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Pakistani rupee value is doing a nose dive and currency value has depreciated 30% compared to british pounds since 2017.

I bought 2 plots back in 2015 in bahria town. Even though the price of plots have gone up by 10% each year, the value of currency however depreciated and the investment is completely worthless.

Anyone seeing anything positive coming out of pakistan's economy in the next few years?

    761 days ago In Where to Buy
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    Imtiaz Sahab,

    What is the outlook of USD-PKR parity? Do you think USD will stabilize now ?
      717 days ago 

      (1966 posts)
      Shaikh sb, if my prediction(s) went even slight off target, then the fellow forumers will grill me on this very forum ... :)

      Anyways, its not me or my personal views, these are at the end of the day 'predictions' (I just paste them here) and mathematics suggest only a YES or NO with common sense adding PARTIAL. In the following, let me copy paste some data from a source that I cam across and the 'interpretations are left to the readers'. Unfortunately, PKR outlook doesn't seem healthy. The more the trade deficit (import-export gap), more we need to borrow USD, the more the demand for the USD, the more it will hike and the more it will hike the more the PKR will get the hit (unfortunately). The sustainable, long term solution can be increased exports.

      ** Since the last depreciation, the government ensured that State Bank must consult the Govt. before setting Forex rates. This goes against the philosophy of 'Autonomous Institutions' as state bank rather than market situation will react or may react as per the desires of the Govt. who may keep PKR artificially hiked to avoid political backlash - something similar that Ishaq Dar was mater of achieving dragging USD back to 98 but that was all artificial and consequences are here.


      USD to PKR Forecast, Dollar to Pakistani Rupee Currency Rate Prediction

      Some interesting predictions, may or may not come true.

      Prediction in 1 years is approx 164 PKR/USD, if that comes true than 4 years prediction will most likely become a reality with approx 192PKR/USD.

      USD to PKR Forecast, Dollar to Pakistani Rupee Currency Rate Prediction: Is "United States Dollar / Pakistani Rupee" Pair a Good Investment?

      - Will Dollar to Pakistani Rupee rate grow / rise / go up?

      Yes. The USD/PKR rate can go up from 139.089 to 164.316 in one year.

      - Is it profitable to invest in USD/PKR Forex pair?

      Yes. The long-term earning potential is +18.14% in one year.

      - Will Dollar to Pakistani Rupee rate fall / drop?

      No (see above).

      - What will USD/PKR FX rate be worth in five years (2023)?

      The USD/PKR (USDPKR ) future rate will be 192.552 .
        717 days ago 

        (730 posts)

        You crow will always be white. So how dare I try to remove that paint.

        If It was not true, you wouldn't get ants in your pants to reply back to someone who was not even addressing you :)

        A very happy and blessed day to you, Mr. Dealer! We know it's your bread-n-butter. So carry on!
          716 days ago 

          (459 posts)
          Ghusa na karu

          I am just trying to tell you that property has not crashed, believe me I don’t mind if it does, so won’t many Pakistanis,

          Like many other forum memebers, I also would like to know than where has it crashed ?

          Pls prove it and I will be happy to agree with you
            716 days ago 

            (460 posts)

            @FACTS LOVER with love and care

            FACTS are like cows, if you look them into the face for long time, they generally run away......

            There is no more deceptive than an obvious FACT.....

            For every FACT there is an infinity of hypotisis........
              716 days ago 

              (460 posts)
              @Dollar in 2023= 192 paki ruppee

              27% of the profit in five years if we keep the money in Dollar for five years???

              Speaking generally..... IT IS NOT THE PROFIT BUT YOU ARE JUST MAINTAINING ITS VALUE......

              No business man will give a damn to this idea of keeping it for five years with the hope of return of 27%....

              In Islamabad the property normally give you 50 to 100% return in five years......

              @Dollar holders....

              If you have the weapon you can rob a bank but if you have a bank then you can rob the whole city.....

