Commander City Karachi Area Guide Overview

Commander Builders developed Commander City to provide affordable homes to people in Karachi. Phase 1 of the housing development comprises 100 acres of prime land on the outskirts of Karachi. Houses, flats, and plots in the development are available with immediate occupancy.

Commander City is a one-of-a-kind development that the Sindh Building Control Authority and the Sindh Development Association have given the green light.

Commander City Payment Plan

The welfare programme of the organisation includes affordable payment options and the building of 25% of the homes at no cost to the residents. Widows, orphans, and individuals with disabilities who register for the initiative will get one of society's 5% quota of ready-made homes at no cost.

Commander City Residential Plots Price

A total of three payment plans are available for constructed units, and one payment plan is available for Commander City plots. Following are the details for the payment plan:

2-Bedroom Apartment

  • Total Cost: PKR 17 lacs
  • Down Payment: PKR 2 lacs
  • Monthly Instalment: PKR 15,000

3-Bedroom Apartment

  • Total Cost: PKR 20 lacs
  • Down Payment: PKR 2 lacs
  • Monthly Instalment: PKR 18,000

80 Square Yards House

  • Total Cost: PKR 27 lacs
  • Down Payment: PKR 3 lacs
  • Monthly Instalment: PKR 24,000

120 Square Yards House

  • Total Cost: PKR 39 lacs
  • Down Payment: PKR 5 lacs
  • Monthly Instalment: PKR 34,000

160 Square Yards House

  • Total Cost: PKR 54 lacs
  • Down Payment: PKR 6 lacs
  • Monthly Instalment: PKR 48,000

240 Square Yards House

  • Total Cost: PKR 78 lacs
  • Down Payment: PKR 10 lacs
  • Monthly Instalment: PKR 68,000

Commander City Location

On the M-9 highway, Commander City is located about 40 kilometres from Karachi Airport, near DHA City and ASF Housing Scheme. Commander Builders manages and controls a high-speed shuttle service for the convenience of the residents.

Commander City Access Points

The prime location of Commander City makes it easily accessible from the following places:

  • 1 min drive from M-9 Karachi-Hyderabad Motorway
  • 25 min drive from DHA City
  • 25 min drive from Dada Bhoy Interchange, M-9 Karachi-Hyderabad Motorway
  • 15 min drive from Sindh Employees Housing Society

Commander City Nearby Societies

Commander City is located at the prime location of the M-9 Karachi-Hyderabad Motorway. Therefore, some other prominent housing societies are located nearby, including:

Commander City Owners & Developers

Commander City is owned by Commander (R) Zakir, a former naval commander. And as the name suggests, Commander City is named after him. Developer-wise, Commander Builders, Arch Vision, and Pixarch are society's three most prominent firms. The Commander construction company has completed Commander Heights and is working on another development called Commander Enclave.

Commander City NOC & Permission

Commander City is authorised by the SBCA (Sindh Building Control Authority) and SDA (Sindh Development Authority) (Sindh Development Association). Proper authorities have sanctioned it as a secure investment option.

Commander City Masterplan

Commander City's Phase 1 provides housing plots of 80 and 120 square yards, with both plots and ready-to-move-in houses for sale. Jointly purchasing two adjacent plots allows you to construct a home of either 160 or 240 square yards, depending on your preferences and the requirements of society.

In addition to studio flats, the property offers 100-square-yard commercial plots for sale. In the first phase, the society will build 2,000 ready-to-move-in homes for residents. The community will also be able to accommodate 50,000 more residents.

Commander City Residential Plots

Following are the sizes of residential plots in Commander City:

  • 2 rooms residential apartments
  • 3 rooms residential apartments
  • 80 square yards
  • 120 square yards
  • 160 square yards
  • 240 square yards

Amenities and Facilities of Commander City

Infrastructure Along with constructing the main boulevard with six lanes, paved walkways, and running tracks, a network of large carpeted roads, streets, and lanes is also put in place.

Gated Community

Commander Ciy is a well-protected neighbourhood with world-class safety requirements, including an encircling boundary wall.

Sewerage System

A well-organized and planned sewerage management system and waste disposal are essential to the successful operation of a clean and healthy society.


The community has a round-the-clock security system and armed guards that patrol the area.

Commercial Hubs

Commercial districts are designed in a contemporary style, including marketplaces, food streets, restaurants, retail centres and malls, and educational institutions such as colleges and universities (currently being developed).

Daily Shuttle Bus Service

People can access the centre of Karachi, Shahrah-e-Faisal, from the housing society through a high-speed shuttle service that operates around the clock and brings passengers into the city in under an hour.

Grand Mosque

The society intends to construct a Grand Jamia Mosque to benefit the community.

Latest Developments in Commander City

Commander City is fast developing since it mostly sells built homes rather than plots. Visitors can see model homes that have already been constructed. The development of apartments is moving along at a rapid speed. Existing infrastructure includes parks, mosques, and commercial districts.

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