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Zarkon Anwa..
( 215 posts )

[25 Answers]
Can any learned member shed light on this project. As per media news, it have no noc, location somewhere outside lahore(near kala shah kakku), price seems double then avg plots in that area (as per a vblogger). .

    113 days ago In Where to Buy
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    (1956 posts)
    Brand sells! (Fortunately or Unfortunately)

    Ones who bought @ Pre-Launch in ISB had profit demands of 4.5+ lac.on 5M ballotted residential!

    The question is not about When to Enter, it's about when to Exit? (Sell off at right time).

    Strategy remains same that now attract Lahore-centred Overseas Folks complemented with fast paced development and target (active) marketing!

    NOC seems to be no issue for it's developers. It doesn't suit end buyers either. That pretty much leaves short term investors with key to exit at right time...
      113 days ago 

      Saad Zaman
      (1 post)
      Its a project by Habib Rafique Group - HRL - Same Project Previously started in Islamabad - Named Capital Smart City. Its a good project to invest. Will be the first smart city in Lahore and 2nd smart city of Pakistan. Project is currently in pre booking stage and LDA Approval is in process which is mostly completed in 30 days (till now update). For more details and bookings
        112 days ago 

        (1956 posts)
        Sir 'Smart' is a just gimmacky to sell-off, thats pretty much it! Let's be straight about it. Home automation and alike stuff is not smart by any means.

        Low Cost is what Pakistan needs before Smart.
          112 days ago 

          (8 posts)
          Sir the SMART term is getting popular day by day in real estate projects. Often the Owners are quite Smart.... Sometimes even oversmart :)

          On a serious note, Capital smart city has been a good project till now with a reasonable pace and development. I hope this one follows the same.
            111 days ago 

            Ammar Khan
            (226 posts)
            Location of LSC seems reasonable and yes Capital Smart city is their success story so far. Let’s see what smartness out of the claims they will achieve once completed
              111 days ago 

              (551 posts)
              I think its a good project and will appreciate in future specially if one will invest in pre-launch phase. The proposed land of LSC is plain and easy to develop as compared with CSC Islamabad.

              HRL have a potential to develop on the good pace. We know the fact that CSC Islamabad is hilly and un even still in 2 years time they made a good progress on the project.

              Allah knows the rest, but if the intention of developers is good and they want to take on the reputation that they have built, definitely it will provide a good chance for investors/ buyers to get good gains in future.
                111 days ago 

                Bilal Awan
                (14 posts)
                I am not an expert but would like to state my brain-storming session outcome on LSC:


                1. Better location compaired to Capital Smart City with a fully development and alomost 70% populated scoiety SA garden across the road.

                2. Some ground work was already done by a previous developer and should help the pace of development.

                3. Another brilliant marketing compaign.


                1. The prices are without development charges. A 5 marla is marketed at 18 and 19 lac undeveloped where one can get a fully developed plot in SA garden for around 25 lac. 3 to 5 years will not see much profit (Allah u alim) after the development charges overlay.

                2. Capital smart city has been a brilliantly but deceptively marketed project with still unsold plots. Exective and overseas blocks brought in later on at higher prices finally moving to the rip off of Harmony block with 3.5 marla plots fire sale.

                Note: 8 Km down the road (closer to Rawalpindi) to CSC you have Kashmir Model Town, which was developed in 1982, where you can buy a fully deveoped 5 marla plot for 4 to 8 lac. However, even after nearly 40 years there are only few houses built in that socitey.


                Similar game will be played here and 3 marla plots will be brought in afterwards which is the new bench mark. One can get a 3 marla in SA Gardens for around 17 lac.

                3. Around on average 5% annual profit after 4 to 5 years (Allah knows best) is not a good offering and HR has proven that with right kind of marketing he can keep all the juice.

                I will stay few thousand kms away from this new trap. Hopefully GURUs will enlighten us with there thoughts as well.
                  111 days ago 

                  Ammar Khan
                  (226 posts)
                  Btw CSC got NOC from govt to build interchange. Good news for everyone, congratulations to those invested timely. Now looking forward to good news on LSC NOC
                    111 days ago 

                    (1956 posts)
                    Yes for sure, heard that NOC granted somewhere end of July and the interchange at motorway makes it far better (proper) access existing from ISB or new Airport into CSC.
                      111 days ago 

                      (846 posts)
                      Lahore Smart City location (as seen on Google map) is excellent. It is at the junction of Lahore By-Pass that connects M2 with G.T. Road at Kala Shah Kaku and then continues to connect brand-new Lahore-Sialkot motorway, from where you can connect to Lahore Ring Road non-stop (thank u Mian sb).

                      So you can by-pass Shahdra traffic congestion to reach DHA or Lahore city within minutes. Location-wise, this project is gold-mine !

                      Baqi features kayliye company zimadar nahin hey.... :)
                        110 days ago 

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