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[1102 Replies]

Former DHA-2 (Sectors K-Q) and Emaar.

Now DHA- Phase 5 Islamabad.

This thread is dedicated to DHA phase 5 Islamabad UPDATES on price, developments and growth of population, commercial areas, schools, colleges, clubs, facilities etc.

This thread was initially created to discuss sectors k,l,m,n,P and q of dha phase 2 Islamabad zone V. These sectors K-Q and DHA Emaar Canyons have now been clubbed together and renamed as a single new phase of Defence Islamabad:- DHA Phase 5.


    1397 days ago In Residential Schemes
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    (134 posts)
    What is the prospects for sector G and H. How long will it take to get populateed. Is it safe to buy there.
      109 days ago 

      (130 posts)
      Go for Sector F .way better then the G and H. Huge commercial in F .Askari apartments in Sector F also and mostly Army personnel allottes in streets 70 to 118 .
        109 days ago 

        Anees Khan
        (160 posts)
        Hi Mubashir,

        What is the status of plots possession by owners in sector F of Phase 5? In Sector G plots possession is either not yet started or it is still not complete.

          47 days ago 

          (291 posts)
          Is it good investment to buy 5 marla plot in F sector? 2 to 3 years investment.

          Is there possession in F sector 5 marla?
            47 days ago 

            (2 posts)
            Possession is yet to come as development work at full swing ongoing.

            I suggest go for 10 marla plot instead of 5 marla as price gets much appreciated in 10 marlas.

            Please note the it is the largest Sector with 108 streets mainly Army personnel allotted having planned several parks commercials and schools.

            The main attraction is its direct access from Islamabad Highway thru Dha expressway which is now 100% cleared and can be reach at Sector F in maximum 3-5 minutes .
              47 days ago 

              (291 posts)

              Which sector is best in DHA 5 for 10 marla possession plots for 2 to 3 years investment? And price range please?

                45 days ago 

                Fahad Azhar
                (77 posts)
                One should look after Rawat Industrial Estate effect on the atmosphere before buying in DHA 5.

                In my opinion it kills the purpose of buying in DHA.
                  45 days ago 

                  (1 post)
                  @ Muhammad i suggest if u r looking for right away ready for construction plot then go Sector B where a 10 marla currently cost for 10 million .

                  And if u can wait for a year or two go for Sector F the best and biggest Sector with parks commericials and schools. In F sector a 10 marla will cost you 7 million . Preferably go for plots nearer to expressway in new streets.
                    45 days ago 

                    Tahir Quresh..
                    (51 posts)
                    How much will a 1 kanal corner plot close to expressway cost in Sector F ?
                      44 days ago 

                      (291 posts)
                      I think 1 crore, but actually depends
                        2 days ago 

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