Baldia Town Karachi Area Guide

Karachi - City of Lights is home to some of the oldest and most spectacular neighbourhoods. Baldia Town Karachi is one of the city's oldest and most popular housing societies. The development for this town is huge and linked with 9 Union Councils. According to the 2017 census, Baldia Town, located in the city's western region, has a population of more than 830,000.  SITE Town surrounds the town to its east, Orangi Town to its west, and Hawks Bay Scheme 42 in the south. 

Baldia Town Karachi History 

According to the 2017 census, Baldia Town, located in the city's western region, has a population of more than 830,000. 

Baldia Town was divided into 8 union councils when it was created in 2001 as part of The Local Government Ordinance 2001. Baldia Town was reorganised in 2015 to become a part of Karachi West after the town structure was abolished in 2011.

Kemari District was separated from Karachi West District in 2020. Baldia Town thus became a part of Kemari District in the end.

Baldia Town Karachi Location 

Baldia Town is situated in Kemari District. It is located in the South-West part of Karachi right next to the M-10 Hub River. Because of its locality, several investors are keen on making a swift investment in Baldia Town. 

However, Baldia Town is divided into 8 Union Councils as follows. 

  • Ittehad Town 
  • Saeedabad 
  • Nai Abadi 
  • Gulshan-e-Ghazi
  • Islam Nagar 
  • Muhajir Camp
  • Muslim Mujahid Colony 
  • Rasheedabaad

Baldia Town Map 

Interested to learn more? You can find a lot of details on the Baldia Town map. With the help of Plot Finder, you can discover all sectors of Baldia Town, showcasing information about blocks, plots, boulevards, commercial areas and a lot more. 

Accessibility Points 

The strategic location allows Baldia Town residents to access the following routes easily. 

  • Right next to M-10 Hub River Road
  • At least 9 minutes away from Baldia Station 
  • At least 3 minutes away from Orangi Road 
  • At least 12 minutes away from Shahra e Qaddafi Road

Nearby Societies 

People from different ethnicities and backgrounds reside in Baldia town. Therefore you will interact with a diverse population within Baldia Town and its surrounding societies. Other adjoining areas other than the Union Council are as follows. 

  • SAWAT Colony is 17 minutes away. 
  • Afridi colony is 23 minutes away. 
  • Turk Colony is 21 minutes away. 
  • Naval Colony is 12 minutes away. 

Some of the popular neighborhoods such as Gulshan-e-Maymar and Clifton are also popular choice for investment and residential plots. 

Nearby Schools 

Residents looking for schools nearby their residences do not need to worry at all. Baldia town is near some of the city's best schools and within short driving distance too. 

  • Allied School Baldia Town Campus is 17 minutes away.
  • The Innovative School is 18 minutes away.
  • The Smart School is 10 minutes away.
  • The Savvy School Baldia Town Campus is 19 minutes away. 
  • The Educators Baldia Town Campus is 16 minutes away. 
  • Sadiq Memorial Public School is 16 minutes away, 
  • Jungle School is 19 minutes away. 
  • All Baldia Memom Primary Secondary School is 21 minutes away. 

Baldia Town NOC Status 

Baldia Town was initiated by the government, making it a legally approved society. All plots and their payments are under the government’s supervision. 

Baldia Town Karachi Owners and Developers 

The residential project is owned by the local government of Karachi and was launched in 2001. Since its inception, it has been considered one of the easiest-to-live-in places in Karachi. 

Baldia Town Karachi Master Plan 

The intent behind building this community was to offer a planned town to the locals with a wholesome and complete urban experience in one of the most populated cities of Pakistan. Moreover, Baldia Town is home to residential plots, commercial plots, playgrounds, gym corners, and other recreational activities. 

Main boulevards are constructed wider to avoid traffic jams or unfortunate accidents. Plus, Baldia Town also comprises multiple mosques in each sector, playgrounds, green belts, and commercial areas.  Houses, apartments, and commercial plots in the area are reasonably priced. 

Baldia Town Plot for sale Sizes 

Baldia town offers various plot sizes for residential and commercial purposes. Available plot for sale in Baldia Town are as follows. 

  • 80 Sq. Yds
  • 88 Sq. Yds
  • 90 Sq. Yds
  • 120 Sq. Yds
  • 200 Sq. Yds
  • 240 Sq. Yds

Baldia Town Karachi Payment Plan (Updated) 

The payment plan of Baldia Town Karachi is budget-friendly, making it highly affordable by individuals and investors. Interested individuals can invest in smaller and larger residential plots - whatever they choose to invest in! You can also buy spacious apartments at a budget-friendly rate. 

Plot Size


80 Sq Yds

53 Lacs to 61 Lacs 

120 Sq Yds

76 Lacs to 1.13 Crores

240 Sq Yds

93 Lacs to 1.51 Crores


14 Lacs to 2.2 Crores






Baldia Town Amenities and Facilities 

Even though residential and commercial properties are reasonably priced, Baldia Town offers competitive amenities and facilities to promote a subpar lifestyle for the residents. You can benefit from several facilities, including the following: 


An attractive feature of living in Baldia Town is its transportation facility. The housing society is well-connected to various roads and networks (check Accessibility Point above). Additionally those who do not want to drive can benefit from the buses as several bus stops are within reach, such as Mufti Mahmood Chowk Bus Stop, Afridi Chowk Bus Stop, National Chowk Bus Stop and Jhangvi Chowk Bus Stop. 


Another highlight of living in Baldia Town is the local market. The housing society has several shopping centres, supermarkets and bazaars with everyday essentials and luxury goods. Residents can visit Awan General Store and Dubai Superstore built-in Baldia Town Sector 17. It is just a short distance away. 

Some other general stores at a short distance are Haji Kohat Wholesale and General Store, Shaheed Ullah General Store, Khattak General Store, Bismillah General Store, Raees Khan Afridi General Store and so on. 

Parks and Recreation 

A wealth of outdoor recreation opportunities can be found in Baldia Town Karachi. The housing society is dotted with parks and green spaces offering a serene environment. 

Medical Pharmacies 

In case of any utmost urgency, residents can have quick access to the local pharmacies nearby too including New Fazal Medical Store, Hanif Medical Stoe, Ahsan Medical and General Store and Al-Ghani Medical Store. 

Mobile Shops 

The town has several mobile and computer stores. Bhatti Mobile, Khyber Mobile Shop, FA Mobile Zone, Sahil Mobile Communication, and Zam Zam Communication are a few of the mobile stores that clients go regularly.

These stores sell new cell phones, SIM cards, and other mobile equipment. Ehsan Computers, Gardezi Computers, and Shabbir Computers are the three major computer stores in the town.

House Prices in Baldia Town

Area Size

Price Range

80 Square Yard
PKR 32 Lakh – 85 Lakh
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