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[1185 Replies]
Pakistani rupee value is doing a nose dive and currency value has depreciated 30% compared to british pounds since 2017.

I bought 2 plots back in 2015 in bahria town. Even though the price of plots have gone up by 10% each year, the value of currency however depreciated and the investment is completely worthless.

Anyone seeing anything positive coming out of pakistan's economy in the next few years?

    805 days ago In Where to Buy
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    Mohammad sha..
    (69 posts)
    Jdm bro harsh but truth. Your are rubbing salt into the wounds.
      734 days ago 

      (465 posts)
      JDM bro, hats off for such a brainy analysis..... You know how to pick the diamond out of ash.....

      BIG BIG BIG BUT......

      these are these overseas Aristotle who have saved our economy and th3y are th3 ones doing th3 productive job for Pakistan qasam sa....
        734 days ago 

        (2040 posts)
        Since this is a forum on Currency vs Real Estate, sorry for being slight off-topic...

        IK must be given his time whether elected or selected as this is how our system works, unfortunately. No one came to power out of pure election so at-least this govt. deserves completion of their tenure as you can somehow vote them out rather than being oppressed by a dictator for a decade.

        IK's performance so far, on the economic front cant be objectively judged until (minimum) one fiscal year is completed. It will be too early to call him a blessing or the curse at this stage. The only issue is big political claims are backfiring. IK's efforts are worth an appreciation and especially projects like:

        - Shelter Homes for the Poor
        - Whatever homes to be constructed (NPHP) for the economically weak.

        These can be considered as genuine steps and not pure political mileage, whenever they got materialized.

        However, FACTS must not be MIXED.

        - Recent Loans
        I am not too sure about the exact figures as such matters always remain hidden from the public but in foreign relations there are no friends and enemies there are only mutual interests or conflicts:

        ** Farrukh Saleeem spills beans on Mohmand Dam contract

        "There are no free lunches, he said. 'National interests drive international politics.'

        Further dwelling into the details of loans Pakistan has acquired from Arab countries, he said the *Islamabad will pay more than 3% interest to Saudi Arabia and 2.8% interest on UAE loan*.

        The financial policies of the PTI government are not working and the circular debt has increased further while the *inflation has also risen by 2 percent*."

        ** Qatari prince allowed to hunt houbara bustard

        "QUETTA: Though the Balochistan government has approved guidelines to ensure implementation of the law for the wildlife’s protection, authorities have issued a special permit to a Qatari prince, allowing him to hunt internationally protected houbara bustard in the province.

        Sources said that the Qatari prince had paid $100,000 before he was issued the permit for hunting the migrating birds."

        - Corrupt Crying (but some are enjoying the power too.)

        ** SC rejects Pervaiz Elahi’s appeal against its decision in Bahria Town Rawalpindi land case

        ** Govt appoints 'dead man' in NAB reference as DRAP head

        ** End of K-P Ehtesab Commission likely

        - Lazy Investor: There is nothing like lazy investor, any investor with legitimately earned money has made all his/her efforts. Its just the caution. My question is for a common overseas Pakistani that earns but is abroad and only visits Pakistan once in a blue moon. What are the options for him? (Stock Market? Industry? Personal Business?). Unfortunately, time has not arrived where we can invest our hard earned cash and enjoy the returns with peace of mind. How many times have we seen people being defrauded while business goes bankrupt. Yes real estate is never the only option and it can be passive as well but relative peace of mind and not being defrauded as happens on other investments. Unfortunate fact that in Pakistan, not favorable circumstances to be innovative with the investments

        - Documented Economy: For common people each single item/product/service is documented in terms of sales, consumption, property and income tax. Govt. collect all the taxes but cant give you any document evidence. Its the elite (regardless) of their affiliation who enjoy the perks of undocumented economy.

        ** CJP Nisar in action over Aleema Khan’s offshore property

        ** PM Imran Khan’s sister Aleema Khan owns over Rs450 million property in US

        For the Socrates of the forum, its called argument and counter arguments, I am not sure if such can be called crying in a parallel universe for them :)

        Its just the political circus, shared among power brokers to rule the commoner

        Rana Sanaullah vs Fawad Chaudhry At Hamid Mir Son Wedding - Pakistan News

        Best Wishes for IK and importantly our country but there is a lot of political baggage that Khan has to lay off before his performance can be judged more objectively. Realistically the guy does deserves at-least one complete tenure.
          734 days ago 

          (730 posts)
          Sometimes you have to demolish the old rotten house in order for the new one to be raised with a brand new solid foundation.

          Same is the case with this economy. A major portion of it will have to be destroyed and eliminated first, in order for the clean and fair growth to emerge.
            733 days ago 

            (874 posts)
            Listen to two self-styled king makers, Hasan Nisar and Haroon Rasheed. They are now pulling their hairs and ashamed of themselves for creating a fake leader out of a complete moron, who is clueless on taking the country forward.

            Empty slogans have short lived, economy is nose diving and inflation is hitting the roof, while potians still busy selling the old choran.

            Credibility of this fake leader is exposed with single point: only 9 bn rupees collected after spending 13 bn on media campaign. Of these 9 bn, 8 were given by local Pakistanis including 2 bn from forces/civilian's involuntary salary deduction. So much for potians claim "kaptaan dallaron key dhair laga de ga".

              731 days ago 

              (460 posts)
              I think every one is surprised for the lack of investment interest shown by overseas Pakistanis, at the of the day investors want return on their investments, they probably don’t think that it’s feasible at this point ,

              And all those who think that there is some sort of revolution going on, they are just emotional bunch of kids,
                731 days ago 

                (730 posts)
                Overseas Pakistanis are waiting for Imran Khan to fulfill his promise which is to punish every corrupt to the full extent of the law and bring equality and justice for all. Once that is done, everyone will invest in Pakistan.

                US company Cargill today announced to invest $200 million in Pakistan. This is the same company which refused to invest in 2012 because of corrupt government in power.

                Also today, Russia firm announced to invest $2 billion dollars in energy projects and dams in Pakistan.

                So investment is coming but not to fill pockets of land mafia. Only corrupts will not see it as their looting spree and free-grazing is over in Pakistan.
                  731 days ago 

                  (465 posts)
                  JDM sahib

                  when it comes to immi( Imran khan) then we both are on the same page.......

                  BIG BIG BIG BUT for your last paragraph.....

                  A Kafir Baba Ji JHON STUART MILL says....


                    730 days ago 

                    Fahad Azhar
                    (125 posts)
                    Pakistan economy will never grow.. Imports volume is wayy bigger and whoever construct a house, wants to use IMPORTED MATERIAL. No one wants to buy Made in Pakistan Products..

                    On the other hand CPEC is on the rise. Which will flush out Pakistan Exports and increase Pakistan Imports.

                    CPEC is same like East India Company Project...
                      730 days ago 

                      Inamullah Kh..
                      (97 posts)
                      Imran khan is just a failure and in last 6 months, my most honest opinion without any personal grudge, this nation has seen rhetoric, just criticising the past government ( and that also with fake information), and above all total mismanagement on economic front. Bringing budget for 3rd time in 6 months is just one example of their cluelessness.
                        730 days ago 

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