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Hadiabad Cooperative Housing Society is situated in Scheme 33's Sector 51 A, near the Main Super Highway. This gated and secure community has a boundary wall for ensuring and enhancing the indigenous population's protection. The housing community is meticulously-planned and carefully designed, conveniently accessible from all points of Gulshan-e-Maymar, Scheme 33, and the Super Highway. It provides all the basic amenities including electricity, water, gas and sewerage system to the residents. The community sits close to various parks, schools, and a mosque. Due to its ideal location, the fast-developing residential society provides convenient access to public transport mechanisms.

What are the types of properties for sale in Hadiabad Cooperative Housing Society?

The society is surrounded by many other residential societies and civic facilities, offering affordable housing solutions to everyone. Interested buyers can find freehold properties as well as ready-to-move-in houses for the people. The properties are available in different sizes including 120 sq yds, 200 sq yds, and 250 sq yds and commercial plots. The asking price of a 120 sq yds plot in Hyderabad Cooperative Housing Society is around PKR 76.5 lakh. On the contrary, the price of 200 sq yds starts at PKR 1.26 crore and can go as high as PKR 1.35. Moreover, those who are looking for generous spaces can look for properties having a size of 240 sq yds; they can be bought at an average price of PKR 1.5 crore. Those who want to expand their business can look for commercial properties; they can easily be bought as well as rented out in Hadiabad Cooperative Housing Society, Scheme 33.

Why should you invest in Hadiabad Cooperative Housing Society?

Scheme 33 Karachi stands amongst the rapidly growing localities in the city. It is also known as Gulzar-e-Hijri. Sitting close to Super Highway, the project provides affordable housing solutions when compared to other parts of the city. Initially, the Board of Revenue and Karachi Development Authority (KDA) co-owned and managed the community. The history of Scheme 33 dates back decades. In 1971, it was the Board of Revenue (BOR) and the KDA who was responsible for the planning and development work and deciding the cost of land, allotment policies, and other terms and conditions. Then, the government decided to hand over the project to the City District Government of Karachi (CDGK) in 2004. The delay of 33 years gave the name to the society as Scheme 33. Today, it hosts more than 293 housing societies. The most prominent ones include Incholi Cooperative Housing Society, Al-Noor Society, Gwalior Cooperative Housing Society, Lawyers Colony, Memon Nagar, and Gulshan-e-Kaneez Fatima.

There are countless houses up for sale in the neighbourhood. The 3 most popular areas to buy a house in the locality are Hadiabad Cooperative Housing Society, Saadi Town and Gulshan-e-Kaneez Fatima. Furnished houses are available, featuring open kitchens, sliding doors, and imported fixtures and fittings. On the contrary, those who are looking for flats can find highly desirable units as well. As they are recently built, they come with modern designs. The Scheme offers both affordable yet premium studios and 1 to 5-bedroom apartments available for sale. These flats offer many amenities. The most prominent ones include ample parking space, a gymnasium, and top-notch security.

What are the facilities and amenities offered by the Hadiabad Cooperative Housing Society?

People who are interested in buying property here would be glad to know that the neighbourhood offers a plethora of amenities and facilities to its residents. Since the housing society is part of the larger residential community, Scheme 33, buyers can easily find many low-cost housing options here as well. The affordability factor is one of the most prominent features that you should consider while looking for investment opportunities and the Hadiabad Society is one of them. The gated community also offers a tranquil environment to its residents as it is located in the suburbs of the city. In addition, owing to its connection to the major routes of Karachi, residents of Sachal Sarmast Society can easily commute to other areas of the metropolis. It also sits close to many notable education institutes such as Beaconlight Academy, Shaheen Cambridge School, and Malik Public School.

The housing societies nestled within the developed part of Scheme 33 are adorned with all the necessary facilities. This part of the city also enjoys convenient access to intercity travel due to its proximity to road networks such as Northern Bypass and M9 Karachi-Hyderabad Motorway. Moreover, many notable neighbourhoods can be found lying adjacent to this community. These include Gulshan-e-Iqbal, Bufferzone, and Federal B Area. Not only this, living in Scheme 33 can help you find many of Karachi’s top educational facilities like the NED University and University of Karachi. This makes it easier for the people who are pursuing higher education.

When it comes to the provision of healthcare facilities, residents can head out to Memon Medical Institute Hospital and Dow University Hospital; they are famous for delivering 24/7 medical assistance. Moving forward, people can find convenient access to public transportation and ride-hailing services. The signature Karachi buses adorned with beautiful paints and traditional decorations have routes through this society. These stops include Jalbani Chowk, Bilawal Society, Hijri Road, Sachal Goth, Madras, and Memon Nagar. All in all, now that you have found all the information regarding the neighbourhood of Hadiabad Cooperative Housing Society, do your due diligence and buy your property now.

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