Chauburji Lahore Area Guide

One of the oldest and most diverse neighbourhoods in Lahore is Chauburji which offers a variety of properties catering to the needs and preferences of the residents and investors. The area is a mix of residential properties, including apartments, houses, and townhouses. The properties in Chauburji may vary in size, size, and available amenities cater to the budget. 

From small apartments suitable for single professionals or small families to spacious houses for larger families, Chauburji Lahore offers a range of residential options.

Chauburji Lahore also has a commercial aspect, with various commercial properties available for businesses. These may include shops, offices, and commercial plazas, offering opportunities for entrepreneurs and investors to establish their businesses in this bustling neighborhood.

Additionally, Chauburji Lahore may have ongoing or planned real estates developments, such as housing schemes or gated communities, offering modern living amenities and facilities to residents. Some of the nearby real estate developments include Poonch House Colony, Chaubarji Quarters, and P and T Colony etc. 


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