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[374 Replies]
Pakistani rupee value is doing a nose dive and currency value has depreciated 30% compared to british pounds since 2017.

I bought 2 plots back in 2015 in bahria town. Even though the price of plots have gone up by 10% each year, the value of currency however depreciated and the investment is completely worthless.

Anyone seeing anything positive coming out of pakistan's economy in the next few years?

    197 days ago In Where to Buy
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    (913 posts)
    "Prices already collapsed at least all over Islamabad."

    -- Specific examples with figures will help to shut the "few touts on this forum."

    "Goal is to move investments out of property sector and back in to business & industry in order to create jobs and improve tax collection."

    -- No, the Finance Minister (as official representative of the Govt.) don't think so at all. He is even suggesting to create a 'Stock Market' model for real estate where real estate units (plots/houses etc.) can be sold/purchased on share basis (Real estate Unit with market value of 5 million can have share value of 5000 per share with a total of 1000 shares to be floated for an asset/product that exists on ground and money to be made based on gains in share prices, whether one owns a single share or multiple).

    On Media: from 1:00 to 2:50 (minute).

    -- 'Property Sector' or more Precisely Real Estate is a proper business itself with immovable asset on the ground that create a multitude of jobs ranging from labors to raw material, interiors, insulation, sanitary, etc. etc. All transfer fees and owned properties are already properly taxed (unless its the inefficiency of the FBR). Why the govt. will suffocate an already thriving business??

    "Anyone investing in plots now must keep in mind that there will be no overall ROI for RE sector for at least 10 years. Even most stable and strongest investors will not able to withstand this turn."

    -- Govt is planning to involve the banks for a more dynamic and approachable Mortgage Model (less interest rates and one window operation). So does that mean Govt. will buy land for millions of houses (as per its claims), do all the work and involve banks, triggering the public-private partnership in the process for the sake of pulling the plug suddenly one morning to demolish their biggest plan and shot itself (politically) in the head??

    "Plots that were in the market 2 years ago are still in market without finding any buyers. Every day i get multiple calls from sellers and not a single call from any buyer."

    -- Sorry to hear that but may be that says it all, possible personal bad choices may lead to frustrations and eternal agony. When you look to the world with the polluted glass, the entire world seems unclear.

    "keyboard-jockies should put their own plots in the market and face the music"

    -- The music has been faced and the figures have been furnished! The blessings of digital forums can be that facts/figures can be put to a grave with flashy words doing the tricks.

    Never meant to offend anyone, in-fact tried to comfort frustrations of so many, my apologies if I have failed to do so, facts and data didn't allowed me more liberty ...

    The question is about the race between growth in USD and Real Estate. Since Apr-May of this year USD is a clear winner in terms of %age of growth, that never implies Real Estate sector being Collapsed (unless in a parallel world slow = collapse).


    - The Claim: "few touts on this forum"

    - The Meanings: 'Tout' (verb) 'attempt to sell (something), typically by a direct or persistent approach.'

    - The reality of Touts on this forum: "I am planning to invest in a company called inter-loop. It is their first IPO in Pakistan and after fulfilling next year Christmas orders for US & EU, they will deliver solid results for sure."
      163 days ago 

      (391 posts)
      @ Imtiaz

      I am also yet to see the collapsed prices that he has been predicting from a while here and now has unitarliy declared that they have

      Usd was never trading at 104 few months back as far as I remember

      If prices collapse then it will be good for ordinary citizen but unfortunately this won’t be happening
        163 days ago 

        (391 posts)
        And for the slow market , I can tell you from my personal experience that it has been slow for last many years, selling these days especially the ones in crores has not been easy,

        Selling depends on so many factors, location, objective if the buyer, size etc etc

        Hence, if plots etc are taking longer to sell, it does not mean that market has collapsed
          163 days ago 

          (913 posts)
          Mushrooming of societies also contribute to more competition and some smaller well known societies selling better and taking the chunk out of big names - creating a general perception of slow turn-around.

          Also the overseas investment (end buyer transactions) happen in cycles/intervals, preferably when they visit Pakistan at certain times rather than more frequent and daily basis. One example is apartments which were a no go few years ago and even hard to sell for 4500 - 5000/sq.ft. At decent locations they now touch 6500 - 8000/sq. ft. On average with a slow growth in demand.

          Unless there is a supply-demand thing, the product/service/asset never collapses but may see fluctuations in demand and price.

          *Discarding the ordinary hikes that may be created by some dealers/builders games in terms of asking premiums on files.
            163 days ago 

            (913 posts)
            "The only place prices never collapse is this website and with few touts on this forum."

