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DHA City, a project of the Defence Housing Authority (DHA), is the first sustainable and green city of Pakistan. The housing project features an ultra-modern infrastructural development that is in equilibrium with the environment. A few sectors of DHA City Karachi are developed while many are undergoing development at a rapid pace. The housing community is divided into 17 sectors, namely a cultural district, sports hub, university complexes, healthcare city, mall zones, and central business district. Spanning across an area of 64 acres, this meticulously-planned residential society features a state-of-the-art solar energy park. In addition, the residential community offers a sustainable plan for the distribution of water and electricity. Situated at a prime location on the Super Highway, this exquisite housing society is planned to accommodate over a million residents. DHA City Central Business District (CBD), the main upscale commercial sector of DHA City, is designed to attract people for shopping, entertainment, and business activities.

What are the facilities & amenities offered by DHA City Central Business District?

Many means of public transport mechanisms are present within DHA City. The Central Business District hosts several bus stations while traditional taxis and cab-hailing app-based services are fully operational here. The Central Business District is the prime location for providing the residents of DHA City with ease of access to countless services and markets. Situated in close proximity to residential sectors near the Central Business District, the Knowledge Park comprises many reputable educational institutions. The most attractive lifestyle facility in DHA City Karachi is the beautiful lake view park which offers a breathtaking view and a relaxing atmosphere. Additionally, the housing society features numerous local restaurants and international food chains.

Where can I find a Property for sale in DHA City Central Business District?

According to real estate experts, the Central Business District of DHA City is expected to become one of the most prominent commercial areas of Karachi. The District offers commercial plots available for sale ranging in sizes from 200 sq yds to 2,000 sq yds. A 200 sq yds commercial plot for sale here has a starting price of PKR 3.6 crore while going as high as PKR 3.6 crore. A 1,000 sq yds ideally located commercial plot for sale in the Central Business District has a buying price fluctuating between PKR 28 crore and PKR 40 crore. The Business District also offers luxury flats available for sale in several high-rise buildings.

Why should I invest in a Property for sale in DHA City Central Business District?

As the prime commercial location for all commercial activities, the Central Business District allows businessmen offering a diverse range of services to reach their full potential. As soon as DHA City Central Business District is completely developed, the value of commercial properties here will increase manifold over a short period of time. In a nutshell, the District offers a golden opportunity for venture capitalists and businessmen to gain a high return on their investment (ROI).

Commercial Plots Prices in DHA City - CBD Commercial

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200 Square Yard
PKR 3.1 Crore – 4.5 Crore
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