Government Teachers Society Karachi Area Guide

Government Teacher Co-operative Housing Society is one of the oldest societies located in Scheme 33. Occupying an ideal location, it has several investment opportunities on offer which are ideal for short term and long-term benefits. In this regard, residents can find several options in the form of 200 sq yds, 240 sq yds, 400 sq yds, 600 sq yds and 1000 sq yds residential plots and houses. The area features all the necessary amenities for its dwellers. Scheme 33, also known as Gulzar-e-Hijri, is one of the most coveted addresses of Karachi. It is co-owned and managed by the City District Government of Karachi (CDGK). Since its conception in 1971, the Scheme has witnessed rapid development. Currently, the locality encompasses several notable housing societies including Memon Nagar, Lawyers Colony, and Incholi Cooperative Housing Society.

Delivering all the utilities such as electricity, gas and water supply, Scheme 33 features an impeccable infrastructural development. It sits close to Gulshan-e-Iqbal and is well-connected to the city’s major arteries including the University Road and Hijri Road. Also, it lies adjacent to the Main Super Highway which links with Hyderabad. The residential scheme offers affordable housing solutions to prospective residents without compromising on the quality of life and modern-day facilities.

Why should you invest in Government Teachers Society Karachi?

Scheme 33 is surrounded by many notable gated communities. The most notable ones include Gulistan-e-Jauhar, Gulshan-e-Maymar, and Malir Cantonment. It is segregated into 54 sectors. Nestled in the heart of Karachi, the neighbourhood comprises 293 residential societies. Other than that, it offers accommodation solutions to every class. Moreover, the provision of modern amenities and top-notch security make it the talk of the town among genuine buyers and investors.

As far as educational institutes are concerned, Scheme 33 encompasses several schools and colleges which makes it easier for the parents of school-going children to enjoy a hassle-free commute. The most prominent ones include Beaconlight Academy, Shaheen Cambridge School, and Malik Public Schools. Residents, seeking higher education, can look for options such as the University of Karachi and Indus Public College. When it comes to healthcare facilities, they can head out to Dow University Hospital and Memon Medical Institute Hospital.

What are the facilities & amenities offered in Government Teachers Society Karachi?

Scheme 33 doesn’t lag behind either when it comes to the provision of public transport. In this regard, they can find signature Karachi buses adorned with amusing art and design passing through many bus stations in the locality. When it comes to buying groceries, no residents want to travel outside the society to run errands. For this, you can find several supermarkets and stores lying in the vicinity. Other than that, ‘Peer Budh Bazaar’ is also held in Memon Nagar every Friday. Here residents can find a plethora of products be it utensils, clothes, or groceries at discounted prices. For recreational purposes, the locality comprises numerous lifestyle facilities such as football fields, cricket grounds, recreational parks, spas, salons, and fitness centres. All in all, Government Teachers Society Karachi is an ideal society, providing something for everyone.

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