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[1185 Replies]
Pakistani rupee value is doing a nose dive and currency value has depreciated 30% compared to british pounds since 2017.

I bought 2 plots back in 2015 in bahria town. Even though the price of plots have gone up by 10% each year, the value of currency however depreciated and the investment is completely worthless.

Anyone seeing anything positive coming out of pakistan's economy in the next few years?

    805 days ago In Where to Buy
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    (344 posts)
    @imtiaz sb

    One reason for slow property market in ISB is rise of property market in Peshawar. I know my few investor friends who take out their money from Isb and put in Peshawar in last 6 months.

    @AQ bro

    the high demand of property in muhallahs of pindi as compared to bahria phase-8 has 2 reasons. One we all know is distance to Isb. And 2nd is construction cost in bahria. People prefer to build plot in muhallas of pindi because they make one floor in parts room by room -- start living... Then make second floor in parts and then finish outside like tile work --- i hope you got my point.
      766 days ago 

      Abdul Qayyum
      (2420 posts)
      You touched my heart.

      When I visit my family house in Muhalla abadee, I find all supplies at the door, Roghni Nans in breakfast, fresh vegetables each morning, nice sounds of “ Tootiyna lawa lo, pressure cooker theek kara lo, manjian unwa lo”. All these facilities on dirt cheap rates.
      Another main facto is the local schools at low fees and at least one good school is available in each Muhalla on a little higher fee.
      Having said that, sir, The whole zone is confirmed in high earth quake zone and BT/DHA standard construction , if affordable, cannot be placed on par in spite of having all plus in Muhallas!
      But you are right, far a larger populace, Muhallas still favorable.
        766 days ago 

        (730 posts)
        @Abdul Qayyum

        Sir, each and every point you mentioned in your earlier post is being worked on at full-speed and there has been quite bit of progress on each front.

        Problem is that PTI's government almost stopped stuffing tax payer's money in to the filthy mouths of media, and now all they see is the sky collapsing on earth and whole shit falling apart.

        These media clowns have been lecturing whole nation on how to fix economy. Perhaps they should fix economy within their own businesses now instead of living off of free money.

        Secondly, Pakistan is shifting directions and getting ready to move towards different kind of economy and equal opportunity for all citizens.

        Exports are up and imports are going down. Foreign remittances are at the highest level so far when compared to PMLN government. Those friends like KSA and UAE who didn't even wanted to see Nawaz's face, gave us much needed help.

        China covered all the gap but we can't announce that because we don't want to alienate Americans and IMF. We also want them to be part of this new economic direction which hopefully they will in coming days ahead.

        ExxonMobil coming back to Pakistan after 27 years. KSA will be investing around $15 billion more in our oil sector. Italian oil company met PM other day and wants to invest in natural gas sector.

        Suzuki is expanding and investing more money in to a new assembly line. China's biggest auto manufacturer already signed agreement to manufacture in Pakistan. Qatar is willing to give jobs to at least 100000 Pakistanis and most of these jobs this year will go to FATA people. Imagine these are 100,000 homes that will have steady income.

        So all this and much more is happening in the background which is yet to mature and come out in public.

        I remember Nawaz's first 100 days when he left country on auto-pilot and went to London. It is very easy to borrow and show fake growth by number-fudging done by Ishaq Dar.

        Fist time in history of Pakistan, Executive, Judiciary and Army are all on same page. First time in Pakistan they are actually diagnosing the problem and fixing it.

        Inshallah better days are ahead for those who are not corrupt and doesn't want to take advantage off of their fellow Pakistanis or by hook or crook.

        Like Imran Khan said in his first speech, they will cry. So only people crying are the ones who are corrupt and have been enjoying perks from this rigged and corrupt system.

          766 days ago 

          Abdul Qayyum
          (2420 posts)
          Dear JDM

          In Shaa Allah a real light is in the making on the other end of the dark tunnel.
          These clowns are going to right where they belong and corrupt media will keep jumping and crying!
          First time in Pakistan, I am witnessing a real change in youth:
          I was watching an evening talk show and my son advised me:
          “Papa why do not you abort these filthy talking from these dudes. Please go YouTube and watch “ Supreme court proceedings from the court reporters, they do not tell lies plus you will be saved from these ugly Ads, you do not like?”
          Believe me, sir, I watched one video hosted by a court reporter , Siddique Jan, and discovered big difference between actual situation in court and the one painted by these clowns, who never go court for real-time reporting!
          I think my kid is right. These so called anchors ( not all of them of course) are not getting stuffed, as you say, with our money and their fate is put on only crying and crying!

            766 days ago 

            (2040 posts)
            The best, sustainable and particle solution to tackle devalued PKR is:

            Trade Deficit = Exports in USD - Imports in USB = 0 (Devaluation Neutralised)*.