              My advice would be.... Invest in Islamabad in property....... I had millions of $ in the last decade and 8 invested all in Islamabad property and I am happy today and advising you the same OTHERWISE please share with us your experience in 2023 regarding holding the $.... :)
                716 days ago 

                (1966 posts)
                ** First of all, no one is selling or buying USDs or plots by just visiting this forum. This is a platform to discuss ideas with alternative facts (logical arguments & counter arguments) and don't be blind folded. If any one bothers to scroll through this exact thread of discussions, I have advocated for both (in favor and against: Real Estate & USDs) - importantly highlighting that 'Real Estate (Immovable Asset) & USD (Cash Reserves)' are not in a parity. One needs a land to reside at, and needs cash too to survive.

                ** Secondly, I would suggest to use the term PKR or Pakistan and avoid Paki (which have been used again). I trust the intentions were not bad but still Paki for Pakistani is as you say Germ for German. Cultural respect may seem trivial but it does matters...


                Getting back to claims:

                Your Claim: "Speaking generally..... IT IS NOT THE PROFIT BUT YOU ARE JUST MAINTAINING ITS VALUE......"

                -- Fact: There must be the sense to complete the sentence 'MAINTAINING ITS VALUE......' --> Value is always thresholded against some comparable entity. A 100 USD will always be 100 but its value pitched against PKR, EUR, GBP, INR is increasing and that is what matters. Like a 25x50 plot will always have same dimension & location but its value may increases of decreased 'AGAINST SOME COMPARABLE ENTITY'. Borrow 100 USD and pay 100 USD isn't a big deal BUT that is, if you are earning in PKR to make up for that 100 - that's the point here!

                Your Claim: "No business man will give a damn to this idea of keeping it for five years with the hope of return of 27%...."

                1. Believe me, businesses give some serious damn about retaining USDs. IMF primarily deals in USDs and it control states. Next time Saudis & Qatris asking for Petrol & Gas bills and we will hand them retrieved lands and plots by CDA instead of USDs - sounds like a solution.

                2. Tell any investor that you will get a 27% by sitting in your home, majority will take that with a big thanks. The flight of USD must be tracked from Jan 1, 2018 when it traded around 105 to the foreseeable 2023, whatever the value may be at that time.

                3. I think, even a child knows the power of asset liquidity. Cash is the de-facto leader in that, property is not. You cash the plots, not the other way around.

                Your Claim: "In Islamabad the property normally give you 50 to 100% return in five years...... "

                Fact: Overstatement to say the least! you missed "...some properties may..." in your sentence.

                "@Dollar in 2023= 192 paki ruppee" -- Good to know that the reality has prevailed, few days back the claims were 'Poor mathematical calculations that are Laughable and Shockable etc.'

                I tried to inquire, where is the 'poverty in calculations'? so they can be corrected and to date, I am still awaiting that response...

                I myself in favour of diversifying the portfolio and both Real Estate & USDs are prime candidates for that. But nothing is black and white, each has its own pros & cons. As a reader and contributor of this form, one of my roles is to furnish the facts rather than just liking/promoting the wishes of myself and others... :)

                  716 days ago 

                  (460 posts)
                  Respected Imtiaz sahib by maintaining the value means......

                  The buying power of the dollar in Pakistan...... If you keep 1000 dollar in Pakistan for five years or whatever..... It does not give you the profit but it maintains your buying power in certain items for a certain period of time( 2018 to 2023).....

                  Yes the bank earns with your $......

                  Respected Sir, I am here to learn first and then share my own personal experience to the best of my knowledge and belief..........
                    716 days ago 

                    (1966 posts)
                    Ilyas sb you are right fundamentally. However, at the end of the day its about leveraging an asset, i.e., cash the dollar to purchase any commodity. The more strong the USD or for that sake any other currency, purchasing power increases and that is what matters.
                      715 days ago 

                      (460 posts)
                      My last post on this topic would be like this............

                      Paper money can reportedly carry more germs than a household toilet. 

                      Why no one is asking about the depreciation of dollar in the market with time around world????
                        715 days ago 

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