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KESC Society is nestled near Safoora Chowrangi on the University Road. Surrounded by Saadi Road and Khizar Avenue, the residential scheme is meticulously planned and carefully designed, catering modern needs of the individuals. It also has a boundary wall so that the privacy of the customers won’t be compromised. The community offers various lucrative investment opportunities in the form of residential plots and houses. All the necessitates including the provision of electricity, gas and water are available. Moreover, there is a proper sewerage system in place along with parking and a lift. Not only this, the KESC Housing Society sits close to various parks, schools, and hospitals. It also has a community centre which is responsible for organizing different events.

The living spaces come with deluxe interiors and exteriors. Almost all of them have marble flooring, bedrooms with attached bathrooms, a drawing-room, a dining room, broadband Internet access and satellite or cable TV. Some of the abodes also have a lawn or garden which further enhance their ambience. Also, maintenance staff is there so that you don’t have to go out of the community to resolve general issues. In short, the KESC Housing Society ensures to provide an ideal living style to everyone.

What is the neighbourhood like in KESC Housing Society?

Since KESC Housing Society is nestled in Scheme 33 which is located in a prime location, it sits close to various notable landmarks. Residents won’t find any problem while travelling to other parts of the community. Scheme 33 is linked with major routes, therefore, finding public transport has never been an issue. Various signature buses decked with beautiful paints and decorations pass through the various bus stations in the area. These stops include Jalbani Chowk, Bilawal Society, Hijri Road, Sachal Goth, Madras, and Memon Nagar.

When it comes to opting for the new societies, the major concern of the residents is that there should be commercial markets in it. This is because no one wants to travel outside of the community to run errands. The presence of markets makes it convenient for the residents to buy daily essentials within the community. This will save both time and money. Keeping this fact in mind, there are various markets, superstores and grocery items available within Scheme 33. For example, you can find Waqar Superstore in Karachi University Housing Society, Al Amin Traders, MashaAllah Superstore, and Liaquat Market near KESC society. Even the most popular bazaar ‘Peer Budh bazaar’ is held every Monday and Friday Memon Nagar, featuring clothes, utensils, groceries, and other items at discounted rates.

For parents, education is the topmost priority for their children. Therefore, while looking for a new house, they always look for the presence of educational institutes within the community or even around it. This need has also been catered to by Scheme 33. It has various public and private schools in this area. Residents can find the Beaconlight Academy, Shaheen Cambridge School, and Malik Cooperative Housing Society. When it comes to colleges and universities, the University of Karachi, The Dow International Medical College and the Indus Public College are reachable within half an hour.

Apart from being famous for educational institutions and developed infrastructure, Scheme 33 is also famous for encompassing the most renowned visited hospitals. These include Memon Medical Institute Hospital located near SafooraChowrangi; it provides affordable medical solutions for people living nearby. Various patients get their treatment done from this hospital. Another famous hospital is the Dow University Hospital which is included in the top medical centres; this hospital provides affordable medical services to everyone. On Abdul Qadeer Road, you can head out to DUHS in Sector 29 of Scheme 33. This grand hospital has the capacity to accommodate 1000 beds having all care departments including an emergency room, operation theatre, labour rooms, general wards, and intensive care units as well. Last but not least, Kiran Hospital also sits close to the community.

What are the facilities & amenities provided by the KESC Housing Society?

People who are interested in investing in Scheme 33 can explore options for many low-cost housing options. The affordability factor stands amongst the biggest features that you should take into consideration while looking for properties for sale in this prestigious community. This vast neighbourhood has many sectors and towns.

The housing societies, located within Scheme 33, are home to a plethora of amenities, giving everything at the doorstep. This part of the city also provides convenient access to road links like Northern Bypass and M9 Karachi-Hyderabad Motorway. Some of the most popular neighbourhoods surrounding the community include Gulshan-e-Iqbal, Bufferzone, and Federal B. Area. To help you give a better understanding of the key facilities provided by the area, we have jotted down a list. Let’s look at them now!

  • Offers a peaceful environment, mostly located in the suburbs of the city
  • Linked with some major routes of Karachi
  • In proximity to popular educational facilities
  • Accessibility to public transportation and ride-hailing services
  • Dotted with highway restaurants and eateries
  • Availability of pharmacies and healthcare facilities
  • Housing societies enriched with neighbourhood amenities
  • Convenient access to key educational facilities
  • Availability of all basic necessities in the developed sectors
  • Hub of commercial activities
  • IBA, UoK, and NED University located nearby
  • Affordable housing options
  • Near Aladdin Park and Safari Park

All in all, KESC is an upscale society that is enriched with all the facilities and amenities needed to live a luxurious lifestyle.

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