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[7 Answers]
I want to know the construction cost of my house in ghauri town, islamabad. The plot is almost 2 feet depression from street and still has no electricity connection and water boring.
I need
1. Labor rates without material?
2. Grey structure rate with material?
3. Fully complete house with a-class material?
Requirement is the same typical ghauri town style 4 bedroom, 2 lounge, 2 kitchen, mumty, 5 bathrooms
Construction should be with rcc columns and beams, lenter complete with rcc, plinth beam and dpc

    1176 days ago In Building Contractors
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    Labour Rates Rs.250-300 depends on design

    Grey Structure with Materials Rs.1350/sq ft to Rs.1550/sq ft depends on design and actual site conditions

    Complete Finished with A Grade Finishes starts Rs.2500/sq ft to no limit depends on finishes you select.

    We can give you design and execution services at one place.

    If interested pls contact for further discussions.


    Team dSA

      1175 days ago 

      (5 posts)

      Labor Rates Rs.250-300 depends on design

      Which services exactly included in labor rate agreement for grey structure?

      1.Digging foundation

      2.Steel fixing for columns and beams

      3.Plumbing work

      4.Electrical work

      5.Compacting soil for foundation and floors

      6.Supervision of work

      7.Shuttering material and fixers

      anything else?

      7.Masonry brick work
        1175 days ago 

        Sarco Estate..
        (46 posts)
        If you want to construct your home with material, it varies from 2200-3500 sft. Its on turn key basis. A complete agreement with all specifications. Supervised by civil engineer, state of the art drawing, structure,finishing with the help of interior design, latest kitchen and baths. Front elevation designed in a different way.

        you can contact for detail.

        prof. Saeed a rana.

          1172 days ago 

          (88 posts)

          Dear Friend

          HOMESCON Pvt Ltd is offering Construction Services on Turn Key Basis at Bahria Town Rawalpindi & DHAs Islamabad

          Grey Structure 1190/-

          Finishing 490/-

          HOMESCON Pvt Ltd

          Office-5, Falcon Tower

          Spring North, Bahria Town Phase-7


          0308 9114 000 0335 2766 000
            1172 days ago 

            Home Constru..
            (335 posts)
            Planet Builders and interiors is well established company all work under the consultancy of BSc Civil Engineer Registered with Pakistan Engineering Council.

            And also providing the designing facilities.

            Further information


            Engineer Umer khan


              1171 days ago 

              Danish Broth..
              (234 posts)
              Dear Mr.Faisal,

              The labour Rate for Grey structure would be 250 to 300 sft and for turnkey full house with finishing materials = 480

              Grey structure with Materials 1250 to 1350 sft

              Complete house with A Grade finishes materials will be around 2200 to 2600 sft.

              Works included in grey structure are

              Structure including,

              Excavation, beam,columns, plinth beam, brick work, Electrical and plumbing works,

              water tanks, septic tank,plaster, conduits , sewerage & water supply piping, door frames, screed concrete (plain floors ). Termite proofing, water proofing .


              Danish Brothers construction professionals

                1171 days ago 

                Raja Bashir
                (14 posts)
                Well, in order to find out about the exact construction rates in Islamabad, I think a proper survey will have to be carried out first. This is because the prices can differ within the city’s property market, as companies and labourers adjust their prices depending on a range of issues. For example, if you hire the services of a builder to build your house and they use their own construction materials, then they will adjust their prices accordingly. On the other hand, if you buy your own materials, and hire workers and labourers to develop your house, then the costs you incur will obviously be different. To help you, I have gathered a list of objects used in construction, and their probable rates in Islamabad. The prices of these objects and construction rates of Grey Structure and Red Brick Structure will give you a fair idea of the construction rates in Islamabad. To help you, here is a list of materials and their rates:

                • Sand: PKR 20-35 per cubic feet

                • Bricks: PKR 8500 to 12000 per 1000 bricks

                • Crush: PKR 65 to 75 per cubic feet

                • Cement: PKR 570 to 625 per bag

                • Marble: PKR 35 to 1000 per square foot

                • Steel: PKR 11500 to 1250000 per ton

                • Floor Ceramics: PKR 1200 to 6500 per square metre

                • Exterior Paints: PKR 1200 to 3500 per gallon

                • Indoor Paints: PKR 1200 to 3500 per gallon

                • Wall Ceramics: PKR 1200 to 5500 per square metre

                • Deodar wood: PKR 3000 to 8000 per cubic feet

                • Sheeshum wood: PKR 2000 to 4000 per cubic feet

                • Ashwood: PKR 1200 to 6000 per cubic feet

                • Roof Ceilings: PKR 65 to 150 per square foot

                • Geezer: PKR 2500 to 25000

                • Roof Ceiling: PKR 65 to 150 per square foot

                • Exhaust Fans: PKR 1800 to 3500

                • Ceiling fans: PKR 3500 to 6500

                • Kitchen stoves & Hood: PKR 15000 to 100,000

                • Bath Set: PKR 7500 to 900,000

                • Sink Mixers: PKR 800 to 25000

                • Bath Tub: PKR 25000 to 800,000

                • Aluminium Door & Windows with glass: PKR 450 to 1000 per square foot

                • Door Locks: PKR 650 to 10,000

                • Labour Rate: PKR 300 to 500 per square foot

                Red Bricks Residential Structure

                The construction rates in Islamabad for Red Bricks Residential Structure begin from PKR 1000 per square foot. The various processes include the initial site survey, a layout of work to be done, excavation for the building, brick work, PCC, roof concrete and roof electricity piping, and steal work for the structure.

                Grey Structure

                The construction rates in Islamabad for Grey Structure begin from PKR 1200 per square foot. The process includes the survey, estimated costs, a layout of the work, excavation for the building, steel work, concrete roof, brick work, sewerage and sanitary piping, electricity and gas piping, PCC, grey plaster in and out, insulated roofs, and PCC floors.

                Again, as I mentioned earlier, the construction rates in Islamabad are not fixed and depend on a range of factors. The best way to go about it is to consult a number of builders as well as labourers, and find out which method works best for you.
                  372 days ago 

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