            *** Completely flusing the figures/data out from this *website and few touts on this forum*. Here are some facts/figures corresponding to Year 2018 appearing in the International Media (not the one that just put in flashy articles but the ones with proper research)

            - World Finance | Chinese investment in Pakistan’s infrastructure drives real estate growth (July 27, 2018)


            - Colliers International | RESEARCH & FORECAST REPORT

            - Gulf News | Pakistan’s property market awaits chance for an upturn - New government and its economic reforms could bring about that reason to cheer (Sep 14, 2018)


            - Khaleej Times | Why the time's right to invest in Pakistan property (Sep 15, 2018)


            - The Rise Of The Real Estate Market In Pakistan (Nov 19, 2018)


            Figures and Data as appeared in

            ** Lahore
            The data showed that om DHA Ph I-VI displayed stability for 1-Kanal plots with a nominal rise of 0.63% and an excessive growth of 1.79% in the 10-marla plots. This indicates the rise of plots which are developed in DHA from Phases V to VI by serious buyers.

            Whereas DHA Phases VII-IX also showed a similar trend with a growth of 1-Kanal plots being 0.56% and 10-marla plots being 1.25%. This can be attributed to a significant growth in the development of Phase IX sector.

            On the other hand, FBR reduces the policies of real estate in big cities.

            ** Karachi
            DHA Karachi continued to be dependable by using climbs up of 0.67% pertaining to 250 rectangular yard plots, plus 0.16% pertaining to 500 square yard plots. This has been because zero major innovations had been announced presently there, plus reputable buyers dictated this market.

            On the other hand, DHA City Karachi expert modest development for both 250 square yard plus 500 square yard options. The first sort went up by way of 3.28%, although the second improved by way of 3.09%. In the past month or two, fees have been dropping, resulting in a perfect circumstance pertaining to investors ahead within plus make exercise from the locality.

            Bahria Town Karachi expert downward developments, by using 250 square yard plots visiting an average 1.81%, plus fees of 500 square yard plots continuing to fall by way of a reliable 0.23%.

            ** Islamabad
            Plots of land within Islamabad’s Industry F-11 put on show the modest continuing development of 1.60% plus 1.53% for both 10-marla plus 1-Kanal selections, respectively. This can be simply because that must be exclusively 20 min’s from the Islamabad Overseas Airport, containing made exercise from the area.

            DHA Islamabad, on the other hand, continued to be dependable, by using 10-marla plots rising by way of 0.20%, plus 1-Kanal plots appreciating by way of 0.23%. Its location from the flight terminal signifies that this doesn’t get the interest locations within the flight terminal are generally receiving.
              163 days ago 

              (391 posts)
              Good points Imtiaz as always

              Whoever says here prices have collapsed should provide some evidence like name of societies etc
                163 days ago 

                Abdul Qayyum
                (1809 posts)
                Pakistan real-estate is hard to place at $/Rs bench marking as it unique in several ways from the rest of the world. No regulatory authority , no state control and a shining place to burry black money!
                People of Pakistan are now more concerned about safety and security (relatively speaking) and a place like Bahria town is even cheaper than the Muhalla localities of Pindi.
                Counties like India, Malaysia, as it is regularized, no one is after property unless it is agri-land.
                In Pakistan stock market is in few hands and can be made to crash whenever few people decide to do so!
                A crash is hard word to say when it comes to Pakistan’s real-estate. Supply & demand break-even point is still decades away on the house shortage in our country & no industrial activity is working as a catalyst in property business and will be continued as govt is not serious to bring it under the regulatory authority.
                For example, Bahria Hamlet in phase8, after going to DHA, prices are increasing! My question is why?

                  163 days ago 

                  (229 posts)
                  Respected Abdul Qayoom sahib,

                  Hats off.. Guru is Guru.....
                    163 days ago 

                    Abdul Qayyum
                    (1809 posts)
                    Thanks Ilyas Sb.

                    Just learning from Gurus.

                    I am still in primary school, sir.
                      163 days ago 

                      (913 posts)
                      As indicated earlier, 150 mark may not be too distant.
                      'Rupee could easily settle at 150 in next six months'


                      KARACHI: “If you have to determine a level where the rupee might settle against the US dollar, 150 is a very easy target you can see in the next six months,” remarked Alfalah GHP Chief Executive Maheen Rahman.

                      *Again, that's a prediction not a necessity. As some fellow forumers earlier, termed 'Predicted values' as 'Poor Mathematical Calculations' :)

                        162 days ago 

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