            *As long as PKR not planning to replace USD as the global currency.

            Devaluation can be a blessing in the disguise, if and when Pakistan use it as a tool to increase its exports (and FDI too). China has used currency devaluation as a massive tool to be a global leader in exports. Results:

            - Chine in process of making commercial Aircrafts and products of highly specilaised nature to be sent to global market.
            - Chinese Electronics maker surpassing Korean, Japanese and American Counterparts.
            - Chinese Economy surpassing Japnese to be No. 2 and now looking to go head on head with the US economy (to possibly overtake as soon as Petro-Dollar got a dent).

              765 days ago 

              (2040 posts)
              Good collective insights by all to keep and all important discussion going.

              Regarding the topic on devaluation of the currency, lets put the figures in perspective for the most recent dip in the value of the PKR.

              Aug 17, a day before IK took oath as the PM, 1 USD in Inter Bank was valued are 124.05 PKR. Now in 100 days USD has climbed up by 15 PKR (15 extra PKR in 1 USD & PKR lost 12.1% of its value to USD).

              Since Aug 17, 2018 - Last 100 days

              ------ PKR Devaluation ------

              - Loosers

              1. Importers and Public that used imported goods/services are paying 15 PKR extra for each 1 USD dollar of any import.

              2. Government spending 15 PKR extra on external debt servicing.

              - Winners

              1. Exporters with 15 PKR less for each single USD to be paid by the consumer for exported goods.

              2. USD Account Holders with increase of 15 PKR for each USD resting in their account.

              3. Overseas Remittances with 15 PKR for each USD send back to Pakistan but due to utilization of that amount in PAK can be somehow neutralised due to weaker PKR.


              Since Aug 17, 2018 - Last 100 days

              ------ Trade/Fiscal Deficit ------

              Imports: Goods + Services = 21.32 Billion USD

              Exports: Goods + Services = 9.72 Billion USD

              ** Trade Deficit = Imports - Exports = 11.6 Billion USD

              ** Fiscal Deficit = Trade Deficit - Remittances - Foreign Direct Investment

              Fiscal Deficit= 9.72 - 7.42 - 0.6 = 4.8 Billion USD.

              *** Each month our economy loosing 1.2 billion USD ***

                763 days ago 

                (2040 posts)
                Some Socrates also predicted (months before elections) and lobbied for a big time crash of real estate that will trigger much sooner!

                Its all about alternative investments and diversifying the portfolios!! Yes, no doubt the growth is with the dollar and it could be until 150 mark (a strong probability). Unfortunately, its never stable, one can easily see its fluctuating in the Inter-bank on daily basis indicating market nervousness and unstable PKR.

                Housing is a basic human need to, otherwise many can be respective USD millionaire but sleep on the roads and govt. Can disburse USDs instead of plans to construct low cost houses - supporting the financially weaker. Its a questions between savings/investments and basic needs.

                Market is slow, no doubt, since I-16 came in as an example, for the records the plots that were trading at 2.5 - 2.7 million in I-16 around Feb-March 2018 are now at 3.6 - 3.9 million, you can do the Math on relative ROIs. Construction activity also somehow moderate in 16/4 and better in 16/2 with a significant number under approval in CDA.

                Again, USD growth is a fact and cant be denied so is residential unit construction as per basic human needs and keep the economy going.
                  763 days ago 

                  (730 posts)
                  @Abdul Qayyum,

                  Yes, I also watch Siddiqui Jaan's videos on you-tube. Everyone is scared to tell the truth on mainstream TV channels. All of them are controlled and worthless.

                  Your boy is very smart. You should listen to him. I also don't watch any Pakistani TV channels.

                  On another note, I predicted before elections that real estate will collapse and it sure collapsed as i predicted. Those who sold out before elections made a very smart choice. For the rest it will be patience test for another 10 years.

                  Na Nigal Sake Gey, Aur Na Thok Sake Gey

                  BTW, British Airways is also starting operations again in Pakistan. Not really good for economy but it shows that things are moving in the right directions and people starting to believe in restoration of peace in Pakistan.

                  In my opinion, PTI government will be the best government Pakistan ever had after the tenure of Ayub Khan.

                    761 days ago 

                    (460 posts)
                    I hope you recover from your “I predicted crash” issue soon

                    It’s ok, we all make predictions which not always prove correct, no need to turn it into an ego issue

                    It hasn’t crahed at all, I sold couple of my properties in relatively slow and less lucrative societies last month on reaonsbals returns

                    You can’t generalise sale purchase of property like in your statement that those who did not sell before elections wait for 10years, it’s noy a bitcoin trade

                    In a booming population country like ours, it’s not easy for the property to crash
                      761 days ago 

                      (2040 posts)
                      To all crash lovers...

                      "Facts are facts and will not disappear on account of your likes."

                      ― Anonymous
                        761 days ago 

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