Block Q, so you don’t need to drive to other parts of the city in search of bread and sweet and savoury snacks.


Other than an entire food street for you to hang out with friends and family, you can also enjoy at Universal Cinemas inside Emporium Mall in Phase 2 of Johar Town. The Star Bowling and snooker place in Saddar Town is only 26 minutes away from the society. There is also, a boating area in Model Town, which is right next to Johar Town.

Sports Facilities and Fitness Centres in Johar Town Lahore

There are two gyms just opposite to Emporium Shopping mall; Structure Health and Fitness and Physiques Fitness Gym in Block H-3. KB Fitness and Oxygen Fitness are located in Block H-2. Synergy Fitness Gym is in G-4 Block, whereas, Muscles Mechanics is in Block M. Similarly, Transformers Gym & Fitness Centre is in Block R-1 and Urban Athlete Taekwondo & Fitness Studio is in Block Q of Johar Town Phase 2.

Salons and Spas in Johar Town Lahore

Some of the city’s most famous salons are situated in Johar Town. Depilex Beauty Clinic is in Block F-1, Rivaj Beauty Salon in Block G-1, Allenora Beauty Salon and Allenora’s Annies Exclusive Signature Salon in Block M, Hina Azfar Signature Salon by Nikki, Blade Hair Salon & Studio and Prince Hair Salon in Block L and Shanell Beauty Salon in Block R.


Johar Town, Lahore, is surrounded by some of the most popular housing schemes of Lahore, such as Model Town, Faisal Town, PCSIR Housing Scheme, Township, Tech Society, Wapda Town, PIA Housing Society, PGECHS, NESPAK Society, Abdalian Housing Society, and Wafaqi Colony. Since most offices are in Johar Town, commute is convenient and easy. Also, Johar Town is near Lahore International Expo Center.


Johar Town readily provides utilities likes gas, water and electricity. It also offers a number of other amenities like banks, atms, local clinics, service centres, petrol pumps, bakeries and grocery stores. According to the bidding document “PROVISION OF SECURITY SERVICES FOR LAHORE DEVELOPMENT AUTHORITY,” there is a total number of seven security inspectors, 32 armed security guards, who are former military servicemen, 53 unarmed security guards, and four lady security guards assigned to the areas of Johar Town, Jubilee Town and Mohlanwala Scheme. These security measures taken by the local government and LDA make the area of Johar Town very secure to live in.


A resident living in Johar Town since 2002 says:

We've been living here since 2002, and the area has changed immensely in that time. Ever since the Expo Centre and Emporium Mall were functional, Johar Town has become more commercial. Most popular eateries have outlets here, and there is activity going on day and night. I live on the main road in Q block, and the road is lined with workshops, small eateries, and grocery stores. Gymnasiums and cafes have also started popping up.

Another resident living in Lahore Johar Town since 2009 says:

Johar Town, Near Expo Centre & Emporium Mall, Block J3 Near PIFD, I have been living here since 2009 and at that time expo was under construction whereas PIFD was nowhere at that time, as the time lapsed and Expo Centre was functional the area changed gradually and the prices of the area increased immensely i.e. upto 400 times of the prices that were in 2009. Since then the area became highly populated and commercialised. The area has all the necessities as well as luxuries (Etc Resturants, gyms, Shopping Malls (Emporium Mall). However just because of PIFD it became a little unsecured and dirty as most of the residential houses now turned into hostels for girls and boys of the universities nearby which is quite disturbing for the families living nearby. Overall it is a very good place to live in with all the facilities one would expect to enjoy.

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Importance of  Johar Town Lahore from major locations nearby

  • Model Town (20 minutes’ drive)
  • Faisal Town (13 minutes’ drive)
  • Wapda Town (14 minutes’ drive)
  • Wafaqi Colony (10 minutes’ drive)
  • Nespak Society (14 minutes’ drive)
  • PIA Housing Society (10 minutes’ drive)
  • PGECHS (14 minutes’ drive)

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