ICI Staff Cooperative Housing Society Karachi Area Guide

ICI Staff Cooperative Housing Society Karachi is an upscale housing project nestled in Karachi's Scheme 33. Offering various investment opportunities, the development is surrounded by a boundary wall to ensure the safety of the residents. It has all the amenities and facilities needed to ensure peace of mind of residents. Moreover, these essential amenities include electricity, gas, and water are given to the residents. The location of ICI Staff Cooperative Housing Society is also ideal, sitting close to various schools, hospitals, shopping malls and public transport.

Those who are interested in buying properties here can look for various freehold properties available in sizes of 120 sq yds, 240 sq yds, and 400 sq yds. The price trend varies depending on the size and location of the plot. That is to say, the asking price of the 120 sq yd plot varies between PKR 1 Crore and PKR 1.2 crore. On the other hand, for a 240 sq yds, the price starts from PKR 1.25 crore and can go as high as PKR 1.75 crore. If you are looking for a more generous property such as 400 sq yds, it can be bought between PKR 2 core and PKR 2.3 crore.

What is the neighbourhood like in ICI Staff Cooperative Housing Society Karachi?

Since ICI Staff Cooperative Housing Society Karachi is located in Scheme 33, it sits close to various prominent housing communities. These include Gulshan-e-Maymar, Gulistan-e-Jauhar, and Malir Cantonment. Scheme 33 is segregated into 54 sectors and is located in the heart of the metropolis. Featuring 293 residential societies, the project offers various affordable housing solutions to any socio-economic segment of society. The endless facilities coupled with the provision of top-notch security provided by the society attracts various genuine buyers and investors from around the country. Furthermore, the locality is a major hub, neighbouring several commuter routes.

Since Scheme 33 is a populous neighbourhood, it encompasses the branches of every popular society. Even on Super Highway, you can explore options for various banks and financial institutions. Residents can conveniently access the branches of Faysal Bank, Bank Al-Habib, Habib Bank, Meezan Bank, Standard Chartered, and more. As far as proximity to restaurants is concerned, food lovers can find various options around them, offering a variety of cuisines. Be it desi food, Chinese or continental, you can get whatever you are looking for. The most prominent ones include Al Macca Restaurant situated on Kiran Hospital Road, Al Madina Restaurant positioned in Maroora Goth, Memon hotel in Sachal Goth, Kings Fast Food, Food Times, Food Chain and the list goes on. Besides the local ones, you can also head out to restaurants having international chains such as KFC and other similar options like that.

Scheme 33 is not just famous for its ideal location but also because of its proximity to various renowned hospitals. These include Memon Medical Institute Hospital located near Safoora Chowrangi; it provides affordable medical solutions for people living nearby. Various patients get their treatment done from this hospital. Another famous hospital is the Dow University Hospital which is included in the top medical centres; this hospital provides affordable medical services to everyone. On Abdul Qadeer Road, you can head out to DUHS in Sector 29 of Scheme 33. This grand hospital can accommodate 1000 beds having all care departments including an emergency room, operation theatre, labour rooms, general wards, and intensive care units as well. Last but not least, Kiran Hospital also sits close to the community.

What are the facilities & amenities offered by ICI Staff Cooperative Housing Society Karachi?

The countless residents of numerous residential societies in Scheme 33 prefer to rely on using public transport to avoid traffic jams and congestion. For this purpose, signature Karachi buses adorned with beautiful art and design pass through many bus stations in the locality. Moving forward, no one wants to travel outside of the community to buy daily essentials. Therefore, when it comes to the nearness to commercial markets, residents can explore a plethora of options located within a walking distance. Countless popular supermarkets and stores can be found in every residential scheme of the society. Furthermore, the famous ‘Peer Budh Bazaar’ is held in Memon Nagar every Friday, where people can find a plethora of products including utensils, clothes, and groceries at discounted prices.

The right educational institutions can change the entire future of a child. Fortunately, society doesn’t lag here either. It encompasses several schools, which makes it easy for the parents of school-going children to send them to school without any hassle. Among these schools within the locality, you can find some of the most prominent schools such as Shaheen Cambridge School, Beaconlight Academy, and Malik Public Schools. Those who are seeking higher education can find various options in the form of the University of Karachi and Indus Public College. For recreational purposes, the locality features ease of access for its residents to numerous lifestyle facilities such as cricket grounds, spas, salons, recreational parks, football fields, and fitness centres. Other amenities include:

  • Peaceful environment
  • Links with major routes
  • Dotted with highway restaurants and eateries
  • Availability of pharmacies and healthcare facilities
  • Proximity to popular educational facilities
  • Accessibility to public transportation and ride-hailing services
  • Hub of commercial activities
  • IBA, UoK, and NED University located nearby
  • Affordable housing options
  • Near Aladdin Park and Safari Park

In a nutshell, ICI Staff Cooperative Housing Society Karachi is a deluxe society, providing affordable housing solutions for everyone.

Plots Prices in ICI Staff Cooperative Housing Society

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240 Square Yard
PKR 1.05 Crore – 1.3 Crore
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