Sachal Sarmast Society Karachi Area Guide

Sachal Sarmast Society is an upscale housing society located in the Lawyer’s Colony of Sector 24-A (also known as Scheme 33). Lying adjacent to Karachi-Hyderabad Motorway (M-9), the residential scheme sits close to several prominent universities and schools of the city. It offers various lucrative investment opportunities for genuine investors and buyers. Offering reasonable and affordable housing solutions for everyone, the development is a perfect fit for middle and low-income people. Moreover, because of its ideal location, public transport is readily available here. Not only this but the most famous Itwar Bazar of Karachi is also held here every Sunday. Although Sachal Sarmast Society is undergoing development, it still delivers all the necessary amenities and facilities to its residents.

What are the types of properties available for sale in Sachal Sarmast Society, Scheme-33?

Sachal Sarmast Society, Scheme 33 offers a plethora of freehold properties for investors and genuine buyers alike. The management of the residential scheme can also construct the houses you may dream of — and that too without delays! You can also find already constructed and ready-to-move-in houses or apartments, which are now, however, lowering in numbers as compared to residential plots. You can find residential plots of varying sizes, between 120 sq yds to 500 sq yds.

The price of a residential plot in Sachal Sarmast Society, Scheme-33 depends on the type and size of the plot. That is to say, the size of a corner plot and the plot facing the park is higher when compared to the other plots. If you are seeking 120 sq yds of a plot, it can be bought between a price range of PKR 33 lakh to PKR 70 lakh. Plots of szies 240 sq yds are also available for sale; their price starts from PKR 95 lakh and can go as high as PKR 1.38 crore. While plots for 522 sq yds can be bought at a minimum price of PKR 1.85 crore to a maximum of PKR 2.15 crore.

Those who wish to expand their businesses can also explore various options. They can find a commercial plot of 84 sq yds for around PKR 1.02 crore. While those looking for more generous options can find plots of 117 sq yds. Their price varies from PKR 1.18 crore to PKR 1.3 crore. Lastly, plots of sizes 167 sq yds are also available with a price of around PKR 1.8 Crore.

What is the neighbourhood like in Sachal Sarmast Society?

Sachal Sarmast Society, Scheme 33 is a gated community, offering a secure and tranquil lifestyle to its residents. The society lies in close proximity to various well-developed societies. The most notable ones include Ancholi Housing Society, which is located at a distance of 2.4 KM, Post Office Society which is reachable within 8 minutes, Punjabi Saudagar Society at a drive of 9 minutes, and Qureshi Society situated just 4 km away. This will allow the resident to utilise all these amenities available in these communities. In addition, the residential project has a boundary wall, so that the privacy of the customers are not compromised. Moreover, it offers various investment opportunities for buyers and their prices are likely to increase with the passage of time. Besides, this meticulously-planned housing society has a separate commercial sector as well, which is located nearby the Super-Highway, but is also well-linked to the famous University Road.

What are the facilities and amenities offered by Sachal Sarmast Society Karachi?

People who are interested in buying property here would be glad to know that the neighbourhood offers a plethora of amenities and facilities to its residents. Since the housing society is part of the larger residential community, Scheme 33, buyers can easily find many low-cost housing options here as well. The affordability factor is one of the most prominent features that you should consider while looking for investment opportunities and Sachal Sarmast Society is one of them. The housing societies nestled within the developed part of Scheme 33 are adorned with all the necessary facilities. This part of the city also enjoys convenient access to intercity travel due to its proximity to road networks such as Northern Bypass and M9 Karachi-Hyderabad Motorway. Moreover, many notable neighbourhoods can be found lying adjacent to this community. These include Gulshan-e-Iqbal, Bufferzone, and Federal B Area. Not only this, living in Scheme 33 can help you find many of Karachi’s top educational facilities like the NED University and University of Karachi. This makes it easier for the people who are pursuing higher education.

Moving forward, the gated community also offers a tranquil environment to its residents as it is located in the suburbs of the city. In addition, owing to its connection to the major routes of Karachi, residents of Sachal Sarmast Society can easily commute to other areas of the metropolis. It also sits close to many notable education institutes such as Beaconlight Academy, Shaheen Cambridge School, and Malik Public School. Moreover, people can find convenient access to public transportation and ride-hailing services. The signature Karachi buses adorned with beautiful paints and traditional decorations have routes through this society. These stops include Jalbani Chowk, Bilawal Society, Hijri Road, Sachal Goth, Madras, and Memon Nagar. When it comes to the provision of healthcare facilities, residents can head out to Memon Medical Institute Hospital and Dow University Hospital; they are famous for delivering 24/7 medical assistance. All in all, now that you have found all the information regarding the neighbourhood of Sachal Sarmast Society, there is no point in giving a second thought to buying property here. Start your hunt now!

Plots Prices in Sachal Sarmast Society

Area Size

Price Range

120 Square Yard
PKR 30 Lakh – 48 Lakh
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240 Square Yard
PKR 65 Lakh – 95 Lakh
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400 Square Yard
PKR 1 Crore – 1.25 Crore
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